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This document specifies a protocol which allows nodes to remainreachable while moving around in the IPv6 Internet. Each mobile nodeis always identified by its home address, regardless of its currentpoint of attachment to the Internet. While situated away from itshome, a mobile node is also associated with a care-of address, whichprovides information about the mobile node's current location. IPv6packets addressed to a mobile node's home address are transparentlyrouted to its care-of address. The protocol enables IPv6 nodes tocache the binding of a mobile node's home address with its care-ofaddress, and to then send any packets destined for the mobile nodedirectly to it at this care-of address. To support this operation,Mobile IPv6 defines a new IPv6 protocol and a new destination option.All IPv6 nodes, whether mobile or stationary, can communicate withmobile nodes. [STANDARDS-TRACK]

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