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Text of Hrvoje's Missal - reflection of communication between sender and receiver

Text of Hrvoje's Missal - reflection of communication between sender and receiver

Spectra of Coronal Radio Emission from Algol Binaries

G. Umana, Corrado Trigilio, S. Catalano, M. Rodono

Phase structure and chiral limit of compact lattice QED with Wilson fermions

: We study the phase structure and chiral limit of $4d$ compact lattice QED with Wilson fermions (both dynamical and quenched). We use the standard Wilson action (WA) and also the modified action (MA) with some lattice artifacts suppressed. We show that...

The Hall coefficient in disordered alloys of early and late transition metals

The proposed explanation of the positive Hall coefficient of amorphous ZrTL alloys (TL = Co, Ni and Cu) in terms of spin-orbit interaction has been extended to other disordered alloys containing early transition metals (TE) and rare earths. The systems...

Iterative solution of 3D eddy current problems

A new, globally convergent iterative technique for the solution of 3D eddy current problems is described. This technique is based on the A-V-formulation and requires successive solutions of the Poisson and Laplace equations. For this reason, this technique...

IRAS 06562-0337 - Final mass-loss episodes before the formation of a planetary nebula?

P. García-Lario, A. Manchado, Kailash C. Sahu, Stuart R. Pottasch

Explaining The Term Structure Of Interest Rates: A Panel Data Approach

This paper demonstrates that a time-varying risk premium can account for the rejection of the expectations theory of the term structure of interest rates. Rather than model risks directly, in terms of observables, we instead exploit an implication of...

Regular and stochastic regimes in glow-discharge tubes

A.L. Salas-Brito, Arturo Robledo-Martinez, C. A. Vargas

Moneta e credito: vent'anni di dibattito in Italia (1970-1990)

This survey discusses the contributions of Italian economists to the analysis of questions relating to money credit and the financial system. The underlying reasons for the existence of money and the motivations for financial relations are first explored....

Intensity correlation and the approach to localization

Because the conductance is the prime physical property of interest for electronics and also the universal scaling parameter of the electronic localization transition, considerable attention has focused upon the scaling of conductance. For classical waves,...

Processing maps for hot working of Cu-Ni-Zn alloys

The constitutive behaviour of α-nickel silver in the temperature range 700–950°C and strain rate range 0.001–100 s –1 was characterized with the help of a processing map generated on the basis of the principles of the "dynamic...

A 16 Mb CMOS SRAM with a 2.3 mu m/sup 2/ single-bit-line memory cell

A 16-Mb CMOS SRAM (static random access memory) that uses a 2.3- mu m/sup 2/ single-bit-line poly-pMOS load memory cell is presented. A write/read architecture for a high-density poly-pMOS load (or poly-resistor load) single-bit-line cell is used. The...

Computer science laboratories

In the second issue of the News (volume 24, number 2) this year I described the new breadth-first introductory curriculum in place at Montana State University, focusing on the role that theory plays in the four lecture courses constituting the curriculum....

Enterpreneurial Policy and Drug Enforcement Policy

David W. Rasmussen, Bruce L. Benson, Brent D. Mast

Results of the GSFC/MIT Medium Scale Anisotropy Measurement (MSAM)

Jason L. Puchalla, C. A. Inman, S. S. Meyer, L. L. Cheng, David A. Cottingham, D. J. Fixsen, P. Gentieu, Matthew Scott Kowitt, R. F. Silverberg, L. Page

Landscape visualization with Emaps

Emaps, a comprehensive environment for displaying geographic data, written in object-oriented Common Lisp and running on a Macintosh computer, is described. In Emaps, a hierarchy of objects-windows, maps, cells-takes advantage of the class-instance inheritance...

The Effects of Furosemide and Hypoxia on Cl ick-Evoked Otoacoust ic Emissions in Anesthetized Guinea Pigsr

=Abstract =From the concepts of well known ototoxic effects of loop diuretics and hypoxic state, twenty anesthetized guinea pigs with diuretics and/or hypoxia were evaluated with click-evoked otoacoustic emissions (CEOAEs) by timesequential monitoring....

Radiation-emitting diode with improved radiation output

A method for manufacture of radiation-emitting diodes includes manufacturing a layer sequence containing a radiation-generating pn-junction on a substrate wafer manufacturing contact layers for electrical connections on an upper face of the layer sequence...

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: Chrestomathia

Jeremy Bentham, M. J. Smith, W. H. Burston

Liquid telechelic polymers having high 1,4-diene structure

Liquid telechelic polymers are made from dienes and are produced via anionic polymerization. While having low molecular weight, for example less than 15,000, the telechelic polymers are generally gel-free, have high amounts of trans-1,4 structure, low...

Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Research in Belgium, 1993: le Trou Magrite, Huccorgne & l'Abri du Pape

Lawrence Guy Straus, Marcel Otte, Jean-Marie Cordy, Jean-Marc Léotard, Pierre Noiret, Achilles Gautier, Paul Haesaerts, Philippe Lacroix

ESR dating of coral reefs in the South China Sea

ESR dating of aragonitic and calcitic corals, eolianite, calcrete, and corallineae from coral reefs in the South China Sea was applied to study of Quaternary reef geology. The ESR ages of calcitic corals correlated with the biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy...

A relativistic constituent quark model

: We investigate the predictive power of a relativistic quark model formulated on the light-front. The nucleon electromagnetic form factors, the semileptonic weak decays of the hyperons and the magnetic moments of both baryon octet and decuplet are calculated...

Functional perspectives on innovation: The correlates of innovation in the marketing and manufacturing functions

Existing knowledge about the correlates of innovation and the context of strategic decisions is used to develop propositions about the differences in the correlates of innovation in marketing and manufacturing functions. The theoretical model proposed...

Household hazardous wastes: options for management

Household hazardous waste (HHW) disposal contributes significantly to the cost of HHW collection programs. In addition, disposal of HHW can contribute to the toxicity of leachate from landfill, heavy metals in ash from waste incinerators, and heavy metals...

Biological factors and neural stem cells

Methods are described for increasing the number of neural stem cells that differentiate into astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, or neurons. The methods comprise proliferating isolated neural stem cells in a culture medium having a first growth factor to produce...


OZET: Erken karma dentisyonda iskeletsel Sinif I bir olguya seri cekim uygulamasi sunulmustur. Klasik uygulamalar disinda maksiller ikinci premolar dislerin enukluasyonla alinmasi iyi ve stabil bir ortodontik sonuc elde edilmesini etkilememistir.

Coincidence measurement of electron capture processes between highly charged I[sup q+] ions and Xe atoms

Coincidence measurement of electron capture processes between I15+ ions and Xe atoms was performed. The state dependence of autoionization probability for doubly excited ions was illustrated from the comparison of energy gain spectra between autoionized...

Quality of the certification of death due to acute reaction to opiates and cocaine among inhabitants of the City of Madrid

Rodríguez Ortiz de Salazar B, Rodríguez Artalejo F, Fuentes, M.Quemé, J.L.Pérez, C., Sánchez Payá J, de la Fuente L, Del Rey Calero J

Measurement of the stopping power of Au and MgF2 for slow muons

W. Schott, H. Daniel, F. J. Hartmann, W. Neumann

Toward effective environmental auditing at the TVA: Management audits versus compliance audits

Companies that incorporate Total Quality Management into their operations are placing increased emphasis on identifying the root causes of deficiencies and problems. This is in keeping with the TQM principles identified by Deming in Out of the Crisis....

Resonances in the [Sigma]NN system

B. F. Gibson, I. R. Afnan

Crystal and molecular structure of a new biguanide metal complex, [Cu(AMNH)2]Cl2

Bankim C. Das, Indrani Dey, G. K. Biswas, Rupendranath Banerjee, Y. Iitaka, A. Banerjee

On the performance of packet reservation multiple access with fixed and dynamic channel allocation

The evaluation of packet reservation multiple access (PRMA) is extended from a single cell case, investigated in several previous papers, to a cellular environment characterized by user mobility and by the interference from other cells. The analysis is...

In vitro antibacterial properties of tilmicosin against isolates of Histophilus somni from Australian cattle

A total of 27 isolates of Histophilus somni from Australian cattle were tested for in vitro sensitivity to tilmicosin by an agar dilution methodology. All 27 isolates were found to be sensitive.

Software abort and multiprocessor debugging

Halting all processes distributed machines, simultaneously, is difficult due to the communication delay. This problem can be solved or alleviated by existing halting algorithms, which however cannot avoid a minimal change when executing timing sensitive...


The prospect of trade liberalization at both the regional and global level opens up the possibility of increased agricultural investment in developing countries. Such opportunities can be very appealing to developed-country producers who face high domestic...

ESA's approach to in-orbit validation of technologies

Manfred Trischberger, Cinzia Signorini

A Video Filing System Using Magneto-Optical Disks

Y. Sasaki, Hiroshi Takahashi, K. Ueno, Hiroshi Inada, M. Okada

Effects of Dislocations on the Dynamics of Elastic Semiconductors

Effects of Dislocations on the Dynamics of Elastic Semiconductors

ZnO clusters models: An AM1 and MNDO study

João B.L. Martins, Juan Andrés, E. Longo

Navier-Stokes analysis of a swirling jet in crossflow

Huseyin Yagci, Mehmet Serif Kavsaoglu

보문 : 수술가운의 방수성과 방균성에 관한 연구

최근에 치명적인 바이러스, 특히 에이즈를 이르키는 Human Immunodificiency Virus (HIV), 또 는 간에 심각한 병을 이르키는 Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)와 같은 무서운 바이러스가 환자의 피나 분비물을 통하여...

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