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Processes, barriers and facilitators to implementation of a participatory ergonomics program among eldercare workers

Charlotte Diana Nørregaard Rasmussen, Naja Klærke Lindberg, Marie Højbjerg Ravn, Marie Birk Jørgensen, Karen Søgaard, Andreas Holtermann

School Memories in Women’s Autobiographies (Italy, 1850–1915)

Antonella Cagnolati, José Luis Hernández Huerta

Identification of the boundary heat transfer coefficient from interior measurement of temperature field

Consider the heat conduction process for a homogeneous solid rod with one endpoint contacted with some liquid media. The aim is to identify the boundary heat transfer coefficient from the measured temperature field, which is essentially nonlinear and...

Language processing, acceptability, and statistical distribution: A study of null and overt subjects in Brazilian Portuguese

Amit Almor, Jefferson de Carvalho Maia, Maria Luiza Cunha Lima, Mirta Vernice, Carlos Gelormini-Lezama

Investigating Acceptance of Nursing Information Systems through UTAUT Lens

Lemai Nguyen, Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Mary Botti, Bernice Redley, Peter Haddad, Imran Muhammad

The assessment of management practices on rangelands exploitation using state and transition model in central arid regions of Iran

Rangeland management in arid and semi-arid regions requires comprehensive attention to ecological processes and consider the interrelationship of those processes. Considering discard the theory of climax and rangeland succession model in recent years...

Stability of a class of neutral stochastic differential equations with unbounded delay and Markovian switching and the Euler–Maruyama method

This paper is motivated by the paper Hu et al. (2013). This paper contains the existence and uniqueness, as well as stability results of the exact solution for a class of neutral stochastic differential equations with unbounded delay and Markovian switching,...

Best practices in teaching technical drawing: experiences of collaboration in three Italian Universities

Domenico Speranza, Gabriele Baronio, Barbara Motyl, Stefano Filippi, Valerio Villa

A new proof of Dávila–Flores–Guerra’s result on existence of singular solutions

Here we give a self-contained new proof of the existence of singular solutions to a class Dirichlet problem with a singular nonlinearity. These results were obtained by Davila–Flores–Guerra (Davila et al., 2009). Our proof is much more direct and...

New Herbal Approaches for the Treatment of Diabetic Kidney Diseases and Its Therapeutic Implications

Durgavati Yadav, Vivek Pandey, Shivani Srivastava, Yamini Bhusan Tripathi

The Status of the Research and Development of LNG Rocket Engines in Japan

Hiroya Asakawa, Hideaki Nanri, Kenji Aoki, Isao Kubota, Hatsuo Mori, Yasuhiro Ishikawa, Kenichi Kimoto, Shinji Ishihara, Shinichiro Ishizaki

Isospin symmetry at high spin studied via nucleon knockout from isomeric states

One-neutron knockout reactions have been performed on a beam of radioactive 53Co in a high-spin isomeric state. The analysis is shown to yield highly-selective population of high-spin states in an exotic nucleus with a significant cross section, and hence...

Location-based system: Comparative effects of personalization vs ease of use

Few studies investigated the economic impact of an LBS-enabled mobile app in a field setting.

Labor Economics: Principles in Practice

Labor Economics: Principles in Practice provides a concise, tightly integrated, and engaging exploration of labor economics. Focusing on core principles and immersing students in real data from the Current Population Survey (CPS), Ken McLaughlin lays...

Query Answering to IQ Test Questions Using Word Embedding

Michał Frąckowiak, Jakub Dutkiewicz, Czeslaw Jedrzejek, Marek Retinger, Paweł Werda

How business intelligence maturity enabling hospital agility

Cheng-Che Shen, Ray-E Chang, Ching Jou Hsu, I-Chiu Chang

Cloud Security: Implementing Biometrics to Help Secure the Cloud

Natasha Csicsmann, Victoria McIntyre, Patrick Shea, Syed Rizvi

Antecedents of Subjective Wellbeing Among Older Adults in Kerala

S. Irudaya Rajan, Anusmita Devi, Tannistha Samanta, S Sunitha

Time changes in the body dimensions of male Australian Army personnel between 1977 and 2012

Grant Tomkinson, Nathan Daniell, Ashley Fulton, Alistair Furnell

Knowledge Creation and Learning in a Sugarcane Industry in Veracruz, Mexico

Francisco Hernández Rosas, Katia Angélica Figueroa Rodríguez, Shida Henneberry, Benjamín Figueroa Sandoval

Sums of divisors functions and Bessel function series

On page 335 in his lost notebook, Ramanujan recorded without proofs two identities involving finite trigonometric sums and doubly infinite series of Bessel functions. These two identities are intimately connected with the classical circle and divisor...

The Refrain and the Territory of the Posthuman

Aline Wiame, Christel Stalpaert, Kristof van Baarle, Laura Karreman

A new contractive condition approach to φ-fixed point results in metric spaces and its applications

In this work, we introduce the new concept of a generalization of (F,φ) ( F , φ ) -contraction mapping and establish some existence results of φ φ -fixed point for such mappings. We also state some illustrative examples...

Ultrasound technology for food fermentation applications

K. Shikha Ojha, Timothy J. Mason, Colm P. O’Donnell, Joseph P. Kerry, Brijesh K. Tiwari

Feature-based multi-resolution registration of immunostained serial sections.

Oleg Lobachev, Christine Ulrich, Birte Steiniger, Verena Wilhelmi, Vitus Stachniss, Michael Guthe

Guidelines and Best Practices for Open Source Transit Trip Planning Interfaces

Lisa Jo Elliott, Marvin Valarezo, Cody Freeman, Matthew Scott, Michael Moore

La evolución de las perífrasis verbales causativa e incoativa con poner en español: cambios de construcción y extensiones metafóricas

This paper deals with the historical evolution of the causative and inchoative periphrases with poner in Spanish. In these constructions, poner functions as an auxiliary verb, combining with a subordinate infinitive to which it adds a causative (poner...

Narcissism, gender, and evolutionary theory: The role of private and public self-absorption

Private and public self-absorption in relation to narcissism was investigated in two studies.

The Future of Healthcare:: Political Participation of Nursing and Public Health Students

Christine Vandenhouten, Susan Gallagher-Lepak, Derryl E. Block, Sylvia Kubsch, Jan Strom, Crystalmichelle L. Malakar

Chapter 6 - The Immune Response to Viruses

The two arms of the immune system, the innate and adaptive immune system, function together to provide long-term immunity against viruses. The innate immune system is activated immediately after infection and consists of nonspecific mechanisms to control...

Refitting of an eco-friendly sailing yacht: numerical prediction and experimental validation

Antonio Mancuso, Giuseppe Pitarresi, G. B. Trinca, Davide Tumino

Climate Finance: Theory and Practice

Anil Markandya, Ibon Galarraga, Dirk T. G. Rübbelke

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