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Generalized Expectancies for Internal versus External Control of Reinforcement

Generalized Expectancies for Internal versus External Control of Reinforcement

Linear statistical inference and its applications

Linear statistical inference and its applications


The theory of consumer behavior in deterministic situations as set out by, say, Debreu (1959, 1960) or Uzawa (1960) is a thing of great aesthetic beauty, a jewel set in a glass case. The product of a long process of refinement from the nineteenth-century...

Numerical solution of initial boundary value problems involving maxwell's equations in isotropic media

Maxwell's equations are replaced by a set of finite difference equations. It is shown that if one chooses the field points appropriately, the set of finite difference equations is applicable for a boundary condition involving perfectly conducting surfaces....

Cancer incidence in five continents

Freddie Bray, J. Ferlay, M. Laversanne, Dorothy Brewster, C. Gombe Mbalawa, B. Kohler, M. Piñeros, E. Steliarova-Foucher, R. Swaminathan, S. Antoni, I. Soerjomataram, Forman Dt

Quantitative estimation of proteins by electrophoresis in agarose gel containing antibodies

A method is deseribed for quantitative analysis of proteins with a charge differing from that of the bulk of the immunoglobulins. The method utilizes the difference between the rate of electrophoretic migration of proteins and of their antibody complexes...

International Investment and International Trade in the Product Cycle

This chapter focuses on international investment and international trade in the product cycle. It is a mistake to assume that equal access to scientific principles in all the advanced countries means equal probability of the application of these principles...

An introduction to the rock-forming minerals

In this edition of Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals, most of the commonly occurring minerals of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks are discussed in terms of structure, chemistry, optical and other physical properties, distinguishing features...

Course in General Linguistics

Ferdinand de Saussure, Charles Bally, Albert Sechehaye, Albert Riedlinger, Wade Baskin


The methods used by collaborators in the International Streptomyces Project (ISP) for emendation of descriptions of type and neotype strains of the genus Streptomyces (Actinomycetales) are presented.

Development and validation of ego-identity status

4 modes of reacting to the late adolescent identity crisis were described, measured, and validated. Criteria for inclusion in 1 of 4 identity statuses were the presence of crisis and commitment in the areas of occupation and ideology. Statuses were determined...

The savage mind

Claude Lévi-Strauss

The measurement of diversity in different types of biological collections

Information content may be used as a measure of the diversity of a many-species biological collection. The diversity of small collections, all of whose members can be identified and counted, is defined by Brillouin's measure of information. With larger...


This paper investigates the properties of a market for risky assets on the basis of a simple model of general equilibrium of exchange, where individual investors seek to maximize preference functions over expected yield and variance of yield on their...

Theories of Decision-Making in Economics and Behavioural Science

Статья нобелевского лауреата Герберта Саймона посвящена критике абсолютной рациональности и максимизирующего поведения и предложению...

Some distance properties of latent root and vector methods used in multivariate analysis

SUMMARY This paper is concerned with the representation of a multivariate sample of size n as points P1, P2, ..., PI in a Euclidean space. The interpretation of the distance A(Pi, Pj) between the ith andjth members of the sample is discussed for some...

Boundary value problems

F. D. Gakhov, Ian N. Sneddon

Invention and economic growth

Basil Mitchell, Jacob Schmookler

Limit on stably trapped particle fluxes

Charles F. Kennel, H.E. Petschek

The Aerobic Pseudomonads a Taxonomic Study

SUMMARY A collection of 267 strains, representing many of the principal biotypes among aerobic pseudomonads, has been subjected to detailed study, with particular emphasis on biochemical, physiological and nutritional characters. A total of 146 different...

On the Correlation Problem in Atomic and Molecular Systems. Calculation of Wavefunction Components in Ursell‐Type Expansion Using Quantum‐Field Theoretical Methods

A method is suggested for the calculation of the matrix elements of the logarithm of an operator which gives the exact wavefunction when operating on the wavefunction in the one‐electron approximation. The method is based on the use of the creation...

Allocative efficiency vs. X-Efficiency

Examines empirical evidence on allocative efficiency in economics. Comparison of the merit of allocative efficiency with X-efficiency, an unindentified type of efficiency which has motivation as its major element; Analysis of the magnitude and nature...

Stability Parameters for Comparing Varieties

The model, Yij = μ1 + β1Ij + δij, defines stability parameters that may be used to describe the performance of a variety over a series of environments. Yij is the variety mean of the ith variety at the jth environment, µ1 is the ith variety mean over...

Determination of free amino groups in proteins by trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid.

A sensitive method to determine the free amino groups in proteins is presented that makes use of the reagent 2,4,6-trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid. The relationship between absorbance and concentration (up to 1 mg/ml) was linear and the color was developed...

Laser Beams and Resonators

This paper is a review of the theory-of laser beams and resonators. It is meant to be tutorial in nature and useful in scope. No attempt is made to be exhaustive in the treatment. Rather, emphasis is placed on formulations and derivations which lead to...

Approximate Self‐Consistent Molecular Orbital Theory. III. CNDO Results for AB2 and AB3 Systems

The approximate self‐consistent molecular orbital theory with complete neglect of differential overlap (CNDO) presented in earlier papers has been modified in two ways. (a) Atomic matrix elements are chosen empirically using data on both atomic ionization...

Economics of outdoor recreation

Marion Clawson, Jack L. Knetsch

Statistics of atomic frequency standards

A theoretical development is presented which results in a relationship between the expectation value of the standard deviation of the frequency fluctuations for any finite number of data samples and the infinite time average value of the standard deviation,...

A theory of migration.

Ravenstein presented his celebrated paper on the laws of migration before the Royal Statistical Society on March 17 1885. His papers have stood the test of time and remain the starting point for work in migration theory. Ravensteins laws are summarized...

