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NSVS 7051868: A system in a key evolutionary stage. First multi-color photometric study

We present the first multi-color light curve analysis of the eclipsing binary star NSVS 7051868.

The City is flatter: Changing patterns of job and labor access

David Levinson, Bernadette Marion, Andrew Owen, Mengying Cui

A note on a discrete time MAP risk model

In this paper, we use a discrete time Markov additive process to model the surplus process for an insurance company. Assume that the interclaim times and the claim sizes are both regulated by an underlying Markov chain. We present a recursive formula...

Prosodic prominence shifts are anaphoric

Prominence shifts are anaphoric, and not reducible to the accessibility of the words or meanings involved in an utterance.

Donor’s Expectations Toward Transparency Features in Websites of Malaysia Charity Organizations

Abdul Rahim Ridzuan, Abd Halim Mohd Noor, Arifin Md Saleh, Hasan Bahrom, Hamidah Muhd Irpan

Molecular design of Tröger’s base-based polymers with intrinsic microporosity for gas separation

High performance polymers with intrinsic microporosity have been prepared via introducing sites of contortion and chain stiffness with the incorporation of Troger's base (TB). An experimental investigation coupling with computational simulation was executed...

Yinshun’s ‘Da zhidu lun zhi zuozhe jiqi fanyi’

The monk Yinshun (1906-2005) became well known in the Chinese region, as well as among Western scholars of East Asian Buddhism, for his role of theorizer of the so-called “Buddhism for the Human Realm” (renjian fojiao), the legacy with the reformist...

Early Geological Maps of Europe

Jan Kozák, Alena Čejchanová, Zdeněk Kukal, Karel Pošmourný

The institutionalization of modern middle class neighborhoods in 1940s Tehran – Case of Chaharsad Dastgah

In the 1940s, Iran experienced dramatic changes in urban form, as worldwide modernization movements were embodied in new ‘modern’ neighborhood units in Tehran. Proposals for these neighborhoods, like those in other countries, not only included new...

Consensus in prioritizing river rehabilitation projects through the integration of social, economic and landscape indicators

Julian Canto-Perello, Jesus Martinez-Leon, Jorge Curiel-Esparza, Manuel Martin-Utrillas

Land Law: Theory and Practice (Paperback) - Taylor & Francis India

Land Law, Theory and Practice, Shane Sullivan, Land Law, English Law, Property & Conveyancing Law, Planning Law

An adaptive local binary pattern for 3D hand tracking

Ever since the availability of real-time three-dimensional (3D) data acquisition sensors such as time-of-flight and Kinect depth sensor, the performance of gesture recognition can be largely enhanced. However, since conventional two-dimensional (2D) image...

Breast cancer screening: An outpatient clinic study

Mustafa Girgin, Kazim Duman, Salih Burcin Kavak, Ebru Kavak

Chapter 3 - Animal Modelling in Psychiatry

The central nervous system is undoubtedly the most complex organ in our body, and in addition we have only limited access to it. Even with the modern day imaging techniques the spatial, temporal and neurochemical resolution prohibits us from studying...

Lactuca sativa growth in compacted and non-compacted semi-arid alkaline soil under phosphate fertilizer treatment and cadmium contamination

The effect of coupled interactions between soil compaction, superphosphate and cadmium on lettuce growth are investigated.

Effects of Dual Oxidizers on the Properties of Composite Solid Rocket Propellants

Wei Qiang Pang, Luigi T. DeLuca, Hui Xiang Xu, Xue Zhong Fan, Feng Qi Zhao, Wu Xi Xie

Convergence of Numerov’s method for inverse Sturm–Liouville problems

In this paper, we discuss the convergence of Numerov’s method in Andrew (2005, 2006) [8,9] for computing Sturm–Liouville potentials from the given eigenvalues. By using the asymptotic estimate for the eigenvalue of the Sturm–Liouville problem and...

Operational Tau method for singular system of Volterra integro-differential equations

The Legendre spectral Tau matrix formulation is proposed to approximate solution of singular system of Volterra integro-differential equations. The existence and uniqueness solution of this system are investigated by means of the υ υ -smoothing...

An inequality for multiple convolutions with respect to Dirichlet probability measure

A sharp multiple convolution inequality with respect to Dirichlet probability measure on the standard simplex is presented. Its discrete version in terms of the negative binomial coefficients is proved as well. The new bounds for the Dirichlet distribution...

The Privatization of Sound Space

Mark Grimshaw, Vincent Meelberg, Marcel Cobussen, Barry Truax

Crime Prevention in the Twenty-First Century

Benoit Leclerc, Ernesto U. Savona

Security, Privacy and Ownership Issues with the use of Wearable Health Technologies

When considering the use of mobile or wearable health technologies to collect health data, a majority of users state security and privacy of their data is a primary concern. With users being connected 24/7, there is a higher risk today of data theft or...

