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Error estimates for transport problems with high Péclet number using a continuous dependence assumption

In this paper we discuss the behavior of stabilized finite element methods for the transient advection–diffusion problem with dominant advection and rough data. We show that provided a certain continuous dependence result holds for the quantity of interest,...

Exploring Population Drift on Consumer Credit Behavioral Scoring

Dimitris Nikolaidis, Michael Doumpos, Constantin Zopounidis

Prognosis of Childbirth Trauma

Cynthia Brincat, Christina Lewicky-Gaupp, Dee E. Fenner

Chapter 11 - Optoelectronic Devices from Bacterial NanoCellulose

In recent years, we have been observing a rapid and growing interest concerning the utilization of biological materials for a wide range of applications. One of the most representative example is cellulose, not only as a raw material for pulp and paper...

A note on mass equidistribution of holomorphic Siegel modular forms

Let E ( Z ; s ) denote the Klingen Eisenstein series. In this paper we verify that n 2 + i t ) | F f ( Z ) | 2 ( det ⁡ Y ) k d μ = 0 which is predicted by...

A near-optimal solution to the Gauss–Kuzmin–Lévy problem for θ-expansions

Chakraborty and Rao [3] considered the θ   -expansions of numbers in [0,θ) [ 0 , θ ) , where 0 0 θ 1 . A Wirsing-type approach to the Perron-Frobenius...

The DAPHNE Conceptual Model for Designing a Precipitation Enhancement Project in Thessaly, Greece

Theodore S. Karacostas, I. Pytharoulis, I. Tegoulias, D. Bampzelis, S. Kartsios, Stavros Kotsopoulos, P. Zanis, E. Katragkou, K. Tympanidis

Enhancing Quality of Service in Cloud Gaming System:: An Active Implementation Framework for Enhancing Quality of Service in Multi-Player Cloud Gaming

Balamurugan Balusamy, P. Venkata Krishna, T Aishwarya, M Thusitha, G S Tamizh Arasi, Marimuthu Karuppiah

Chapter 6: The grammarian's dream: lexis as most delicate grammar

How does one's grammar depend on one's conception of language? In systemic functional linguistics, language is viewed as a meaning potential, thus embracing the view, now supported by contemporary theories of the evolution of human consciousness, that...

Perspectives on Salutogenesis of Scholars Writing in Norwegian

Torill Bull, Geir Arild Espnes, Anita Nordsteien, Lidia Santora

Learning Progressions in Geography Education

Osvaldo Muñiz Solari, Michael Solem, Richard G. Boehm

The fifth-order partial differential equation for the description of the α + β Fermi–Pasta–Ulam model

The nonlinear fifth-order PDE for the description of the Fermi–Pasta–Ulam mass chain is considered.

Chapter 2 - Chemical Composition and Structure: Linear Algebra

Given a set of components of known atomic composition, establish which of them are key to determine, together with the element balances, the amounts of all others. Furthermore, find a way of generating all possible reactions involving these components.

Statistics For Business and Economics.

This is the 3rd EMEA edition of Statistics for Business and Economics. It is based on the 2nd EMEA edition and the 11th United States (US) edition. The US editions have a distinguished history and deservedly high reputation for clarity and soundness...

Seeking Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence: recognition, voice and consequences

In recent years, a small number of studies have investigated the use and impact of restorative justice in cases of sexual violence. While initial findings are broadly positive, the studies are constrained by small sample sizes. This chapter contributes...

Space Enterprises in Russia and the Former Soviet Union

Ram S. Jakhu, Joseph N. Pelton, Yaw Otu Mankata Nyampong

Lithuanian Universal Service Provider’s Business Strategy and Problems in Competitiveness

Vaida Pilinkienė, Vilma Deltuvaitė, Asta Daunorienė, Vaidas Gaidelys

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