Relativistic Quantum Fields

Sidney D. Drell, Peter B. Kahn

Determination of molecular weights and frictional ratios of proteins in impure systems by use of gel filtration and density gradient centrifugation. Application to crude preparations of sulfite and hydroxylamine reductases.

The behavior of each of a series of proteins during chromatography on columns of Sephadex G-200 may be correlated with the Stokes radius of the protein, but does not correlate with molecular weight. Proteins with Stokes radii as high as 107 A or molecular...

The moulding of senescence by natural selection.

The consequences to fitness of several types of small age-specific effects on mortality are formulated mathematically. An effect of given form always has a larger consequence, or at least one as large, when it occurs earlier. By reference to a model in...

Mutual coagulation of colloidal dispersions

A quantitative theory is presented which describes the kinetics of coagulation of colloidal systems containing more than one dispersed species. A general expression has been derived to describe the potential energy of interaction between dissimilar spherical...

The fluctuation-dissipation theorem

The linear response theory has given a general proof of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem which states that the linear response of a given system to an external perturbation is expressed in terms of fluctuation properties of the system in thermal equilibrium....

Nuclei from Rat Liver: Isolation Method That Combines Purity with High Yield

A procedure is described that gives almost quantitative separation of clean nuclei from a homogenate of rat liver. It is a modification of methods that use concentrated sucrose solutions rather than citric acid or detergents and, therefore, permits further...

Surface tension and adsorption

Raymond Defay, Ilya Prigogine, A. Bellemans, D. Everett

Mechanism of a Reaction in Vitro Associated with Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity

The cell type responsible for inhibition by antigen of migration in vitro of peritoneal exudate cells obtained from tuberculin-hypersensitive guinea pigs was studied. Exudate populations were separated into component cell types, the lymphocyte and the...

ELIZA—a computer program for the study of natural language communication between man and machine

ELIZA is a program operating within the MAC time-sharing system of MIT which makes certain kinds of natural language conversation between man and computer possible. Input sentences are analyzed on the basis of decomposition rules which are triggered by...

Topological methods in algebraic geometry

Topological methods in algebraic geometry

An approach to the sediment transport problem from general physics

An approach to the sediment transport problem from general physics

Some latent trait models and their use in inferring an examinee's ability

Frederic M. Lord, Melvin R. Novick, Allan Birnbaum


Robert L. Stubblefield

Time-dependent processes in memory storage.

These observations indicate that the long-lasting trace of an experience is not completely fixed, consolidated, or coded at the time of the experience. Consolidation requires time, and under at least some circumstances the processes of consolidation appear...

Unobtrusive Measures: Nonreactive Research in the Social Sciences

Ellis B. Page, Eugene Webb, Donald T. Campell, Richard D. Schwart, Lee Sechrest

Availability versus accessibility of information in memory for words

If a person is shown a long list of familiar words and is then asked to recall the list, he can recall some words, but not all of them. It can be assumed that the person learns each single word at the time of its presentation, in the sense that the probability...

The general inquirer : a computer approach to content analysis

Bert F. Green, Philip J. Stone, Dexter Dunphy, Marshall S. Smith, Daniel M. Ogilvie

Properties of porous media affecting fluid flow

Following the Burdine approach, based on a model developed by Wyllie and Spangler, a theory is presented that develops the functional relationships among saturation, pressure difference, and permeabilities of air and liquid in terms of hydraulic properties...

Branch-and-Bound Methods: A Survey

The essential features of the branch-and-bound approach to constrained optimization are described, and several specific applications are reviewed. These include integer linear programming (Land-Doig and Balas methods), nonlinear programming (minimization...

Voting : a study of opinion formation in a presidential campaign

Bernard Berelson, Paul F. Lazarsfeld, William N. McPhee

Development and evaluation of an impedance cardiac output system.

William Kubicek, Karnegis Jn, R.P. Patterson, D. A. Witsoe, R.H. Mattson



Retinal Damage by Light in Rats

Werner K. Noell, Walker Vs

RNA metabolism in the HeLa cell nucleus.

RNA metabolism in the HeLa cell nucleus.

The "Tip of the Tongue" Phenomenon

The "tip of the tongue" (TOT) phenomenon is a state in which one cannot quite recall a familiar word but can recall words of similar form and meaning. Several hundred such states were precipitated by reading to Ss the definitions of English words of low...


Surface diffusion of tungsten adatoms on several smooth, low‐index planes of the tungsten lattice has for the first time been followed by direct observation of individual atoms in the field‐ion microscope. Contrary to expectation, the mobility at...

Observers for multivariable systems

Often in control design it is necessary to construct estimates of state variables which are not available by direct measurement. If a system is linear, its state vector can be approximately reconstructed by building an observer which is itself a linear...

Application of Fourier Transform Spectroscopy to Magnetic Resonance

The application of a new Fourier transform technique to magnetic resonancespectroscopy is explored. The method consists of applying a sequence of short rf pulses to the sample to be investigated and Fourier‐transforming the response of the system. The...


A. Ashkin, G. D. Boyd, R. G. Smith, A. A. Ballman, J. J. Levinstein, K. Nassau

Infrared study of adsorbed molecules on metal surfaces by reflection techniques

The problem of obtaining the infrared spectrum of a molecular monolayer adsorbed on a bulk metal is discussed. The intensity of an infrared absorption band in radiation reflected from the surface is calculated for (a) various optical constants of the...

Dilatancy in the fracture of crystalline rocks

Volume changes of a granite, a marble, and an aplite were measured during deformation in triaxial compression at confining pressure of as much as 8 kb. Stress-volumetric strain behavior is qualitatively the same for these rocks and a wide variety of other...

Two storage mechanisms in free recall

Murray Glanzer, Anita R. Cunitz

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