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Noam Chomsky, Morris Halle

Solvent content of protein crystals.

An analysis has been made, from the data which are currently available, of the solvent content of 116 different crystal forms of globular proteins. The fraction of the crystal volume occupied by solvent is most commonly near 43 %, but has been observed...

Identity, youth, and crisis

Erik Homburger Erikson

The modern corporation and private property

Adolf A. Berle, Gardiner C. Means

Educational psychology : a cognitive view

David P. Ausubel, Joseph D. Novak, Helen Hanesian

Statistical Theories of Mental Test Scores

Frederic M. Lord, Melvin R. Novick, Allan Birnbaum

Human memory ; A proposed system and its control processes

This chapter presents a general theoretical framework of human memory and describes the results of a number of experiments designed to test specific models that can be derived from the overall theory. This general theoretical framework categorizes the...

A Formal Basis for the Heuristic Determination of Minimum Cost Paths

Although the problem of determining the minimum cost path through a graph arises naturally in a number of interesting applications, there has been no underlying theory to guide the development of efficient search procedures. Moreover, there is no adequate...

A Powder Technique for the Evaluation of Nonlinear Optical Materials

An experimental technique using powders is described which permits the rapid classification of materials according to (a) magnitude of nonlinear optical coefficients relative to a crystalline quartz standard and (b) existence or absence of phase matching...

Psychotherapy by reciprocal inhibition

Reciprocal inhibition is a process of relearning whereby in the presence of a stimulus a non-anxiety-producing response is continually repeated until it extinguishes the old, undesirable response. A variety of the techniques based on reciprocal inhibition,...

Attitudinal effects of mere exposure

Attitudinal effects of mere exposure

Numerical Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations

A finite-difference method for solving the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations for an incompressible fluid is introduced. This method uses the primitive variables, i.e. the velocities and the pressure, and is equally applicable to problems in two and...

The American occupational structure

Peter M. Blau, Otis Dudley Duncan

Cardiovascular survey methods.

Gerry Rose, Henry Blackburn

The Association Between Quantitative Measures of Dementia and of Senile Change in the Cerebral Grey Matter of Elderly Subjects

1. The association between plaque counts in sections of cerebral cortex and measures of intellectual and personality functioning undertaken in elderly subjects during life has been studied.2. There was no evidence that degenerative changes had contributed...

Conformation of polypeptides and proteins

This chapter deals with the recent developments regarding the description and nature of the conformation of proteins and polypeptides with special reference to the stereochemical aspects of the problem. This chapter considers the parameters that are required...

Application of fourier analysis to the visibility of gratings

SUMMARY 1.Thecontrast thresholds ofavariety ofgrating patterns havebeen measured overawiderangeofspatial frequencies. 2.Contrast thresholds forthedetection ofgratings whoseluminance profiles aresine, square, rectangular orsaw-tooth wavescanbesimply related...

Concreteness, imagery, and meaningfulness values for 925 nouns.

Allan Paivio, John C. Yuille, Stephen A. Madigan

Diseases of poultry.

Describes symptoms, treatments, and prevention methods for numerous diseases and parasites afflicting poultry.

A semi‐empirical method of absorption correction

A. C. T. North, D. C. Phillips, F. S. Mathews

A textbook of histology

Alexander A. Maximow, William Bloom


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A two-dimensional interpolation function for irregularly-spaced data

In many fields using empirical areal data there arises a need for interpolating from irregularly-spaced data to produce a continuous surface. These irregularly-spaced locations, hence referred to as “data points,” may have diverse meanings: in meterology,...

A Statistical Theory of Mobile‐Radio Reception

The statistical characteristics of the fields and signals in the reception of radio frequencies by a moving vehicle are deduced from a scattering propagation model. The model assumes that the field incident on the receiver antenna is composed of randomly...

The plasma lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase reaction

Evidence for the existence of a plasma lecithin : cholesterol acyltransferase is reviewed with emphasis not only on the lipid reactants, but also on the lipoprotein "substrates" and "products." The cholesteryl esters of all major lipoprotein classes become...

Approximating discrete probability distributions with dependence trees

A method is presented to approximate optimally an n -dimensional discrete probability distribution by a product of second-order distributions, or the distribution of the first-order tree dependence. The problem is to find an optimum set of n - 1 first...

Electronic Energy Levels in the Trivalent Lanthanide Aquo Ions. I. Pr3+, Nd3+, Pm3+, Sm3+, Dy3+, Ho3+, Er3+, and Tm3+

The free‐ion energy‐level schemes of the Pr3+, Nd3+, Pm3+, Sm3+, Dy3+, Ho3+, Er3+, and Tm3+ aquo ions have been determined from their absorption spectra in dilute acid solution at 25°. Energy‐level assignments were made by comparison with crystal...

