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"Experience and Education offers educators and teachers a positive philosophy of education. It evaluates the practices of both the traditional and the progressive schools and lucidly sets forth the defects of each of them. The volume, however, is in no sense controversial. Dr. Dewey, while considering current educational issues, interprets the meaning of a philosophicy of experience and the educational implications of the scientific method. A learning situation is described and concretely illustrated. The meanings of freedom, activities, discipline, control, and organized subject matter are here expounded within the context of educative experience as a process implying both continuity and interaction. Experience and Education defends no "ism". It offers no compromise. It steers clear of eclectic patching. Education itself is interpreted. Professional educators and laymen alike will here find definite answers to moot questions, but these answers are integral parts of an educational philosophy which makes possible united efforts in educational leadership. Here is a new light which will dissolve the fog now enveloping educational theory." (4th cover of the 60th anniversary edition) (

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