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A quasistatic viscoplastic contact problem with normal compliance, unilateral constraint, memory term and friction

The goal of this paper is to deal with a mathematical model which describes the quasistatic frictional contact between a viscoplastic body and a foundation. The contact is modeled with normal compliance, unilateral constraint and memory term. We present...

Towards a New Standard. Theoretical and Empirical Studies on the Restandardization of Italian

In many European languages the National Standard Variety is converging with spoken, informal, and socially marked varieties. In Italian this process is giving rise to a new standard variety called Neo-standard Italian, which partly consists of regional...

Higher-order rational solitons and rogue-like wave solutions of the (2 + 1)-dimensional nonlinear fluid mechanics equations

We present the novel generalized perturbation ( n, M   )-fold Darboux transformations (DTs) for the ( 2+1 2 + 1 )-dimensional Kadomtsev–Petviashvili (KP) equation and its extension.

Operator-Autonomy Teaming Interfaces to Support Multi-Unmanned Vehicle Missions

Gloria L. Calhoun, Heath A. Ruff, Kyle J. Behymer, Elizabeth M. Mersch

Sociological Research on Schools with Relation to Space

Nils Berkemeyer, Björn Hermstein, Veronika Manitius

Value Trace Problems for Graph Theory Algorithms in Java Programming Learning Assistant System

Nobuo Funabiki, Khin Khin Zaw, Minoru Kuribayashi, Wen-Chung Kao

Questionnaires in Linguistics Using the Bar and the $$ \boldsymbol{H_{v}} $$ H v -Structures

Penelope Kambakis-Vougiouklis, Pipina Nikolaidou, Thomas Vougiouklis

Generalized Prüfer angle and oscillation of half-linear differential equations

In this paper, we introduce a new modification of the half-linear Prufer angle. Applying this modification, we investigate the conditional oscillation of the half-linear second order differential equation equation ( ∗ ∗ ) ...

Chapter 8 - Allergic Rhinitis and Conjunctivitis

Chronic rhinoconjunctivitis is an increasingly common condition that is now recognized to have a major impact on human health. Persistent nasal dysfunction may have significant effects on physical and emotional functioning, which result in absences from...

Ultrasonic assisted dispersive solid-phase microextraction of Eriochrome Cyanine R from water sample on ultrasonically synthesized lead (II) dioxide nanoparticles loaded on activated carbon: Experimental design methodology

The present research focus on designing an appropriate dispersive solid-phase microextraction (UA-DSPME) for preconcentration and determination of Eriochrome Cyanine R (ECR) in aqueous solutions with aid of sonication using lead (II) dioxide nanoparticles...

Chapter 6 - Nitric acid

This chapter focuses on the evaluation of nitric acid production. Apart from presenting the different methods used over time, and the technical and historical reasons for using the various technologies, the complete analysis of current processes is presented...

Indexing techniques for processing generalized XML documents

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) data model has recently gained huge popularity because of its ability to represent a wide variety of structured (relational) and semi-structured (document) data. Several query languages have been proposed for the XML...

Iterative reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces method for Riccati differential equations

This paper presents iterative reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces method (IRKHSM) to obtain the numerical solutions for Riccati differential equations with constant and variable coefficients. Representation of the exact solution is given in the ...

Chapter 1 - The chemical industry

In this chapter the evolution of the use of raw materials and processing technologies over the history of humankind is discussed. The aim is to present a brief history of the processes that will be evaluated throughout the text. Thus this chapter provides...

Structural and optical studies on selected web spinning spider silks.

Structural and optical properties of spider silks have been investigated by XRD, FTIR, UV- Vis and fluorescence studies.

The Disorder of Mathematics Education

Hauke Straehler-Pohl, Nina Bohlmann, Alexandre Pais

Robust noise region-based active contour model via local similarity factor for image segmentation

Sijie Niu, Qiang Chen, Luis de Sisternes, Zexuan Ji, Zeming Zhou, Daniel L. Rubin

Genetic screening in young women diagnosed with endometrial cancer

Basilio Pecorino, Cinzia Rubino, Vito Fabio Guardalà, Antonio Galia, Paolo Scollo

Transformational Leadership: A Leap Towards NPD Team’s Effectiveness

Syeda Asiya Zenab Kazmi, Marja Naaranoja, Juha Kytölä, Jussi Kantola

Communication networks, interactions and social negotiation in Prepalatial south-central Crete

Circular tombs are our best source of information regarding life and death in Prepalatial south-central Crete (3100-1900 BC). This article aims at tackling the phenomenon of movement in that particular area to shed new light on interactions among the...