Introduction to dislocations

Derek Hull, D.J. Bacon

Cours de linguistique générale

Ferdinand de Saussure, Charles Bally, Albert Séchehaye, Albert Riedlinger, Tullio De Mauro


John G. Parsons, Jarnagin, J.L.Colgrove, G.S., Prodolliet, J.Bugner, E.Feinberg, M., Apostolopoulos, D.Gilbert, S.G., Silwar, R.Lullmann, C., Kung, J.T.Ryder, W.S.Feldmann, J.R., John Roboz, Nurok, D.Anderson, J.W.Zlatkis, A., Heftmann, E.Schwimmer, S., Harpaz, N.Flowers, H.M.Sharon, N., Rees, D.I.Theaker, P.D., Adomako, D.Owusu, G.K., Hurst, W.J.Martin Junior, R.A., D. Adomako, Basualdo, S.S.Dellepiane, G.E.


This paper introduces a method for the evaluation of the seismic risk at the site of an engineering project. The results are in terms of a ground motion parameter (such as peak acceleration) versus average return period. The method incorporates the influence...

The Acetylene-Ethylene Assay for N2 Fixation: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

The methodology, characteristics and application of the sensitive C2H2-C2H4 assay for N2 fixation by nitrogenase preparations and bacterial cultures in the laboratory and by legumes and free-living bacteria in situ is presented in this comprehensive report....

Size and charge isomer separation and estimation of molecular weights of proteins by disc gel electrophoresis

A method has been found which distinguishes between a size isomer family of proteins (e.g. bovine serum albumin polymers) and a charge isomer family of proteins (e.g. lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes), utilizing disc gel electrophoresis. When the log...

Differentiated Rat Glial Cell Strain in Tissue Culture

Rat glial tumors, induced by injections of N -nitrosomethylurea, were plated and propagated in culture. Among a few cell strains obtained, one clone contains S-100 protein, which is unique to brain in vertebrates. Stationary-phase cultures contain approximately...

The Consumption and Utilization of Food by Insects

Publisher SummaryA great deal is known concerning the qualitative nutritional requirements of insects. The quantitative aspects of insect nutrition have, however, received less attention, and there have been few studies on the rates of intake and the...

Plant design and economics for chemical engineers

Max S. Peters, Klaus D. Timmerhaus

Ergodic problems of classical mechanics

Vladimir Igorevich Arnolʹd, A. (André) Avez

A reinterpretation of the direction of effects in studies of socialization

A reinterpretation of the direction of effects in studies of socialization

On the mean accuracy of statistical pattern recognizers

The overall mean recognition probability (mean accuracy) of a pattern classifier is calculated and numerically plotted as a function of the pattern measurement complexity n and design data set size m . Utilized is the well-known probabilistic model of...

Use of the CNDO Method in Spectroscopy. I. Benzene, Pyridine, and the Diazines

The CNDO method has been modified by substitution of semiempirical Coulomb integrals similar to those used in the Pariser‐Parr‐Pople method, and by the introduction of a new empirical parameter κ to differentiate resonance integrals between σ orbitals...

Stereochemical criteria for polypeptides and proteins. V. Conformation of a system of three linked peptide units

The general conformations of a system of three linked peptide units are studied, and it is found that there are three types of conformations which contain NH…O hydrogen bonding between the first and the third units. One of them is part of a 310-helix,...

The Cost of Transacting

Introduction, 33. — The definition and measurement of transaction cost on the New York stock exchange, 35. — The determination of the ask-bid spread, 40. — The determination of the transaction rate, 45. — Statistical results, 46. — Summary and...

Seismology and the new global tectonics

A comprehensive study of the observations of seismology provides widely based support for the new global tectonics founded on the hypotheses of continental drift, sea-floor spreading, transform faults, and underthrusting of the lithosphere at island arcs....

Prior Probabilities

In decision theory, mathematical analysis shows that once the sampling distribution, loss function, and sample are specified, the only remaining basis for a choice among different admissible decisions lies in the prior probabilities. Therefore, the logical...

Integrals of Nonlinear Equations of Evolution and Solitary Waves

In Section 1 we present a general principle for associating nonlinear equations of evolutions with linear operators so that the eigenvalues of the linear operator are integrals of the nonlinear equation. A striking instance of such a procedure is the...

