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How to do things with words

J. L. (John Langshaw) Austin, J. O. Urmson, Marina Sbisà

The Pharmacological basis of therapeutics

Louis S. Goodman, Alfred Gilman

High resolution two-dimensional electrophoresis of proteins.

High resolution two-dimensional electrophoresis of proteins.

Approximation of terrestrial lead isotope evolution by a two-stage model

Parameters on which models for terrestrial lead isotope evolution are based have recently been revised. These parameters are the isotopic composition of troilite lead, the age of the meteorite system and the decay constants of uranium and thorium. As...

Particle Creation by Black Holes

In the classical theory black holes can only absorb and not emit particles. However it is shown that quantum mechanical effects cause black holes to create and emit particles as if they were hot bodies with temperature ~ ~ 10 where ~ is the surface gravity...

The Nature of Human Values

Andrew J. Weigert, Milton Rokeach

A spreading-activation theory of semantic processing

This paper presents a spreading-acti vation theory of human semantic processing, which can be applied to a wide range of recent experimental results. The theory is based on Quillian's theory of semantic memory search and semantic preparation, or priming....

Truth and method

Hans-Georg Gadamer

The language of thought

The language of thought

Methods of modern mathematical physics

Murray K. Reed, Barry Simon

Nelson textbook of pediatrics

Waldo E. Nelson, Victor C. Vaughan, R. James McKay, Richard E. Behrman

The McGill Pain Questionnaire: Major properties and scoring methods

The McGill Pain Questionnaire consists primarily of 3 major classes of word descriptors — sensory, affective and evaluative — that are used by patients to specify subjective pain experience. It also contains an intensity scale and other items to determine...

The Concept of a Linguistic Variable and its Application to Approximate Reasoning-I

By a linguistic variable we mean a variable whose values are words or sentences in a natural or artificial language. I:or example, Age is a linguistic variable if its values are linguistic rather than numerical, i.e., young, not young, very young, quite...

Assessment of outcome after severe brain damage : A practical scale

Persisting disability after brain damage usually comprises both mental and physical handicap. The mental component is often the more important in contributing to overall social disability. Lack of an objective scale leads to vague and over-optimistic...

The psychology of sex differences

Eleanor E. Maccoby, Carol Nagy Jacklin

An endotoxin-induced serum factor that causes necrosis of tumors

Elizabeth A. Carswell, Lloyd J. Old, Robert Kassel, Stephanie J. Green, N Fiore, B Williamson

Multidimensional binary search trees used for associative searching

This paper develops the multidimensional binary search tree (or k-d tree, where k is the dimensionality of the search space) as a data structure for storage of information to be retrieved by associative searches. The k-d tree is defined and examples are...

Adaptive noise cancelling: Principles and applications

This paper describes the concept of adaptive noise cancelling, an alternative method of estimating signals corrupted by additive noise or interference. The method uses a "primary" input containing the corrupted signal and a "reference" input containing...

On the number of segregating sites in genetical models without recombination.

The distribution is obtained for the number of segregating sites observed in a sample from a population which is subject to recurring, new, mutations but not subject to recombination. After allowance is made for the different effective population sizes,...

Family Resemblances: Studies in the Internal Structure of Categories

Six experiments explored the hypothesis that the members of categories which are considered most prototypical are those with most attributes in common with other members of the category and least attributes in common with other categories. In probabilistic...

Linear prediction: A tutorial review

This paper gives an exposition of linear prediction in the analysis of discrete signals. The signal is modeled as a linear combination of its past values and present and past values of a hypothetical input to a system whose output is the given signal....

Methods of quantum field theory in statistical physics

A.A. Abrikosov, L. P. Gor'kov, I. E. Dzyaloshinski, Richard A. Silverman, George H. Weiss

Feedback Systems: Input-Output Properties

Charles A. Desoer, M. Vidyasagar

Depth of Processing and the Retention of Words in Episodic Memory

SUMMARY Ten experiments were designed to explore the levels of processing framework for human memory research proposed by Craik and Lockhart (1972). The basic notions are that the episodic memory trace may be thought of as a rather automatic by-product...

Progress in the development of a Reynolds-stress turbulence closure

The paper develops proposals for a model of turbulence in which the Reynolds stresses are determined from the solution of transport equations for these variables and for the turbulence energy dissipation rate E. Particular attention is given to the approximation...

Group techniques for program planning : a guide to nominal group and Delphi processes

Andre L. Delbecq, Andrew H. Van de Ven, David H. Gustafson

Report of three cases

SummaryPulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP), in addition to acute generalized histoplasmosis, was found at autopsy of three adult males, 23, 51, and 52 years of age. All three patients became ill in the same region of Venezuela, south of Lake Maracaibo,...

