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A low-viscosity epoxy resin embedding medium for electron microscopy.

A low-viscosity embedding medium based on ERL-4206 is recommended for use in electron microscopy. The composition is: ERL-4206 (vinyl cyclo-hexene dioxide) 10g, D.E.R. 736 (diglycidyl ether of polypropylene glycol) 6 g, NSA (nonenyl succinic anhydride)...

Investigating Causal Relations by Econometric Models and Cross-Spectral Methods

There occurs on some occasions a difficulty in deciding the direction of causality between two related variables and also whether or not feedback is occurring. Testable definitions of causality and feedback are proposed and illustrated by use of simple...

Enzymic method for quantitative determination of nanogram amounts of total and oxidized glutathione: Applications to mammalian blood and other tissues

A method for the analysis of nanogram quantities of glutathione has been developed which is based on the catalytic action of GSH or GSSG in the reduction of Ellman reagent (DTNB) by a mixture of TPNH and yeast glutathione reductase. Unlike previous methods...

Introduction to statistical analysis

W. J. Dixon, Frank J. Massey

Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas.

Josephine Wtulich, Clifford R. Shaw, Henry D. McKay

A Ladder of Citizen Participation

The heated controversy over “citizen participation,” “citizen control”, and “maximum feasible involvement of the poor,” has been waged largely in terms of exacerbated rhetoric and misleading euphemisms. To encourage a more enlightened dialogue,...

An axiomatic basis for computer programming

In this paper an attempt is made to explore the logical foundations of computer programming by use of techniques which were first applied in the study of geometry and have later been extended to other branches of mathematics. This involves the elucidation...

High-resolution frequency-wavenumber spectrum analysis

The output of an array of sansors is considered to be a homogeneous random field. In this case there is a spectral representation for this field, similar to that for stationary random processes, which consists of a superposition of traveling waves. The...

Estimation of the surface free energy of polymers

A method for measuring the surface energy of solids and for resolving the surface energy into contributions from dispersion and dipole-hydrogen bonding forces has been developed. It is based on the measurement of contact angles with water and methylene...

Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics

J. C. Jaeger, N.G.W. Cook

The psychology of the child

Jean Piaget, Bärbel Inhelder, Helen Weaver

Equation of State for Nonattracting Rigid Spheres

A new equation of state for rigid spheres has been developed from an analysis of the reduced virial series. Comparisons with existing equations show that the new formula possesses superior ability to describe rigid‐sphere behavior.

The Adjustment of Stock Prices to New Information

There is an impressive body of empirical evidence which indicates that successive price changes in individual common stocks are very nearly independent. Recent papers by Mandelbrot and Samuelson show rigorously that independence of successive price changes...

A permanent change in brain function resulting from daily electrical stimulation

Brief bursts of nonpolarizing electrical brain stimulation were presented once each day at constant intensity. At first the stimulation had little effect on behavior and did not cause electrographic afterdischarge. With repetition the response to stimulation...

Self‐Consistent Molecular‐Orbital Methods. I. Use of Gaussian Expansions of Slater‐Type Atomic Orbitals

Least‐squares representations of Slater‐type atomic orbitals as a sum of Gaussian‐type orbitals are presented. These have the special feature that common Gaussian exponents are shared between Slater‐type 2s and 2p functions. Use of these atomic...

A complementation analysis of the restriction and modification of DNA in Escherichia coli

A complementation analysis of host-controlled modification and restriction of DNA by Escherichia coli has been carried out by examining the restriction and modification phenotypes of partial, permanent diploids containing various arrangements of wild...

Traumatic Arthritis of the Hip after Dislocation and Acetabular Fractures: Treatment by Mold Arthroplasty

An end-result analysis is presented of thirty-nine mold arthroplasties performed at the Massachusetts General Hospital between 1945 and 1965 in thirty-eight consecutive private patients for arthritis of the hip following fractures of the acetabulum or...

Methods in microbiology.

J. R. Norris, D W Ribbons

Applied numerical methods

Brice Carnahan, H. A. Luther, James O. Wilkes

Metabolic stability and epigenesis in randomly constructed genetic nets

Proto-organisms probably were randomly aggregated nets of chemical reactions. The hypothesis that contemporary organisms are also randomly constructed molecular automata is examined by modeling the gene as a binary (on-off) device and studying the behavior...

The discovery of processing stages: Extensions of Donders' method

A new method is proposed for using reaction-time (RT) measurements to study stages of information processing. It overcomes limitations of Donders' and more recent methods, and permits the discovery of stages, assessment of their properties, and separate...

