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Tests of a third generation multianode phototube

We report on results of tests of the 16-channel Hamamatsu R5900-M16 photomultiplier tube for gain uniformity and stability, pixel uniformity, linearity, cross-talk, and quantum efficiency. These parameters are essential to our application; i.e., the read...

Intermodulation distortion in pHEMTS: modelling and measurement

This paper describes physical modelling and on-wafer measurement techniques for the characterisation of the intermodulation distortion of pHEMTs intended for millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuits. (5 pages)

O-51 Cardiac arrest during operations in children a 1-year audit

Pejakov L, Drasković B, Vukosava Pekovic, Tatić M, T. Radunović, J Belopavlovic, Cvejanov M

DCT-based a new approach of improving image coder performance using the spatial reconstructing noise shaping

A modification of the DCT based coding system is proposed that allows to suppress the reconstruction noise in the frequency bands where it is less visible. The modified coder is compatible with the standard DCT system. A 1-D noise feedback filter is proposed...

Conformational study based on simulated annealing and 1H NMR of peptides comprising the consensus sequence Arg5-Asp-Val-Arg-Gly9: effects of the substitution Ser 12 by Ala 12 or of 3 residues deletion at the N-terminus.

Summary A conformational search by simulated annealing has been performed on two peptides derivated from the tetradecapeptide used to isolate the Xenopus laevis skin maturation RXVRG-endoprotease. The Ala 12 derivative, obtained by substitution in the...

Cholesterol Information and Egg Consumption in the U.S.: A Nonnormal and Heteroscedastic Double Hurdle Model

Previous studies suggest that the diffusion of cholesterol information is a major reason for the continuing decline in US per capita egg consumption. This study examines the effects of cholesterol information and demographic variables on egg consumption...

Optical disk reproducing method and optical disk reproducing apparatus

A reproducing method for the V-shape groove optical disk is disclosed in which three laser beams are irradiated on a disk (1), and the reflected laser beams are focused on three light receiving units (Ua, Ub, Uc) through object lens (8). The laser beams...

Structural and magnetic properties of the novel compound Dy 3(Fe,Ti) 29

A. Margarian, Hong-Shuo Li, J. B. Dunlop, J. M. Cadogan

Diffractive optics for photonic packaging of laser diodes and fiber optics

Michael R. Feldman, Hudson W. Welch, Robert D. Tekolste, James E. Morris

Role of excitons in double Raman resonances in GaAs quantum wells

L. Viña, J. M. Calleja, A. Cros, A. Cantarero, Tos T. J. M. Berendschot, J.A.A.J. Perenboom, K. Ploog

Theory of Superconducting $T_{c}$ of doped fullerenes

: We develop the nonadiabatic polaron theory of superconductivity of $M_{x}C_{60}$ taking into account the polaron band narrowing and realistic electron-phonon and Coulomb interactions. We argue that the crossover from the BCS weak-coupling superconductivity...

Multiwavelength observations of Markarian 421 during a TeV/X-Ray Flare(ApJ, 449, L99 [1995]) [Erratum]

D. J. Macomb, Carl Akerlof, H. D. Aller, M. F. Aller, D. L. Bertsch, Frederick C. Bruhweiler, J. H. Buckley, D. A. Carter-Lewis, M. F. Cawley, K.-P. Cheng, Charles D. Dermer, D. J. Fegan, J. A. Gaidos, W. K. Gear, C. R. Hall, R. C. Hartman, A. M. Hillas, M. Kafatos, A. D. Kerrick, D. A. Kniffen, Y. Kondo, H. Kubo, R. C. Lamb, Fumiyoshi Makino, Kazuo Makishima, Alan P. Marscher, J. E. McEnery, I. M. McHardy, David E. Meyer, E. M. Moore, E. Ramos, E. I. Robson, H. J. Rose, Michael S. Schubnell, G. H. Sembroski, J. A. Stevens, T. Takahashi, Makoto Tashiro, Trevor C. Weekes, C. Wilson, J. Zweerink

Copolymers of recycled polyester

New copolymers of recycled polyesters having improved properties are disclosed. The copolyesters are produced by a reaction of recycled polyalkylene terephthalate and a dicarboxylate moiety.

Le syndrome d'abandon dans cinq romans de George Sand

Le syndrome d'abandon dans cinq romans de George Sand

Formulation for creating a pliable resin plug

A resin composition useful in well completion and remedial methods having improved flexibility upon setting or curing is disclosed. The resin composition includes a polymerizable resin, an oil soluble acid catalyst capable of causing polymerization of...

Ecological characteristics of Paranthrene tabaniformis Rott., Lepidoptera, Sesiidae when penetrating of the larvae into the host-plants.

G. Georgiev, M. Yakimov, G. Tsankov, A. Alexandrov, I. Raev, N. Yossifov, E. Dimitrov, I. Michov, E. Palamarev

Geometry meets the computer

In a rather short space of time, computers have changed in character from being large numerical devices that could only be communicated with obliquely to small visual devices that allow for much more direct forms of person-machine communication. We have...

