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A model of leptons

Steven Weinberg


IN PREVIOUS studies [l] it has been established that a cluster of social events requiring change in ongoing life adjustment is significantly associated with the time of illness onset. Similarly, the relationship of what has been called ‘life stress,’...

Parkinsonism onset, progression, and mortality

Margaret M. Hoehn, Melvin D. Yahr

Adsorption Surface Area and Porosity

S. J. Gregg, K. S. W. Sing, H. W. Salzberg

Nearest neighbor pattern classification

The nearest neighbor decision rule assigns to an unclassified sample point the classification of the nearest of a set of previously classified points. This rule is independent of the underlying joint distribution on the sample points and their classifications,...

Computational analysis of present-day American English

Kucera H, W. Nelson Francis, W. F. (William Freeman) Twaddell, Mary Lois Marckworth, Laura M. Bell, John B. Carroll

Physics of Shock Waves and High-Temperature Hydrodynamic Phenomena, Vol. 1

Ya. B. Zel’dovich, Yu. P. Raizer, Wallace D. Hayes, Ronald F. Probstein, S.P. Gill

Atlas of Protein Sequence and Structure, 1966.

Robert T. Hersh, R. V. Eck, Margaret O. Dayhoff

Error bounds for convolutional codes and an asymptotically optimum decoding algorithm

The probability of error in decoding an optimal convolutional code transmitted over a memoryless channel is bounded from above and below as a function of the constraint length of the code. For all but pathological channels the bounds are asymptotically...

The use of fast Fourier transform for the estimation of power spectra: A method based on time averaging over short, modified periodograms

The use of the fast Fourier transform in power spectrum analysis is described. Principal advantages of this method are a reduction in the number of computations and in required core storage, and convenient application in nonstationarity tests. The method...

Modern Quantum Chemistry

Oktay Sinanoğlu, Andrew G. DeRocco

Construction of Phylogenetic Trees

Walter M. Fitch, E. Margoliash

Soil mechanics in engineering practice

Karl Terzaghi, Ralph B. Peck

The Performance of Mutual Funds in the Period 1945-1964

In this paper I derive a risk-adjusted measure of portfolio performance (now known as "Jensen's Alpha") that estimates how much a manager's forecasting ability contributes to the fund's returns. The measure is based on the theory of the pricing of capital...


Charles J. Fillmore

Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands

P. H. Davis, R. R. Mill, Kit Tan

The psychology of learning and motivation : advances in research and theory

Gordon H. Bower, Kenneth W. Spence, Janet Taylor Spence, Douglas L. Medin, Jerome R. Busemeyer, Reid Hastie, Brian H. Ross, David E. Irwin, Jose P. Mestre

Personal religious orientation and prejudice.

Gordon W. Allport, J. Michael Ross

Spectroscopic determination of tryptophan and tyrosine in proteins.

A rapid method for the determination of tryptophan in proteins is presented. It is based on ab- sorbance measurements at 288 and 280 mp of the protein dissolved in 6 M guanidine hydrochloride. Blocked tryptophanyl (N-acetyl-L-tryptophanamide) and tyrosyl...

Method for the Isolation of Intact Islets of Langerhans from the Rat Pancreas

A simple method for the isolation of intact islets from the normal rat pancreas is described. The method is based upon disruption of the acinar parenchyma by injecting Hanks solution into the pancreatic duct system followed by incubation of the pancreas...

Temperature dependence of the energy gap in semiconductors

A relation for the variation of the energy gap (Eg) with temperature (T) in semiconductors is proposed. Eg ≐ E0 - αT2/(T+β) where α and β are constants. The equation satisfactorily represents the experimental data for diamond, Si, Ge, 6H-SiC, GaAs,...


The respiratory-distress syndrome in 12 patients was manifested by acute onset of tachypnœa, hypoxaemia, and loss of compliance after a variety of stimuli; the syndrome did not respond to usual and ordinary methods of respiratory therapy. The clinical...

L' écriture et la différence

Jacques Derrida (1930-2004)

A Protein Sequenator

The protein sequenator is an instrument for the automatic determination of amino acid sequences in proteins and peptides. It operates on the principle of the phenylisothiocyanate degradation scheme. The automated process embraces the formation of the...