On the large time behavior of the electromagnetic fluid system in R 3

This paper is concerned with the global existence and time-asymptotic behavior of solutions to the three dimensional complete electromagnetic fluid system (or Maxwell–Navier–Stokes equations) for viscous compressible fluids. The global classical solution...

Quasi-Newton minimization for the p ( x ) -Laplacian problem

We propose a quasi-Newton minimization approach for the solution of the p(x) p ( x ) -Laplacian elliptic problem, x∈Ω⊂R m x ∈ Ω ⊂ R m . This method outperforms those existing for the p(x) p (...

Development of a behaviour rating system for rural/remote pre-hospital settings

Deirdre Holly, Vivien Swanson, Philip Cachia, Beverley Beasant, Colville Laird

Rationality and Backward Induction in Centipede Games

The file associated with this record is under embargo while permission to archive is sought from the publisher. The full text may be available through the publisher links above.

Design and multidimensional extension of iterative methods for solving nonlinear problems

In this paper, a three-step iterative method with sixth-order local convergence for approximating the solution of a nonlinear system is presented. From Ostrowski’s scheme adding one step of Newton with ’frozen’ derivative and by using a divided...

Mapping of Aluminum Particle Dispersion in Solid Rocket Fuel Formulations

Arezoo Zare, T.A. Harriman, D.A. Lucca, Silvia Roncalli, Bernard M. Kosowski, Christian Paravan, Luigi T. DeLuca

Chapter 3 - Assessing Conditions, Controls and Capabilities

This chapter takes readers through the process of assessing their company's data needs. It describes assessment as the first step in data management and introduces the 3Cs of data assessment: conditions, controls, and capabilities. Because of the varied...

The Effect of Religious Affiliation on Nation/Place Image

İhsan Kurar, Saadet Zafer Kavacik, Mehmet Inal

Modules over quantaloids: Applications to the isomorphism problem in algebraic logic and π-institutions

We solve the isomorphism problem in the context of abstract algebraic logic and of π -institutions, namely the problem of when the notions of syntactic and semantic equivalence among logics coincide. The problem is solved in the general setting of categories...

Ensemble of vector and binary descriptor for loop closure detection

Mohammed Omar Salameh, Azizi Abdullah, Shahnorbanun Sahran

STEMulating Interest: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Out-of-School Time on Student STEM Interest

This study is a meta-analysis of the effects of out-of-school time (after school, summer camps, enrichment programs, etc.) on the student interest in STEM. This study was guided by the following research questions: (1) How effective is OST as a means...

Social Psychology of Communication

Lyudmila Pochebut, Anatoliy Sventsitskiy, Aleksandra Kapustina, Vera Chiker, Svetlana Gurieva, Elena Sidorenko, Olga Mikhalyuk, Leonid Kulikov, Ekaterina Yumkina, Vladislav Dominyak, Vladimir Panferov, Tat'yana Yanicheva

Hyers–Ulam stability of first-order homogeneous linear differential equations with a real-valued coefficient

This paper is concerned with the Hyers–Ulam stability of the first-order linear differential equation x ′ −ax=0 x ′ − a x = 0 , where a a is a non-zero real number. The main...

Symplectic waveform relaxation methods for Hamiltonian systems

In this literature, a new method called symplectic waveform relaxation method is for the first time proposed to solve Hamiltonian systems. This method is based on waveform relaxation method which makes computation cheaper, and makes use of symplectic...

Denoising Ultrasound Medical Images:: A Block Based Hard and Soft Thresholding in Wavelet Domain

A. S. C. S. Sastry, P. V. V. Kishore, Ch. Raghava Prasad, M. V. D. Prasad

Romantic relationships and mental health

Scott R. Braithwaite, Julianne Holt-Lunstad

A cubic trigonometric B-spline collocation approach for the fractional sub-diffusion equations

An algorithm for fractional sub-diffusion model using cubic trigonometric B-spline approach is presented.

Maternal knowledge, adolescent personality, and bullying

Ann H. Farrell, Daniel A. Provenzano, Andrew V. Dane, Zopito A. Marini, Anthony A. Volk

Real estate markets and development in South America

Claudia Murray, Nicole Lux, Eliane Monte, Camilla Ween

Field calibration of a cluster of low-cost commercially available sensors for air quality monitoring. Part B: NO, CO and CO2

We tested a high number of commercial sensors on the same site, applying the same data treatment and evaluation.

Elements of Workforce Diversity in Japanese Nursing Workplace

Yasuyuki Yamada, Motoki Mizuno, Teruko Shimizu, Yuji Asano, Takumi Iwaasa, Takeshi Ebara

Demand for Labor: The Neglected Side of the Market

The book collects articles published by Daniel Hamermesh between 1969 and 2013 dealing with the general topic of the demand for labor. The first section presents empirical studies of basic issues in labor demand, including the extent to which different...

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