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The order of things : an archaeology of the human sciences

The order of things : an archaeology of the human sciences

Manual for the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory

The STAI serves as an indicator of two types of anxiety, the state and trait anxiety, and measure the severity of the overall anxiety level.The STAI, which is appropriate for those who have at least a sixth grade reading level, contains four-point Likert...

Harrison's Principles of internal medicine

Harrison, Tinsley Randolph, Fauci, Anthony S.

The Market for “Lemons”: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism

I. Introduction, 488. — II. The model with automobiles as an example, 489. — III. Examples and applications, 492. — IV. Counteracting institutions, 499. — V. Conclusion, 500.

A general method applicable to the search for similarities in the amino acid sequence of two proteins.

A computer adaptable method for finding similarities in the amino acid sequences of two proteins has been developed. From these findings it is possible to determine whether significant homology exists between the proteins. This information is used to...

A relational model of data for large shared data banks

Future users of large data banks must be protected from having to know how the data is organized in the machine (the internal representation). A prompting service which supplies such information is not a satisfactory solution. Activities of users at terminals...

The German Ideology

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, S. Ryazanskaya

Decision Making in a Fuzzy Environment

By decision-making in a fuzzy environment is meant a decision process in which the goals and/or the constraints, but not necessarily the system under control, are fuzzy in nature. This means that the goals and/or the constraints constitute classes of...

Gaussian‐Type Functions for Polyatomic Systems. III

The use of a linear combination of Gaussian‐type orbitals (CGTO), instead of an individual Gaussian‐type orbital (GTO), as a unit of basis functions for large‐scale molecular calculations, is discussed. A systematic construction of the CGTO basis...

Gaussian Basis Functions for Use in Molecular Calculations. III. Contraction of (10s6p) Atomic Basis Sets for the First-Row Atoms

The contraction of Gaussian basis functions for use in molecular calculations is investigated by considering the effects of contraction on the energies and one‐electron properties of the water and nitrogen molecules. The emphasis is on obtaining principles...

On the Measurement of Inequality

Measures of inequality are used by economists to answer a wide range of questions. Is the distribution of income more equal than it was in the past? Are underdeveloped countries characterised by greater inequality than advanced countries ? Do taxes lead...

Space/time trade-offs in hash coding with allowable errors

In this paper trade-offs among certain computational factors in hash coding are analyzed. The paradigm problem considered is that of testing a series of messages one-by-one for membership in a given set of messages. Two new hash-coding methods are examined...

Migration, Unemployment & Development: A Two-Sector Analysis

This study examines why rural-urban labor migration persists and is even increasing in many developing nations despite the existence of positive marginal products in agriculture and significant levels of urban unemployment. Conventional economic models...

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty

Albert O. Hirschman

Textbook of work physiology

Per-Olof Åstrand, Kåre Rodahl

The systematic identification of flavonoids.

Tom J. Mabry, K. R. Markham, M. B. Thomas

Ferrozine-A New Spectrophotometric Reagent for Iron

Ferrozine-A New Spectrophotometric Reagent for Iron

Increasing risk: I. A definition

This chapter discusses the problem of defining an increase in risk in a way that can be used for economic purposes. Comparisons of riskiness or uncertainty are commonly restricted to comparisons of variance, largely because of the long history of the...

A Hand Book Of Chemistry And Physics

Rao, C. N. R., Ed., George , M. V., Ed., Narasimhan, P. T., Ed., Mahanty, J., Ed.

Current injection in solids

Murray A. Lampert, Mark Pm

Determining Sample Size for Research Activities

Robert V. Krejcie, Daryle W. Morgan

Relativistic Calculation of Anomalous Scattering Factors for X Rays

Anomalous scattering factors Δf′ and Δf″ have been calculated relativistically for Cr, Fe, Cu,Mo, and Ag Kα radiations for the atoms Li through Cf. An interpolation scheme for other wavelengths is included in a separate report. Relativistic calculations...

Tectonic stress and the spectra of seismic shear waves from earthquakes

Tectonic stress and the spectra of seismic shear waves from earthquakes



Criticism and the growth of knowledge

Imre Lakatos, Alan Musgrave

Non-symmetrical dielectric relaxation behaviour arising from a simple empirical decay function

The empirical dielectric decay function γ(t)= exp –(t/τ0)β may be transformed analytically to give the frequency dependent complex dielectric constant if β is chosen to be 0.50. The resulting dielectric constant and dielectric loss...

Gaussian Basis Set for Molecular Wavefunctions Containing Third‐Row Atoms

A Gaussian basis set consisting of 14s‐type, 9p‐type, and 5d‐type functions has been optimized for the third‐row atoms up to Zn. Energy values are reported for different contractions of this basis set.

The ecology of running waters

The ecology of running waters

Olivine-liquid equilibrium

P. L. Roeder, Ronald F. Emslie

Calcium-dependent bacteriophage DNA infection

Escherichia coli cells of strain K12 and C can be made competent to take up temperate phage DNA without the use of “helper phage”. This competence is dependent on the presence of calcium ions and is effective for both linear and circular DNA molecules.

Theory of cost and production functions

Graham Pyatt, R. W. Shephard

The Optimum Quantity of Money

Jerome L. Stein, Milton Friedman

Harmonic analysis of operators on Hilbert space

Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy, Ciprian Foias

Observations on the brains of demented old people

The pathological findings in the brains of 28 old people, established by careful examination shortly before death as being free of evidence of dementia, are reported. Brain weights and ventricular size were not greatly different from those reported in...