Energy detection of unknown deterministic signals

By using Shannon's sampling formula, the problem of the detection of a deterministic signal in white Gaussian noise, by means of an energy-measuring device, reduces to the consideration of the sum of the squares of statistically independent Gaussian variates....


J. A. Goguen

The structure of turbulent boundary layers

S. J. Kline, W. C. Reynolds, F.A. Schraub, P. W. Runstadler

Two methods for selective silver impregnation of degenerating axons and their synaptic endings in the central nervous system.

The original, non-suppressive Natua method for impregenation of terminal degeneration has been modified by the introduction of a potassium permanganate-uranyl nitrate sequence. With proper timing, this step enchances the argyrophilia of degenerating fibers...

Differentiation of receptor systems activated by sympathomimetic amines.

A. M. Lands, Arnold A, McAuliff Jp, F. P. Luduena, Brown Tg

Self-perception: An alternative interpretation of cognitive dissonance phenomena.

A theory of self-percepti on is proposed to provide an alternative interpretation for several of the major phenomena embraced by Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance and to explicate some of the secondary patterns of data that have appeared in dissonance...

How Long Is the Coast of Britain? Statistical Self-Similarity and Fractional Dimension

Geographical curves are so involved in their detail that their lengths are often infinite or, rather, undefinable. However, many are statistically "selfsimilar," meaning that each portion can be considered a reduced-scale image of the whole. In that case,...

Madness and civilization : a history of insanity in the Age of Reason

Madness and civilization : a history of insanity in the Age of Reason

Leaf Epicuticular Waxes

The external surface of the higher plants comprises a cuticular layer covered by a waxy deposit. This deposit is believed to play a major part in such phenomena as the water balance of plants and the behavior of agricultural sprays. The wax contains a...

Computation: finite and infinite machines

From the Preface (See Front Matter for full Preface)Man has within a single generation found himself sharing the world with a strange new species: the computers and computer-like machines. Neither history, nor philosophy, nor common sense will tell us...


E. B. Lee, Lawrence Markus

Determination of hydroxyproline.

A critical review is given of hydroxyproline analysis. Our procedure published previously—oxidation of the imino acid by chloramine-T in a buffer near neutrality and coupling of the chromogen formed with Ehrlich's aldehyde in strong perchloric acid—is...

ATPase Activity of Myosin Correlated with Speed of Muscle Shortening

AnSTRACT Myosin was isolated from 14 different muscles (mammals, lower vertebrates, and invertebrates) of known maximal speed of shortening. These myosin preparations were homogeneous in the analytical ultracentrifuge or, in a few cases, showed, in addition...


Two‐dimensional turbulence has both kinetic energy and mean‐square vorticity as inviscid constants of motion. Consequently it admits two formal inertial ranges, E(k)∼e 2/3 k −5/3   and  E(k)∼η 2/3 k −3 , where e is the rate of cascade...

Constraints on variables in syntax.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Modern Languages and Linguistics. Thesis. 1967. Ph.D.

Functional Asymmetry of the Brain in Dichotic Listening

This paper reviews the evidence relating lateral asymmetry in auditory perception to the asymmetrical functioning of the two hemispheres of the brain. Because each ear has greater neural representation in the opposite cerebral hemisphere, the predominance...

A method for the analysis of sugars in plant cell-wall polysaccharides by gas-liquid chromatography.

Peter Albersheim, Donald J. Nevins, Patricia D. English, Arthur L. Karr

A Framework for the Comparative Analysis of Organizations

Complex organizations are conceptualized in terms of their technologies, or the work done on raw materials. Two aspects of technology vary independently: the number of exceptions that must be handled, and the degree to which search is an analyzable or...


Dogs which had 1st learned to panel press in a harness in order to escape shock subsequently showed normal acquisition of escape/ avoidance behavior in a shuttle box. In contrast, yoked, inescapable shock in the harness produced profound interference...


Evaluates the methods to measure the welfare costs of monopolies and tariffs in the United States. Concerns of the economists; Presentation of equation; Validity of measurements. (Из Ebsco)

The Physical Principles of Magnetism

The Physical Principles of Magnetism

Theory for Off-Specular Reflection From Roughened Surfaces*

The directional distribution of radiant flux reflected from roughened surfaces is analyzed on the basis of geometrical optics. The analytical model assumes that the surface consists of small, randomly disposed, mirror-like facets. Specular reflection...

