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Do monetary, fiscal and financial institutions really matter for inflation targeting in emerging market economies?

Most emerging market economies (EMEs) which have implemented inflation targeting have continued to miss inflation target, even for countries with good institutions. This paper studies the importance of institutional quality such as central bank independence,...

Numerical solution of fractional pantograph differential equations by using generalized fractional-order Bernoulli wavelet

In the current study, new functions called generalized fractional-order Bernoulli wavelet functions (GFBWFs) based on the Bernoulli wavelets are defined to obtain the numerical solution of fractional-order pantograph differential equations in a large...

Changes in soil microbial community and organic carbon fractions under short-term straw return in a rice–wheat cropping system

Crop straw return increased soil organic carbon fractions in Guangde and Jiangyan, but just MBC and DOC in Qujialing.

Contextualization of motivations determining the continuance intention to use smart devices among people with physical disabilities

People with physical disabilities view smart devices as a necessity than a lifestyle choice.

Video Surveillance: Privacy Issues and Legal Compliance

Qasim Mahmood Rajpoot, Christian Damsgaard Jensen

Fighting Stigma in Canada: Opening Minds Anti-Stigma Initiative

Shu-Ping Chen, Keith S. Dobson, Bonnie Kirsh, Stephanie Knaak, Michelle Koller, Terry Krupa, Bianca Lauria-Horner, Dorothy Luong, Geeta Modgill, Scott Patten, Michael Pietrus, Heather Stuart, Rob Whitley, Andrew Szeto

A front-fixing numerical method for a free boundary nonlinear diffusion logistic population model

The spatial–temporal spreading of a new invasive species in a habitat has interest in ecology and is modeled by a moving boundary diffusion logistic partial differential problem, where the moving boundary represents the unknown expanding front of the...

“Strange” combinatorial quantum modular forms

Motivated by the problem of finding explicit q   -hypergeometric series which give rise to quantum modular forms, we define a natural generalization of Kontsevich's “strange” function. We prove that our generalized strange function can be used to...

Well-posedness of a general higher order model in nonlinear acoustics

In this paper we prove well-posedness and exponential stability for a general model of nonlinear acoustics. The key steps of the proof are a multiplicative splitting of the differential operator into a heat and a strongly damped wave part plus some lower...

Geometrical definition of a continuous family of time transformations generalizing and including the classic anomalies of the elliptic two-body problem

This paper is aimed to address the study of techniques focused on the use of a family of anomalies based on a family of geometric transformations that includes the true anomaly f f , the eccentric anomaly g g and the secondary...

On the convergence of a higher order family of methods and its dynamics

In this paper, we present the study of the local convergence of a higher-order family of methods. Moreover, the dynamical behavior of this family of iterative methods applied to quadratic polynomials is studied. Some anomalies are found in this family...

Third-degree anomalies of Traub’s method

Traub’s method is a tough competitor of Newton’s scheme for solving nonlinear equations as well as nonlinear systems. Due to its third-order convergence and its low computational cost, it is a good procedure to be applied on complicated multidimensional...

Adopting soil organic carbon management practices in soils of varying quality: Implications and perspectives in Europe

SOC management practices may favour the capacity of soils to sequester organic carbon.

Computing probabilistic solutions of the Bernoulli random differential equation

The random variable transformation technique is a powerful method to determine the probabilistic solution for random differential equations represented by the first probability density function of the solution stochastic process. In this paper, that technique...

Convolutional Deep Stacking Networks for distributed compressive sensing

This paper addresses the reconstruction of sparse vectors in the Multiple Measurement Vectors (MMV) problem in compressive sensing, where the sparse vectors are correlated. This problem has so far been studied using model based and Bayesian methods. In...

World Class Sustainable Supply Chain Management: critical review and further research directions

Thanos Papadopoulos, Angappa Gunasekaran, Rameshwar Dubey, S Fosso Wamba, Stephen J. Childe

Dynamics of a stochastic multi-strain SIS epidemic model driven by Lévy noise

A stochastic multi-strain SIS epidemic model is formulated by introducing Levy noise into the disease transmission rate of each strain. First, we prove that the stochastic model admits a unique global positive solution, and, by the comparison theorem,...

Gold nanoparticles as efficient sensors in colorimetric detection of toxic metal ions: A review

Rapid and high precision detection of toxic metal ions is one of the chief requirements today to combat environment pollution. Gold nanoparticles play a key role in this by assisting the development of smart sensors and detection agents. Their high surface...

