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Federated optimisation of kinetic analysis problems.

Federated optimisation is a new method for kinetic analysis of dynamic medical images.

Principles and Good Practices for Using Wikis within Organizations

Eli Miron, Adi Palmor, Gilad Ravid, Avigdor Sharon, Ariel Tikotsky, Yehuda Zirkel

Federalism and decentralisation in Belgium

Jean-François Husson, Céline Mahieu, Caroline Sagesser

Benthic and fish aggregation inside an offshore wind farm: Which effects on the trophic web functioning?

As part of the energy transition, the French government is planning the construction of three offshore wind farms in Normandy (Bay of Seine and eastern part of the English Channel, north-western France) in the next years. These offshore wind farms will...

Heartbeat classification using projected and dynamic features of ECG signal

Shanshan Chen, Wei Hua, Zhi Li, Jian Li, Xingjiao Gao

Valuing the Benefits of Cleaner Air in Jakarta Metropolitan Area

Mia Amalia, Budy P. Resosudarmo, Jeff Bennett, Arianto A. Patunru

Quality of Work Life, Depression and Anxiety in Administrative Staff of an Institution of Higher Education

Raquel González-Baltazar, Brenda J. Hidalgo-González, Vanessa I. Rivas-Díaz de Sandi, Silvia G. León-Cortés, Mónica Isabel Contreras-Estrada, María Guadalupe Aldrete-Rodríguez, Gustavo Hidalgo-Santacruz

Introduction: Environmental Psychology and Quality of Life

Ghozlane Fleury-Bahi, Enric Pol, Oscar Navarro

Binary Bell polynomials, Hirota bilinear approach to Levi equation

Yaning Tang, Weijian Zai, Siqiao Tao, Qing Guan

A bio-inspired emotion recognition system under real-life conditions

This paper pulls together the advances of recognizing emotion theory with advances in speech feature in order to improve understand of emotion under real life condition. It presents the application of a recently proposed feature extraction method based...

Augustus Through the Ages: Receptions, Readings and Appropriations of the Historical Figure of the First Roman Emperor

Marco Cavalieri, David Engels, Pierre Assenmaker, Mattia Cavagna, Costantino Maeder

Business Models and Business Modelling: State of the Art

Padmakshi Rana, Samuel W. Short, Steve Evans, Maria Holgado Granados

Solving system of linear Stratonovich Volterra integral equations via modification of hat functions

This paper proposes an efficient method for solving system of linear Stratonovich Volterra integral equations. Stochastic operational matrix of modification of hat functions (MHFs) is determined. By using MHFs and their stochastic operational matrix of...

Design, development and validation of the workplace cyberbullying measure (WCM)

Samuel Farley, Iain Coyne, Carolyn Axtell, Christine A. Sprigg

Reproducing kernel method for the numerical solution of the Brinkman–Forchheimer momentum equation

We consider two efficient methods for the solution of the Brinkman–Forchheimer momentum equation with boundary conditions on the square. Physically, this model describes the flow of fully developed forced convection in a porous-saturated rectangular...

Numerical solution of the Burgers equation with Neumann boundary noise

In this paper we investigate the numerical solution of the one-dimensional Burgers equation with Neumann boundary noise. For the discretization scheme we use the Galerkin approximation in space and the exponential Euler method in time. The impact of the...

Improvement to the Usability of Hybrid Courses in Degree Programs at URJC Online

Manuel Gertrudix-Barrio, Natalia Esteban, Mario Rajas, Maria Redmon

What Is human nature for

Questions about what human nature is and how we can learn about it are difficult to answer. They are difficult not just because humans are complex creatures whose behavior is deeply embedded in the cultural environment that they are a part of, but also...

Almost structure-preserving analysis for weakly linear damping nonlinear Schrödinger equation with periodic perturbation

The local energy/momentum losses are deduced theoretically in Hamiltonian framework and this result is verified by the structure-preserving approach.

Concept of Competitiveness and Methodological Principles of Competition Assessment

Vaida Pilinkienė, Vilma Deltuvaitė, Asta Daunorienė, Vaidas Gaidelys

Symmetry reduction related with nonlocal symmetry for Gardner equation

The nonlocal symmetry for the Gardner equation is derived by the truncated Painleve analysis or the Mobious (conformal) invariant form.