An integrable generalization of the super AKNS hierarchy and its bi-Hamiltonian formulation

Based on a Lie super-algebra B(0,1), a new generalized super AKNS hierarchy is introduced.

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Law and Governance

Corporate law and corporate governance have been at the forefront of regulatory activities across the world for several decades now, and are subject to increasing public attention following the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. The Oxford Handbook of Corporate...

Extreme direction analysis for blind separation of nonnegative signals

Blind signal separation consists in processing a set of observed mixed signals in order to separate them into a set of components without any a priori knowledge about the mixing process.

Towards a Social Pedagogy of Urban Design

Sven De Visscher, Hari Sacré

Determination of annual organic carbon sequestration in soil and forest floor in Scots pine forests in Türkmen Mountain (Eskişehir, Kütahya)

Determination of annual organic carbon sequestration in soil and forest floor in Scots pine forests in Turkmen Mountain (Eskisehir, Kutahya) Abstract:  This study was aimed to determine the annual organic carbon stocks in forest floor and soil in...

Participatory Sensing, Opinions and Collective Awareness

Vittorio Loreto, Muki Haklay, Andreas Hotho, Vito C.P. Servedio, Gerd Stumme, Jan Theunis, Francesca Tria

Whose City Is It Anyway?: Limits of City Branding in Harare amidst the Storm of Economic Hardships in Zimbabwe

Innocent Chirisa, Elmond Bandauko, Gladys Mandisvika, Aaron Maphosa, Liaison Mukarwi

Junior secondary school students' conceptions about plate tectonics

There are ongoing calls for research that identifies students' conceptions about geographical phenomena. In response, this study investigates junior secondary school students' (N=95) conceptions about plate tectonics. Student response data was generated...

The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Channel Islands: maritime and terrrestrial perspectives

This paper investigates the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Channel Islands. It presents a new synthesis of all known evidence from the islands c. 5000-4300 BC, including several new excavations as well as find spot sites that have not previously...

Autonomous Vehicles in Developing Countries: A Case Study on User’s View Point in Pakistan

Irum Sanaullah, Amjad Hussain, Amna Chaudhry, Keith Case, Marcus Enoch

Arc length as a global conformal parameter for analytic curves

We show that arc length is a global conformal parameter for analytic curves and that this parameter can be used to decide whether the domain of definition of an analytic curve can be extended or not. The maximal extension with respect to the arc length...

Assessing Regional Disparities in Bulgaria and Switzerland

Venelin Boshnakov, Vesselin Mintchev, Georgi Shopov, Iordan Kaltchev

Production of EPA and DHA in aquatic ecosystems and their transfer to the land.

Michail I Gladyshev, Valentina S Artamonova, Alexander A Makhrov

What Happens to IT Education? The Case in Estonia with Some Recommendations for International Discussion

Margus Pedaste, Külli Kori, Eno Tõnisson, Tauno Palts, Heilo Altin, R. Rantsus

Business model innovation – A gamble or a manageable process?

Yariv Taran, René Chester Goduscheit, Harry Boer

A two-dimensional Haar wavelets method for solving systems of PDEs

In this paper, we modify the idea of Haar wavelets method to obtain semi-analytical solutions for the systems of three-dimensional nonlinear partial differential equations. Theoretical considerations are discussed. To demonstrate the efficiency of the...

Semantic Genetic Programming for Sentiment Analysis

Mario Graff, Eric Sadit Tellez, Hugo Jair Escalante, Sabino Miranda-Jiménez

Intraday analysis of macroeconomic news surprises and asymmetries in mini-futures markets

The present paper, firstly examines the significance of US macroeconomic announcements to the price and volume of three mini-futures markets via three statistical tests. Secondly, the impact of news releases on price and trading volume is studied in an...

Ergonomic Assessment and Evaluation of Philippine Buses for Filipinos: A Case Study on Metro Manila City Buses

Dyan Veronica Bombais, Janina Angeli Ferrer, Arrenzo Paul Perea, Alyssa Jean Portus

Development of a monograph for human error likelihood assessment in marine operations

R Islam, Hongyang Yu, Rouzbeh Abbassi, Vikram Garaniya, Faisal Khan

Detection and quantitation of mycotoxins in infant cereals in the U.S. market by LC-MS/MS using a stable isotope dilution assay

Fadwa Al-Taher, Jack Cappozzo, Jerry Zweigenbaum, Hyun Jung Lee, Lauren S. Jackson, Dojin Ryu

Chapter 8: Ways of saying: ways of meaning

How does one's grammar depend on one's conception of language? In systemic functional linguistics, language is viewed as a meaning potential, thus embracing the view, now supported by contemporary theories of the evolution of human consciousness, that...

Securing the Internet of Things

Sridipta Misra, Muthucumaru Maheswaran, Salman Hashmi

Importance of a Versatile Logging Tool for Behavioural Biometrics and Continuous Authentication Research

Soumik Mondal, Patrick Bours, Lasse Johansen, Robin Stenvi, Magnus Øverbø

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