Public and Private Self-Consciousness: Assessment and Theory

A scale was constructed to assess individual differences in self-consciou sness. Norms and test-retest reliability are presented. Factor analysis of the scale revealed that self-consciousness has three components: public, private, and social anxiety....

Asymptotics and Special Functions

Asymptotics and Special Functions

Intracellular Aspects of the Process of Protein Synthesis

The title of the Nobel Lecture of George Palade (1 August, p. 347) should have been "Intracellular aspects of the process of protein secretion."

A dynamic model of process and product innovation

This article reports results from empirical tests of relationships between the pattern of innovation within a firm and certain of the firm's characteristics: the stage of development of its production process and its chosen basis of competition. The hypothesized...

The Mythical Man-Month

The book, The Mythical Man-Month, Addison-Wesley, 1975 (excerpted in Datamation, December 1974), gathers some of the published data about software engineering and mixes it with the assertion of a lot of personal opinions. In this presentation, the author...

Solubilization of membranes by detergents

This review focuses on work that deals with the mechanisms of detergent action in membrane solubilization including properties of detergents model lipid systems and detergent-protein interactions; in addition a possible sequence of events when detergents...

A framework for representing knowledge

Briefly describes frame systems as a formalism for representing knowledge and then concentrates on the issue of what the content of knowledge should be in specific domains. Argues that vision should be viewed symbolically with an emphasis on forming expectations...

Efficient string matching: an aid to bibliographic search

This paper describes a simple, efficient algorithm to locate all occurrences of any of a finite number of keywords in a string of text. The algorithm consists of constructing a finite state pattern matching machine from the keywords and then using the...

Open, Closed, and Mixed Networks of Queues with Different Classes of Customers

The joint equihbrmm distribution of queue sizes in a network of queues containing N service centers and R classes of customers m derived The equilibrium state probabillUes have the general form P(S) = Cd(S) fl(xl)f2(x2) . fN(x~), where S is the state...

The electrical properties of polycrystalline silicon films

Boron doses of 1×1012–5×1015/cm2 were implanted at 60 keV into 1‐μm‐thick polysilicon films. After annealing at 1100 °C for 30 min, Hall and resistivity measurements were made over a temperature range −50–250 °C. It was found that as...


Empirical relations involving seismic moment Mo, magnitude Ms, energy Es and fault dimension L (or area S) are discussed on the basis of an extensive set of earthquake data (M s >= 6) and simple crack and dynamic dislocation models. The relation between...

The relaxation response.

Benson H, John F. Beary, Mark P. Carol

A protein factor essential for microtubule assembly

A heat stable protein essentail for microtubule assembly has been isolated. This protein, which we designate tau (tau), is present in association with tubulin purified from porcine brain by repeated cycles of polymerization. Tau is separated from tubulin...

Reexamination of the perfectness concept for equilibrium points in extensive games

The concept of a perfect equilibrium point has been introduced in order to exclude the possibility that disequilibrium behavior is prescribed on unreached subgames. (Selten 1965 and 1973). Unfortunately this definition of perfectness does not remove all...

Amphetamine and apomorphine responses in the rat following 6-OHDA lesions of the nucleus accumbens septi and corpus striatum

Eight μg of 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) injected bilaterally into the nucleus accumbens septi (NAS) or the caudate nucleus of the rat resulted in 79% and 50% depletion of endogenous dopamine (DA) at these respective sites. Fourteen days after the injection...

Wall stress and patterns of hypertrophy in the human left ventricle.

A B S T R A C T It is generally recognized that chronic left ventricular (LV) pressure overload results primarily in wall thickening and concentric hypertrophy, while chronic LV volume overload is characterized by chamber enlargement and an eccentric...

On data-limited and resource-limited processes ☆

This paper analyzes the effect on performance when several active processes compete for limited processing resources. The principles discussed show that conclusions about the interactions among psychological processes must be made with caution, and some...

Two varieties of long-latency positive waves evoked by unpredictable auditory stimuli in man.

Two distinct late-positive components of the scalp-recorded auditory evoked potential were identified which differed in their latency, scalp topography and psychological correlates. The earlier component, called “P 3a ” (latency about 240 msec), was...

Packet Switching in Radio Channels: Part I--Carrier Sense Multiple-Access Modes and Their Throughput-Delay Characteristics

Radio communication is considered as a method for providing remote terminal access to computers. Digital byte streams from each terminal are partitioned into packets (blocks) and transmitted in a burst mode over a shared radio channel. When many terminals...

The protection of information in computer systems

This tutorial paper explores the mechanics of protecting computer-stored information from unauthorized use or modification. It concentrates on those architectural structures-whether hardware or software-that are necessary to support information protection....