상관면역 함수와 비선형치

성수학, 지성택, 이상진, 김광조

Prevalence of H. pylori in symptomatic children from the former soviet union undergoing upper endoscopy

Dm Gold, Michael J. Pettei, Bradley H. Kessler, Toba Weinstein, Jeremiah J. Levine

Establishing an Information Resource and Training Centre on Evidence-Based Health Promotion

Greet Peersman, James Thomas, Melanie Mauthner, Ann Oakley, Sandy Oliver

Prediction of stresses in hydrocarbon bearing structures using seismics

If we have data about the rock density, velocities of P- and S-waves and the configuration of layers interfaces, we can formulate a problem of stress-strain aituation in any point of the seismic geological section.

Design and construction of a small-scale model of a high-temperature superconducting magnetically levitated vehicle

The design of a small-scale model of a magnetically levitated vehicle is presented in the paper. The model has been constructed on the basis of the calculation of the magnetic field and forces between permanent magnets and high temperature superconducting...

Low-complexity symbol clock recovery and segment synchronization algorithm for the grand alliance VSB HDTV system

A simple full-digital synchronization scheme is proposed for baseband G-A VSB HDTV signals, where segment synchronization is performed prior to symbol clock recovery using the segment synchronization symbol in the received signal. Modifications significantly...

Vowel environments in minimal pair sequences

An earlier study replicated the global fundamental frequency declination effect over the minimal pair sentences used here. In order to test for local influences near word boundaries, three classes of measurements (duration, mean fundamental frequency,...

The influence of gastroschisis on plasmatic coagulation, humoral immunity, and C-reactive protein

Around the 30th week of gestation, patients with gastroschisis (GS) develop chronic inflammatory reactions on the serosal surface of the eventrated loops of intestine that lead to severe hyperfibrinogenemia and hypercoagulability, particularly if they...

Pay for Knowledge [technician apprenticeship programme]

This paper is an overview of the shortcomings of a conventional dual trade program when a large percentage of engineering technicians require to be apprenticed. The steps taken in the development of an alternate solution which is custom fit for individual...

Random perturbations of iterated maps

Random perturbations of Markov processes on systems of contractive maps are considered. The existence of a unique invariant measure for the randomly perturbed process is proved under a very weak assumption on perturbations. In particular, the proof holds...

Heterogeneous Information Arrivals and Return Volatility Dynamics: Uncovering the Long-Run in High Frequency Returns

Recent empirical evidence suggests that the long-run dependence in financial market volatility is best characterized by a slowly mean-reverting fractionally integrated process. At the same time, much shorter-lived volatility dependencies are typically...

Technology and the changing value chain or “who does what tomorrow?”

This paper discusses the changes in the relationship between Rover Group and its suppliers as a result of the increasing value of electronic systems on our vehicles. I attempt to show the transition from previous relationships and suggest the changes...

DICOM Application Profiler for Modelling and Checking DI(COM Data- sets

In the Netherlands a DICOM standardisation project has resulted in an Application Profiler for modelling and validating DICOM datasets on CD-R or other storage media. The development of this tool has proven to be extremely usefuljbr increasing the knowledge...

[Compte rendu de :] Comitati etici : una proposta bioetica per il mondo sanitario / Corrado Viafora (a cura di). – Padova: Fondazione Lanza, Gregoriana Libreria Editrice, 1995

La naissance et le developpement de la bioethique s'est accompagne de l'apparition d'un acteur institutionnel nouveau: le comite d'ethique. A vrai dire ce terme recouvre des realites institutionnelles bien diverses. Les comites d'ethique de la recherche...

The United Nations at fifty: adjusting the multilateralism system (primera de dos partes)

This paper is a brief examination of the adjustment which the UN system has been undergoing in an attempt to remain a relevant actor on the multilateral stage. The discussion of the processing of adjusting the UN multilateral system to a changing global...

Baseline milestone HWVP-87-V110202F: Preliminary evaluation of noble metal behavior in the Hanford waste vitrification plant reference glass HW-39

The precipitation and aggregation of ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (RLh) and palladium (Pd) in the Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant (HWVP) low chromium reference glass HLW-39 were investigated to determine if there is a potential for formation of a noble metal...

A display and analysis tool for process-resource graphs

This paper describes the design and implementation of a graphical tool called Prograph which enables users to model and analyze operating systems process-resource graphs. The Prograph program enables users to model operating system Process-Resource graphs...

Gaming simulation as a tool for analyzing policy problems

F. Joldersma, C. J. Heyne, Jac. L. A. Geurts

ChemInform Abstract: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of (R,R)-(-)-Pyrenophorin (XIV).

ChemInform is a weekly Abstracting Service, delivering concise information at a glance that was extracted from about 100 leading journals. To access a ChemInform Abstract of an article which was published elsewhere, please select a “Full Text” option....

ChemInform Abstract: New Formal (3 + 2) Photoaddition of Vinyl Ethers to o‐Benzoquinones.

Akio Takuwa, Ryoji Kai, Kazunori Kawasaki, Yutaka Nishigaichi, Hajime Iwamoto

Efficiency of computer supported learning material (by integrating simulations and hypertext)

For the use of computer supported learning material a new method has been implemented within the CoLoS project to overcome the obstacle of complex interfaces. Such interfaces all too frequently form a barrier between the content to be studied and the...

Segmentation of nautical chart components using mathematical morphology

This paper presents some procedures for segmenting nautical charts using concepts of mathematical morphology. The method discussed, based on the multi-angled parallelism, is capable of extracting overlapped connected components such as lakes, isolines,...

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