Surgical manual of the Korean Gynecologic Oncology Group: classification of hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy

Maria Lee, Chel Hun Choi, Yi Kyeong Chun, Yun Hwan Kim, Kwang Beom Lee, Shin-Wha Lee, Seung-Hyuk Shim, Yong-Jung Song, Ju-Won Roh, Suk-Joon Chang, Jong-Min Lee

The ‘publicness’ of suburban gathering places: The example of Podkowa Leśna (Warsaw urban region, Poland)

Fully public space can be replaced by quasi-public gathering places when reviving the local social life.

Solving a singular beam equation by using a weak-form integral equation method

For the fourth-order singular beam equation with tension dominated than the rigidity, we develop the most weak-form integral equation method (WFIEM) to find the singular solution. The WFIEM together with the exponentially and polynomially fitted trial...

A Dynamic and Scalable Decision Tree Based Mining of Educational Data

Dineshkumar Vaghela, Priyanka Sharma, Kalpdrum Passi

Social Capital in Selected Business Associations of Food Processing SMEs in Tanzania and Rwanda: A Synthetic Based Approach

The presence of social capital has been instrumental for effective performance and development of business associations, the private sector and the economy at large. Sometimes social capital has been equated to networking and associational undertakings...

Study of the E. coli elimination from urban wastewater over photocatalysts based on metallized TiO2

J.J. Murcia, E.G. Ávila-Martínez, H. Rojas, J.A. Navío, M.C. Hidalgo

Clustering based virtual machines placement in distributed cloud computing

Resource virtualization is one of the most prominent characteristics of cloud computing. The placement of virtual machines (VMs) in the physical machines determines the resource utilization efficiency and service quality. Especially for distributed cloud...

The Palgrave Handbook of Political Economy

Ivano Cardinale, Roberto Scazzieri

The Effects of Quality on Market Share and Profitability in Single Stage Make-to-Stock Production Systems

Dimitrios Konstantas, Stratos Ioannidis, Evangelos Grigoroudis, Vassilis S. Kouikoglou

Computing the Safe Working Zone of a 3-RRS Parallel Manipulator

Dhruvesh Patel, Rohit Kalla, Halil Tetik, Gökhan Kiper, Sandipan Bandyopadhyay

Anxiety mediates the relationship between multidimensional perfectionism and insomnia disorder

Individuals with insomnia often report aspects of perfectionism alongside symptoms of anxiety and depression. However, there has been limited examination of these factors together. The current study investigated whether individuals with insomnia report...

Determination of metrafenone in vegetables by matrix solid-phase dispersion and HPLC-UV method

A simple method for determination of metrafenone in vegetables by matrix solid-phase dispersion (MSPD) and HPLC was developed. All vegetable samples were extracted with dichloromethane, and then the extracts were directly separated on a reversed-phase...

Ultrasensitive near-infrared fluorescence-enhanced probe for discriminative detection of GSH and Cys from different emission channels

A water soluble near-infrared fluorescent probe for discriminative detection of GSH and Cys.

Toward Autonomous UAV Landing Based on Infrared Beacons and Particle Filtering

Vsevolod Khithov, Alexander Petrov, I. V. Tishchenko, Konstantin Yakovlev

Psychologists specializing in rehabilitation psychology.

Joseph F. Rath, Hilary Bertisch, Timothy R. Elliot

The Methodology and Ethics of Rights-Based Research with Children

Sharon Bessell, Harriot Beazley, Roxana Waterson

Aggregate size distribution in a biochar-amended tropical Ultisol under conventional hand-hoe tillage

Bernard Fungo, Johannes Lehmann, Karsten Kalbitz, Margaret Thionģo, Irene Okeyo, M.M. Tenywa, Henry Neufeldt

Chapter 23 - Microbiology of Platform Chemical Biorefinery and Metabolic Engineering

Advancements in the field of metabolic engineering have improved the production of various chemicals through the microbial route. Due to a reduced dependence on petroleum feedstock more focus is being shown toward employing renewable resources for commodity...

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