Hybrid Propulsion Technology Development in Japan for Economic Space Launch

Toru Shimada, Saburo Yuasa, Harunori Nagata, Shigeru Aso, Ichiro Nakagawa, Keisuke Sawada, Keiichi Hori, Masahiro Kanazaki, Kazuhisa Chiba, Takashi Sakurai, Takakazu Morita, Koki Kitagawa, Yutaka Wada, Daisuke Nakata, Mikiro Motoe, Yuki Funami, Kohei Ozawa, Tomoaki Usuki

Matrix exponential based semi-supervised discriminant embedding for image classification

Semi-supervised Discriminant Embedding (SDE) is the semi-supervised extension of Local Discriminant Embedding (LDE). Since this type of methods is in general dealing with high dimensional data, the small-sample-size (SSS) problem very often occurs. This...

Design and impact assessment of watershed investments: An approach based on ecosystem services and boundary work

Watershed investments, whose main aim is to secure water for cities, represent a promising opportunity for large-scale sustainability transitions in the near future. If properly designed, they promote activities in the watershed that enhance ecosystem...

A Novel Integer Representation-Based Approach for Classification of Text Documents

S. N. Bharath Bhushan, Ajit Danti, Steven Lawrence Fernandes

Research on Design Pattern of City Tunnel Side Wall Based on the Driver Visual Effect

Zhiguang Xia, Yonggang Lv, Xiaodong Pan, Feng Chen, Meng Xu, Gang Wu, De-shan Feng, Neville A. Stanton, Steven Landry, Giuseppe Di Bucchianico, Andrea Vallicelli

Global well-posedness for the 2-D nonhomogeneous incompressible MHD equations with large initial data

In this paper, we consider the 2-D nonhomogeneous incompressible magnetohydrodynamic equations with variable viscosity and variable conductivity. We obtain the global existence of solutions for this system with initial data in the scaling invariant Besov...

An Assessment of the Occupational Noise Exposure of Toll Tellers Along the North Luzon Expressway

Maria Josefina Fider, Ma. Andrea Naguit, Mary Jef Rose Orata, Benette Custodio

A Trial on Systematic Terminology Approach to Aid for Delight Design

François Charles Rovere, Tamotsu Murakami, Hideyoshi Yanagisawa

Loving and Reading in Sidney

This is a metadata record relating to an article that cannot be shared due to publisher copyright.

Ethical Issues in Online Education

Debra Satterfield, Sebastian Kelle

Decision tools for strategic planning and efficiency analysis in sow farms

Aquesta tesi esta centrada en la necessitat permanent d’incrementar l’eficiencia productiva dels productors dins un sector molt competitiu. Per aixo es proposa: i) Analisi de l’eficiencia i les variables que l’explicarien i ii) desenvolupament...

Commitment and Motivation in Professional Organization

Johanna Koskialho, Jarno Einolander, Hannu Vanharanta

mDSM: A Transformative Approach to Enterprise Software Systems Evolution

David Threm, Liguo Yu, S. D. Sudarsan, Srini Ramaswamy

Evaluation of the Introduction of Electric Vehicles in the Power Grid—A Study for the Island of Maio in Cape Verde

Vitor Monteiro, M. J. Sepúlveda, J. C. Aparício Fernandes, J. G. Pinto, João L. Afonso

Constructing a Bayesian network model for improving safety behavior of employees at workplaces

Iraj Mohammadfam, Fakhradin Ghasemi, Omid Kalatpour, Abbas Moghimbeigi

Multi-dimensional preferences for labor market reforms: A conjoint experiment

Labour market policies are multi-dimensional: their design depends on factors such as generosity, coverage, the combination of active and passive elements, and overall cost. Political conflict on one dimension often hides agreement on others, and social...

Selective ensemble of SVDDs with Renyi entropy based diversity measure

In this paper, a novel selective ensemble strategy for support vector data description (SVDD) using the Renyi entropy based diversity measure is proposed to deal with the problem of one-class classification. In order to obtain compact classification boundary,...

Social Psychology and Gerontology: Integrating Theory to Explain and Intervene in Age Discrimination Towards Older People in Europe

Sibila Marques, Christin-Melanie Vauclair, Hannah J. Swift, Christopher Bratt, Maria Luísa Lima, Dominic Abrams

A new family of fourth-order locally one-dimensional schemes for the three-dimensional wave equation

In this paper, we present a new family of locally one-dimensional (LOD) schemes with fourth-order accuracy in both space and time for the three-dimensional (3D) acoustic wave equation. It is well-known that high order explicit schemes offer efficient...

Great Plains Geoarchaeology

Vance T. Holliday, Rolfe D. Mandel

The Cambridge Handbook of Applied Perception Research: Vigilance: A Perceptual Challenge

Joel S. Warm, Victor Finomore, Michael A. Vidulich, Matthew E. Funke

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