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Existence and asymptotic behavior of high energy normalized solutions for the Kirchhoff type equations in R 3

In this paper, we study the multiplicity of solutions with a prescribed L 2 L 2 -norm for a class of nonlinear Kirchhoff type problems in R 3 R 3 −(a+b∫ R 3 |∇u| 2 )Δu−λu=|u| p−2 u, − (...

Königs eigenfunction for composition operators on Bloch and H∞ type spaces

We discuss when the Konigs eigenfunction associated with a non-automorphic selfmap of the complex unit disc that fixes the origin belongs to Banach spaces of holomorphic functions of Bloch and H ∞ H ∞ type. In the latter case,...

Surveying Ancient Maya Buildings in the Forest

Cristina Vidal-Lorenzo, Gaspar Muñoz Cosme, Alessandro Merlo

The solution of linear mechanical systems in terms of path superposition

We prove that the solution of any linear mechanical system can be expressed as a linear combination of signal transmission paths. This is done in the framework of the Global Transfer Direct Transfer (GTDT) formulation for vibroacoustic problems. Transmission...

Continuity in the Interactions Between Linguistic Units

In this paper, we expose the idea that the meaning of linguistic units is not given before the utterance but it emerges from the interaction of the units with the context. We then reject the traditional approaches promoting the view that the meanings...

Interpolation in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces based on random subdivision schemes

In this paper we present a Bayesian framework for interpolating data in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space associated with a random subdivision scheme, where not only approximations of the values of a function at some missing points can be obtained, but...

Putting all their eggs in one basket? Portfolio diversification 1870 to 1902

There are a number of reasons why investor portfolio characteristics are of interest. First, there is limited evidence of what individual investors actually held in their portfolios in the past, including, for example, whether there were significant differences...

Ergodicity of large scale stochastic geophysical flows with degenerate Gaussian noise

This paper considers ergodicity of the stochastic quasigeostrophic equations driven by degenerate Gaussian noise. Uniqueness of invariant measures is shown by proving the asymptotically strong Feller property of the probability transition semigroups.

Biotechnological production of limonene in microorganisms.

I Sarvan, Ernst A. Kramer, H Bouwmeester

Creativity: A Childhood Essential

Carol Wagner, Danielle E. Schlough

TransGothic in Literature and Culture (Hardback) - Taylor & Francis India

This book contributes to an emerging field of study and provides new perspectives on the ways in which Gothic literature, visual media, and other cultural forms explicitly engage gender, sexuality, form, and genre. The collection is a forum in which the...

Novel intuitionistic fuzzy decision making models in the framework of decision field theory

Develop some novel intuitionistic fuzzy decision making models by decision field theory.Apply the models to the interpretations of compromise decision behaviors;Apply the models to "one belt, one road" investment decision making problems. The intuitionistic...

The Fourier–Bessel method for solving the Cauchy problem connected with the Helmholtz equation

This paper is concerned with the Cauchy problem connected with the Helmholtz equation. We investigate the denseness of Fourier–Bessel functions and propose a numerical method for approximating the solution to the problem. The convergence and stability...

Combining the Information of Multiple Ranker in Ranked Set Sampling with Fuzzy Set Approach

Bekir Çetintav, Selma Gurler, Neslihan Demirel, Gözde Ulutagay

Introducing Tetrazole Salts as Energetic Ingredients for Rocket Propulsion

Xuezhong Fan, Fuqiang Bi, Min Zhang, Jizhen Li, Weiqiang Pang, Bozhou Wang, Zhongxue Ge

Analysis of an Olympic Scale of a Recurve Bow Riser on the Basis of Malaysian Under 15 and Under 17 Archers

Farah Ayuni Fauzi, Zahari Taha, Zakri Ghazalli, Januar Parlaungan Siregar, Zulkifli Ahmad, K. Kadirgama, Nasrul Hadi Johari, Danial Mohamed

The impact of rainfall magnitude on the performance of digital soil mapping over low-relief areas using a land surface dynamic feedback method

Previous studies have demonstrated that the pattern of land surface dynamic feedbacks (LSDF) based on remote sensing images after a rainfall event can be used to derive environmental covariates to assist in predicting soil texture variation over low-relief...

Prediction, Risk Assessment, and Prevention of Childbirth Trauma

Anushuya Devi Kasi, Stergios K. Doumouchtsis

Rift Valley Fever and the Changing Environment:: A Case Study in East Africa

Johanna Lindahl, Bernard Bett, Timothy P. Robinson, D. Grace

Validation of recipes for double-blind placebo-controlled challenges with milk, egg white and hazelnut

Alonso Díaz de Durana, Y García Estringana, A. Meléndez Baltanás, M Rodriguez-Alvarez, B de la Hoz Caballer, N. del Prado, Montserrat Fernandez-Rivas

Determination of a term in the right-hand side of parabolic equations

The inverse problem of determining a term in the right hand side of parabolic equations from integral observations is investigated. The observations can be regarded as generalized interior point observations which are collected in practice. The problem...

A Survey on Wireless Security: IP Security Concern

Garima Chopra, Rakesh Kumar Jha, Farida Lone

Relational Database, XML, and Ontology Watermarking

Mohammad Ali Nematollahi, Chalee Vorakulpipat, Hamurabi Gamboa Rosales

Solving steady incompressible Navier–Stokes equations by the Arrow–Hurwicz method

This article is devoted to analyzing an Arrow–Hurwicz type method for solving incompressible Navier–Stokes equations discretized by mixed element methods. Under several reasonable conditions, it is proved by a subtle argument that the method converges...

Traditional African Foods and Their Potential to Contribute to Health and Nutrition:: Traditional African Foods

John H. Muyonga, Sophie Nansereko, Ilona Steenkamp, Marena Manley, Judith Kanensi Okoth

Quantification of soil aggregate microstructure on abandoned cropland during vegetative succession using synchrotron radiation-based micro-computed tomography

Aggregate stability increased quickly after cropland abandonment, and reached a steady-state after 6 years of abandonment.

Sparse Bayesian dictionary learning with a Gaussian hierarchical model

We consider a dictionary learning problem aimed at designing a dictionary such that the signals admit a sparse or an approximate sparse representation over the learnt dictionary. The problem finds a variety of applications including image denoising, feature...

On the existence time of local solutions for critical semilinear Schrödinger equations in Sobolev spaces

The existence time of local solutions of semilinear Schrodinger equations in Sobolev spaces is considered based on the method of frequency decomposition. The semilinear terms are power type or exponential type, which are critical in terms of the scaling...

The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Memory

Sven Bernecker, Kourken Michaelian

Optimization of fourth-order discrete-approximation inclusions

The paper concerns the necessary and sufficient conditions of optimality for Cauchy problem of fourth-order discrete (P D ) and discrete-approximate (P DA ) inclusions. The main problem is the formulation of the fourth-order adjoint discrete and discrete-approximate...

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