Plasminogen: purification from human plasma by affinity chromatography.

Plasminogen was prepared from human plasma by affinity chromatography on L- lysine-substituted Sepharose. Thirty milligrams of plasminogen, with a specific activity of 100 caseinolytic units (Committee on Thrombolytic Agents) per milligram of nitrogen,...

Habituation: a dual-process theory.

Philip M. Groves, Richard F. Thompson

Quantitative recording of rotational behavior in rats after 6-hydroxy-dopamine lesions of the nigrostriatal dopamine system

Several studies show that unilateral increase or decrease of the activity in the nigrostriatal dopamine system will cause an asymmetry in the movements and posture of animals. The symptoms may range from unilateral hypokinesia to vigorous rotation towards...

Conditioning of quasi-Newton methods for function minimization

Quasi-Newton methods accelerate the steepest-descent technique for function minimization by using computational history to generate a sequence of approximations to the inverse of the Hessian matrix. This paper presents a class of approximating matrices...


S. C. Crow, F. H. Champagne

THE ALOHA SYSTEM: another alternative for computer communications

In September 1968 the University of Hawaii began work on a research program to investigate the use of radio communications for computer-computer and console-computer links. In this report we describe a remote-access computer system---THE ALOHA SYSTEM---under...

Superlattice and negative differential conductivity in semiconductors

We consider a one-dimensional periodic potential, or "superlattice," in monocrystalline semiconductors formbeyd a periodic variation of alloy composition or of impurity density introduced during epitaxial growth. If the period of a superlattice, of the...

An efficient context-free parsing algorithm

A parsing algorithm which seems to be the most efficient general context-free algorithm known is described. It is similar to both Knuth's LR(k) algorithm and the familiar top-down algorithm. It has a time bound proportional to n3 (where n is the length...


In recent years there have been several hundred studies within the rather narrowly-defined topic of information utilization in judgment and decision making. Much of this work has been accomplished within two basic schools of research, which we have labeled...

The Logic of Comparative Social Inquiry

Adam Przeworski, Henry Teune

Seasonal Changes in Oak Leaf Tannins and Nutrients as a Cause of Spring Feeding by Winter Moth Caterpillars

Concentration in the spring of feeding by caterpillars of the winter moth, Operophtera brumata L., and other species of Lepidoptera on oak trees in England is believed to be related to seasonal changes in the texture and chemical composition of the leaves....

Polypeptide with Broad Biological Activity: Isolation from Small Intestine

A polypeptide, which has potent and diverse biological action—including systemic vasodilation, hypotension, increased cardiac output, respiratory stimulation, and hyperglycemia—was isolated from the small intestine of the hog. The peptide has 28 amino...

A Theory of Self- Nonself Discrimination.

1) Induction of humoral antibody formation involves the obligatory recognition of two determinants on an antigen, one by the receptor antibody of the antigen-sensitive cell and the other by carrier antibody (associative interaction).2) Paralysis of antibody...


Experiments onsingle, multiple, andconcurrent schedules ofreinforcement findvarious correlations between therateofresponding andtherateormagnitude ofreinforcement. Forconcurrent schedules (i.e., simultaneous choice procedures), there ismatching between...

Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

In this article Crick explained how his theory regarding the flow of genetic information in the cell, which he had introduced in 1957 as the "Central dogma" of molecular biology, was well able to accommodate recent findings by Howard Temin and David...

Species-specific defense reactions and avoidance learning

The prevailing theories of avoidance learning and the procedures that are usually used to study it seem to be totally out of touch with what is known about how animals defend themselves in nature. This paper suggests some alternative concepts, starting...

Implications of Plate Tectonics for the Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution of Western North America

Magnetic anomaly patterns in the northeast Pacific Ocean combined with plate theory indicate that a trench existed offshore from western North America during mid-Tertiary time and that the present episode of strike-slip motion in the San Andreas fault...

Initiation of slime mold aggregation viewed as an instability.

The chemotactic interaction of amoebae, as mediated by acrasin, is evidenced in a variety of ways, the most dramatic of which is aggregation. In this paper we present a mathematical formulation of the general interaction, and provide a detailed analysis...


G.I. Bell, Samuel Glasstone

Selection and Covariance

Selection and Covariance

On the generality of the laws of learning

That all events are equally associable and obey common laws is a central assumption of general process learning theory. A continuum of preparedness is denned which holds that organisms are prepared to associate certain events, unprepared for some, and...

Combination chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced Hodgkin's disease.

Vincent T. DeVita, Arthur A. Serpick, Paul P. Carbone

The solubility of nitrogen, oxygen and argon in water and seawater

Recent precise data on the solubilities of nitrogen, oxygen and argon in distilled water and seawater are fitted to thermodynamically consistent equations by the method of least squares. The temperature dependence of the Bunsen solubility coefficient...

Textbook of endocrinology

Robert Hardin Williams

Cryobiology: The Freezing of Biological Systems

Cryobiology: The Freezing of Biological Systems

Carmichael's manual of child psychology

Leonard Carmichael, Paul Henry Mussen

Mechanisms Controlling World Water Chemistry

On the basis of analytical chemical data for numerous rain, river, lake, and ocean samples, the three major mechanisms controlling world surface water chemistry can be defined as atmospheric precipitation, rock dominance, and the evaporation-crystallization...

Pedagogia do oprimido

Pedagogia do oprimido

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