Hydrology for engineers

Ray K. Linsley, Max Adam Kohler, Joseph Louis Hornore Paulhus

Rapid Isolation of Antigens from Cells with A Staphylococcal Protein A-Antibody Adsorbent: Parameters of the Interaction of Antibody-Antigen Complexes with Protein A

Rapid Isolation of Antigens from Cells with A Staphylococcal Protein A-Antibody Adsorbent: Parameters of the Interaction of Antibody-Antigen Complexes with Protein A

Metal chelate affinity chromatography, a new approach to protein fractionation

Jerker Porath, Jan Carlsson, Ingmar Olsson, Greta Belfrage

The Logic of Quantum Mechanics

Garrett Birkhoff, John von Neumann

Comparison of the predicted and observed secondary structure of T4 phage lysozyme

Predictions of the secondary structure of T4 phage lysozyme, made by a number of investigators on the basis of the amino acid sequence, are compared with the structure of the protein determined experimentally by X-ray crystallography.Within the amino...

Solvable Model of a Spin-Glass

David Sherrington, Scott Kirkpatrick

A New Approach to Manipulator Control: The Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller (CMAC)

A New Approach to Manipulator Control: The Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller (CMAC)

Sums of independent random variables

D. V. Gokhale, V. V. Petrov

Posterior parietal association cortex of the monkey: command functions for operations within extrapersonal space

Experiments were made on the posterior parietal association cortical areas 5 and in 17 hemispheres of 11 monkeys, 6 M. mulatta and 5 M. arctoides. The electrical signs of the activity of single cortical cells were recorded with microelectrodes in waking...


SUMMARY Tms PAPER investigates the hypothesis that localization of deformation into a shear band may be considered a result of an instability in the constitutive description of homogeneous deformation. General conditions for a bifurcation, corresponding...

The psychology of computer vision

Patrick H. Winston, Berthold K. P. Horn


The body cholesterol pool increases with decreasing plasma-high-density- lipoprotein (H.D.L.), but is unrelated to the plasma concentrations of total cholesterol and other lipoproteins. This finding supports existing evidence that H.D.L. facilitates the...

Paleomagnetism of Miocene Volcanic Rocks of Guam and the Curvature of the Southern Mariana Island Arc JAPAN–UNITED STATES PALEOMAGNETISM PROJECT IN MICRONESIA

E. E. Larson, R. L. Reynolds, Minoru Ozima, Y. Aoki, Hiroshi Kinoshita, S. Zasshu, N. Kawai, T. Nakajima, Kimio Hirooka, Ronald T. Merrill, Levi S

Coulomb gap and low temperature conductivity of disordered systems

The Coulomb interaction between localized electrons is shown to create a 'soft' gap in the density of states near the Fermi level. The new temperature dependence of the hopping DC conductivity is the most important manifestation of the gap. The form of...

Word Length and the Structure of Short-Term Memory.

Alan Baddeley, N. R. Thomson, Mary Buchanan

System structure for software fault tolerance

The paper presents, and discusses the rationale behind, a method for structuring complex computing systems by the use of what we term “recovery blocks”, “conversations” and “fault-tolerant interfaces”. The aim is to facilitate the provision...

Masses and Other Parameters of the Light Hadrons

Thomas A. DeGrand, K. Johnson, Joe Kiskis, R.L. Jaffe

Guarded commands, nondeterminacy and formal derivation of programs

So-called “guarded commands” are introduced as a building block for alternative and repetitive constructs that allow nondeterministic program components for which at least the activity evoked, but possibly even the final state, is not necessarily...

Rapid colorimetric determination of nitrate in plant tissue by nitration of salicylic acid [Maize, oats].

An analysis is described for the rapid determination of nitrate‐N in plant extracts. The complex formed by nitration of salicylic acid under highly acidic conditions absorbs maximally at 410 nm in basic (pH>12) solutions. Absorbance of the chromophore...

The estimation of the gradient of a density function, with applications in pattern recognition

Nonparametric density gradient estimation using a generalized kernel approach is investigated. Conditions on the kernel functions are derived to guarantee asymptotic unbiasedness, consistency, and uniform consistency of the estimates. The results are...

Binding energies in atomic negative ions

This article updates a ten‐year‐old review of this subject [J. Chem. Phys. Ref. Data 4, 539 (1975)]. A survey of the electron affinity determinations for the elements up to Z=85 is presented, and based upon these data, a set of recommended electron...

Statistical Inference under Order Restrictions

J. D. Kalbfleisch, R. E. Barlow, J. M. Bremner, H. D. Brunk

Strategy-proofness and Arrow's conditions: Existence and correspondence theorems for voting procedures and social welfare functions

Consider a committee which must select one alternative from a set of three or more alternatives. Committee members each cast a ballot which the voting procedure counts. The voting procedure is strategy-proof if it always induces every committee member...

Soil fertility and fertilizers.

Samuel L. Tisdale, W. L. Nelson

A primer of multivariate statistics

A primer of multivariate statistics

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