Excitation of nonradiative surface plasma waves in silver by the method of frustrated total reflection

A new method of exciting nonradiative surface plasma waves (SPW) on smooth surfaces, causing also a new phenomena in total reflexion, is described. Since the phase velocity of the SPW at a metal-vacuum surface is smaller than the velocity of light in...

Housing Segregation, Negro Employment, and Metropolitan Decentralization

I. Negro residential segregation, 176. — II. Segregation in Detroit and Chicago, 178. — III. The distribution of negro employment, 179. — IV. Negro employment by occupation and industry, 183. — V. The level of nonwhite employment, 189. — VI....

Parametric Interaction of Focused Gaussian Light Beams

A theoretical study is presented on the optimization of second harmonic generation(SHG) and parametric generation (PG) by a laser beam in a uniaxial nonlinear crystal. Numerically computed curves show the dependence of the SHG power, and the reciprocal...

Kinetics of renaturation of DNA.

The rate of renaturation of fully denatured DNA is kinetically a second-order reaction. The reaction rate increases as the temperature decreases below Tm†, reaching a broad flat maximum from 15 to 30 °C below Tm and then decreases with a further decrease...

Optimal Power Flow Solutions

A practical method is given for solving the power flow problem with control variables such as real and reactive power and transformer ratios automatically adjusted to minimize instantaneous costs or losses. The solution is feasible with respect to constraints...

Practical methods for plasma lipoprotein analysis.

This chapter discusses the practical methods for plasma lipoprotein analysis. Changes in the concentration and sometimes in the nature of the plasma lipoproteins occur in a variety of diseases. The pioneering work of Gofman and his colleagues in the early...

Gravity currents and related phenomena

This paper presents a broad investigation into the properties of steady gravity currents, in so far as they can be represented by perfect-fluid theory and simple extensions of it (like the classical theory of hydraulic jumps) that give a rudimentary account...

The use of single plane angiocardiograms for the calculation of left ventricular volume in man.

A method has been presented for calculating LVV from films taken in a single (A-P) plane projection. This method is based on the assumption that the LV chamber can be represented by an ellipsoid of revolution (prolate spheroid) reference figure. LV volumes...

Differential behavioral effects in frontal lobe disease

The performances of groups of patients with left, right and bilateral frontal lesions were compared on a battery consisting of two tests presumed to be related specifically to left hemisphere function, two tests presumed to be related specifically to...

Systolic Time Intervals in Heart Failure in Man

Arnold M. Weissler, Willard S. Harris, Clyde D. Schoenfeld

A laboratory task for induction of mood states

One hundred female college students were administered the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility, Form A, to provide a measure of primary suggestibility. In a 2nd hr, each S was randomly assigned to one of five individual treatments of 20 Ss each....

Determination of submicrogram quantities of mercury by atomic absorption spectrophotometry

The procedure outlined describes an extremely sensitive and accurate method for the detn. of Hg down to 1.0 ppb. in soln. This procedure has been applied to Ni and Co metal as well as rock samples and soil samples contg. org. materials....

Structural History and Tectonics of Iran: A Review

The structural development of the Iranian ranges has certain peculiarities which contradict the conventional geosynclinal theory of mountain building. Early orogenic movements resulted in the consolidation of the Precambrian basement and the formation...

Why Regulate Utilities

Argues on the relationship between market concentration and competition in the United States. Basis of theories on incorrect understanding of the concept of competition of rivalry; Revelation of the validity or falsity of the relationship in the area...

Relation of pyramidal tract activity to force exerted during voluntary movement.

Relation of pyramidal tract activity to force exerted during voluntary movement.

Manual of the vascular flora of the Carolinas.

A. Radford, Harry E. Ahles, C. Ritchie Bell

An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

G. K. Batchelor, A. D. Young

Trace element fractionation and the origin of tholeiitic and alkaline magma types

Trace element fractionation and the origin of tholeiitic and alkaline magma types

A general nonmetric technique for finding the smallest coordinate space for a configuration of points

A general nonmetric technique for finding the smallest coordinate space for a configuration of points

The Classical Moment Problem.

Stephen Hoffman, N. I. Akhiezer


Most theories in the areas of personality, clinical, and social psychology predict no more than the direction of a correlation, group difference, or treatment effect. Since the null hypothesis is never strictly true, such predictions have about a SO-SO...


We study the stability of steady nonlinear waves on the surface of an infinitely deep fluid (1, 2). In section 1, the equations of hydro- dynamics for an ideal fluid with a free surface are transformed to canonical variables: the shape of the surface...

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