The Adjustment of Stock Prices to New Information

Eugene F. Fama, Lawrence Fisher, Michael C. Jensen, Richard Roll

A Nonlinear Mapping for Data Structure Analysis

An algorithm for the analysis of multivariate data is presented along with some experimental results. The algorithm is based upon a point mapping of N L-dimensional vectors from the L-space to a lower-dimensional space such that the inherent data "structure"...


SUMMARY 1.Adetailed theory ofcerebellar cortex isproposed whoseconsequence isthatthecerebellum learns toperform motorskills. Twoformsofinputoutput relation aredescribed, bothconsistent withthecortical theory. One issuitable forlearning movements (actions),...

Very high-energy collisions of hadrons

Very high-energy collisions of hadrons

Oxygen isotope fractionation in divalent metal carbonates

Equilibrium fractionation factors for the distribution of 18O between alkaline‐earth carbonates and water have been measured over the temperature range 0–500°C. The fractionation factors α can be represented by the equations CaCO...

Some Demographic and Genetic Consequences of Environmental Heterogeneity for Biological Control

Economically important pests usually attack a crop or group of crops over a wide region in which there are geographic, local, and temporal variations in the environment. Effectiveness of any control program will therefore depend on the different responses...

Platinum compounds: a new class of potent antitumour agents.

Barnett Rosenberg, Loretta Vancamp, James E. Trosko

Retrieval time from semantic memory

Allan Collins, M. Ross Quillian

Broadening the concept of marketing.

Marketing in business is the task of finding and stimulating buyers for a firmss output. Product development pricing distribution and communication are the mainstays of marketing while progressive firms also develop new products and chart the trends...

Proposed experiment to test local hidden-variable theories

J.F. Clauser, Michael A. Horne, Abner Shimony, Richard A. Holt

Limiting Laws and Counterion Condensation in Polyelectrolyte Solutions I. Colligative Properties

Formulas are derived for the osmotic coefficient, the Donnan salt‐exclusion factor, and the mobile‐ion activity coefficients in a polyelectrolyte solution with or without added sample salt. The formulas, which contain no adjustable parameters, are...

The Combination of Forecasts

Two separate sets of forecasts of airline passenger data have been combined to form a composite set of forecasts. The main conclusion is that the composite set of forecasts can yield lower mean-square error than either of the original forecasts. Past...

The Conservation of Orbital Symmetry

R. B. Woodward, Roald Hoffmann

A New Method for the Extraction of R Lipopolysaccharides

Chris Galanos, Otto Lüderitz, Otto Westphal

Formal languages and their relation to automata

From the Preface (See Front Matter for full Preface)The study of formal languages constitutes an important subarea of computer science. This area sprang to life around 1956 when Noam Chomsky gave a mathematical model of a grammar in connection with his...

The value of postural reduction in the initial management of closed injuries of the spine with paraplegia and tetraplegia

H. Frankel, D. O. Hancock, G Hyslop, J Melzak, L.S. Michaelis, G. Ungar, Vernon J, J. J. Walsh

Numerical methods for partial differential equations

Numerical methods for partial differential equations

Shift-register synthesis and BCH decoding

It is shown in this paper that the iterative algorithm introduced by Berlekamp for decoding BCH codes actually provides a general solution to the problem of synthesizing the shortest linear feedback shift register capable of generating a prescribed finite...

Strategy and structure : chapters in the history of the American industrial enterprise

This book shows how the seventy largest corporations in America have dealt with a single economic problem: the effective administration of an expanding business. The author summarizes the history of the expansion of the nation's largest industries during...

Financial structure and development

Financial structure and development

Lifetime Portfolio Selection By Dynamic Stochastic Programming

This chapter reviews the optimal consumption-investment problem for an investor whose utility for consumption over time is a discounted sum of single-period utilities, with the latter being constant over time and exhibiting constant relative risk aversion...

Sound Generation by Turbulence and Surfaces in Arbitrary Motion

The Lighthill-Curle theory of aerodynamic sound is extended to include arbitrary convective motion. The Kirchhoff description of a homogeneous wave field in terms of surface boundary conditions is also generalized to surfaces in arbitrary motion. The...

Gene regulation for higher cells: a theory.

Roy J. Britten, Eric H. Davidson

Analysis of Categorical Data by Linear Models

James E. Grizzle, C. Frank Starmer, Gary G. Koch

Hippocampal electrical activity and voluntary movement in the rat.