Energy transfer: a spectroscopic ruler

Lubert Stryer, Richard P. Haugland

Gradient analysis of vegetation.

Gradient analysis of vegetation.

Diet, muscle glycogen and physical performance.

The muscle glycogen content of the quadriceps femoris muscle was determined in 9 healthy subjects with the aid of the needle biopsy technique. The glycogen content could be varied in the individual subjects by instituting different diets after exhaustion...

The Divergence and Bhattacharyya Distance Measures in Signal Selection

Minimization of the error probability to determine optimum signals is often difficult to carry out. Consequently, several suboptimum performance measures that are easier than the error probability to evaluate and manipulate have been studied. In this...


This is a study of the thermodynamics of nonlinear materials with internal state variables whose temporal evolution is governed by ordinary differential equations. After employing a method developed by Coleman and Noll to find the general restrictions...

Adaptive antenna systems

A system consisting of an antenna array and an adaptive processor can perform filtering in both the space and the frequency domains, thus reducing the sensitivity of the signal-receiving system to interfering directional noise sources. Variable weights...

Treatment of Myocardial Infarction in a Coronary Care Unit A Two Year Experience with 250 Patients

The results of treatment of 250 patients with established acute myocardial infarction in a coronary care unit in a university hospital are described. The criteria for diagnosis have been carefully defined. In 62 per cent of patients admitted with a tentative...

Approximate Self‐Consistent Molecular‐Orbital Theory. V. Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap

A new approximate self‐consistent‐field method for the determination of molecular orbitals for all valence electrons of a molecule is proposed. This method features neglect of differential overlap in all electron‐interaction integrals except those...

Current topics in microbiology and immunology

Werner Arber, Werner Henle, J. Klein, P Koldovsky, Hilary Koprowski, O. Maal, Fritz Melchers, Rudolf Rott, L. Syrucek

Determination of Centrifugal Distortion Coefficients of Asymmetric‐Top Molecules

The rotational Hamiltonian of an asymmetric‐top molecule in a given vibrational state, obtained by the usual vibrational perturbation treatment, contains more parameters than can be determined from the observed energy levels. This Hamiltonian is therefore...

The Analytic S-Matrix

R. J. Eden, P.V. Landshoff, David I. Olive, John Polkinghorne, P. Roman

A multivariate exponential distribution

A number of multivariate exponential distributions are known, but they have not been obtained by methods that shed light on their applicability. This paper presents some meaningful derivations of a multivariate exponential distribution that serves to...

The genesis of basaltic magmas

D.H. Green, A. E. Ringwood

Cyclic polyethers and their complexes with metal salts

Cyclic polyethers and their complexes with metal salts

Brain Metabolism during Fasting

Catheterization of cerebral vessels in three obese patients under- going 5-6 wk of starvation demonstrated that /8-hydroxybutyrate and aceto- acetate replaced glucose as the predominant fuel for brain metabolism. A strikingly low respiratory quotient...

Social origins of dictatorship and democracy : lord and peasant in the making of the modern world

Social origins of dictatorship and democracy : lord and peasant in the making of the modern world

Perturbation Theory and Equation of State for Fluids. II. A Successful Theory of Liquids

The perturbation theory previously shown to give good results for the equation of state of a square‐well fluid at liquid densities and temperatures is applied to more realistic potentials with soft repulsion, in particular the 6:12 potential. For an...

Carcinogenic Nitroso Compounds

This chapter provides an overview of some of the relevant chemistry (general chemistry, preparation methods, and analytical methods) of the nitroso carcinogenic compounds and discusses the pathological lesions induced by these compounds and their mutagenic...

The syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone

The syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) has been examined and reviewed. Typically, it is characterized by hyponatreinia without dehydration, urinary sodium loss and hypertonicity of the urine. Atypically, urinary sodium...

Word fluency and brain damage

A group of sixty-six adult subjects was given the task of producing as many words as possible beginning with specified letters of the alphabet. The number of words produced during a period of 60 sec correlated highly both with a frequency count derived...


This paper describes the different forms of egocentrism characteristic of each of the major stages of cognitive growth outlined by Piaget. Particular attention is paid to the egocentrism of adolescence which is here described as the failure to differentiate...

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