Stainless steel macro-electrodes were chronically implanted in 24 adult male hooded rats. EEG recordings were taken from the hippocampal formation, diencephalon and neocortex and were correlated with observations of spontaneous or conditioned behavior....

Toward a Theory of Minority Group Relations.

Edgar F. Borgatta, Hubert M. Blalock

Stereological Principles for Morphometry in Electron Microscopic Cytology

This chapter focuses on the stereological principles for morphometry in electron microscopic cytology. Morphometry of the cell serves the purpose of furnishing quantitative information on cellular fine structure with the aim of allowing quantitative correlation...

Step Motion on Crystal Surfaces. II

It is postulated that steps on crystal surfaces capture atoms diffusing on the surface with certain probabilities and, in addition, that the capture probability depends on the direction from which adsorbed atoms approach the step. A general solution for...

A general approach to confirmatory maximum likelihood factor analysis

A general approach to confirmatory maximum likelihood factor analysis

Reforms as experiments.

Donald T. Campbell

A Model for Labor Migration and Urban Unemployment in Less Developed Countries

An economic behavioral model of rural urban migration is formulated which represents a realistic modification and extension of the simple wage differential approach commonly found in the literature and this probablistic approach is incorporated into a...

Brain lesions, obesity, and other disturbances in mice treated with monosodium glutamate.

In newborn mice subcutaneous injectionis of monosodium glutamate induced acute neuronal necrosis in several regions of developing brain including the hypothanamus. As adults, treated animals showed stunted skeletal development, marked obesity, and female...

Autoradiographic and histological studies of postnatal neurogenesis. IV. Cell proliferation and migration in the anterior forebrain, with special reference to persisting neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb.

The properties and fate of the cells of the subependymal layer of the anterior lateral ventricle and its rostral extension into the olfactory bulb were exam­ ined. In one experiment, histological analysis was made of this structure in a large group of...

Large-signal analysis of a silicon Read diode oscillator

This paper presents theoretical calculations of the large-signal admittance and efficiency achievable in a silicon p-n-v-ns Read IMPATT diode. A simplified theory is employed to obtain a starting design. This design is then modified to achieve higher...



The Cross-linking of Proteins with Glutaraldehyde and its use for the preparation of immunoadsorbents

Insoluble antigen and antibody derivatives were obtained or antibody. Evidence has been obtained to show that was added to solutions of antigen or antibody. Evidence has been obtained to show that the protein molecules were cross-linked covalently to...

Fowler‐Nordheim Tunneling into Thermally Grown SiO2

Electronic conduction in thermally grown SiO2 has been shown to be limited by Fowler‐Nordheim emission, i.e., tunneling of electrons from the vicinity of the electrodeFermi level through the forbidden energy gap into the conduction band of the oxide....

The Roll-Tube Method for Cultivation of Strict Anaerobes

Habitats devoid of oxygen include the interior of the alimentary tracts of most mammals, the lower portions of many oligotrophic lakes, the sediment underlying bodies of water, and water logged soils. Water, the continuous phase in all these habitats,...

Concepts of Synchronous Machine Stability as Affected by Excitation Control

The phenomena of stability of synchronous machines under small perturbations is explored by examining the case of a single machine connected to an infinite bus through external reactance.

How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement

Arthur Jensen argues that the failure of recent compensatory education efforts to produce lasting effects on children's IQ and achievement suggests that the premises on which these efforts have been based should be reexamined.

Haploid Plants from Pollen Grains

A method is presented by which hundreds of haploid plants of various species of Nicotiana can be raised from pollen grains. Stamens should be excised when pollen grains have been individualized, but are still uninucleate and free of starch. When grown...

Laboratory techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology

T. S.(Thomas Spence) Work, Elizabeth Work


Hyun Wha Kim, Jose G. Canchola, Carl D. Brandt, Gloria Pyles, Robert M. Chanock

Non-Darwinian Evolution

Jack Lester King, Thomas H. Jukes

Fundamentals of momentum, heat, and mass transfer

James R. Welty, Charles E. Wicks, R. E. Wilson

Study of solid electrolyte polarization by a complex admittance method

The polarization behavior of zirconia-yttria solid electrolyte specimens with platinum electrodes has been studied over a temperature range of 400° to 800°C and a wide range of oxygen partial pressures. The complex admittance of these specimens was...

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