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How to do things with words

J. L. (John Langshaw) Austin, J. O. (James Opie) Urmson, Marina Sbisà


John E. Overall, Donald R. Gorham

The Mathematical Theory of Non-Uniform Gases

Sydney Chapman, T. G. Cowling, David Park

Being and Time

Martin Heidegger, John Macquarrie, Edward J. Robinson

Low-density parity-check codes

A low-density parity-check code is a code specified by a parity-check matrix with the following properties: each column contains a small fixed number j \geq 3 of l's and each row contains a small fixed number k > j of l's. The typical minimum distance...

Phenomenology of perception

Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Colin Smith

The death and life of great American cities

The death and life of great American cities

Intensities of Crystal Spectra of Rare‐Earth Ions

Magnetic and electric dipole transitions between levels of the 4fx configuration perturbed by a static crystalline field are treated. The expression obtained for the pure‐electronic electric‐dipole transition probability involves matrix elements of...

Visual pattern recognition by moment invariants

In this paper a theory of two-dimensional moment invariants for planar geometric figures is presented. A fundamental theorem is established to relate such moment invariants to the well-known algebraic invariants. Complete systems of moment invariants...

Physical chemistry of macromolecules

Charles Tanford, Maurice L. Huggins

Error-Correcting Codes

Error-Correcting Codes

A machine program for theorem-proving

The programming of a proof procedure is discussed in connection with trial runs and possible improvements.

Diabetes mellitus: a "thrifty" genotype rendered detrimental by "progress"?

Full textFull text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (1.1M), or click on a page image below to browse page by page. 353354355356357358359360361362

Thermal desorption of gases

Methods for determining the activation energy, rate constant and order of reaction from “flash-filament” desorption experiments are examined. Two heating schedules are considered: (a) a linear variation of sample temperature with time (T = T0+st),...

Mechanics of Deformation and Acoustic Propagation in Porous Media

A unified treatment of the mechanics of deformation and acoustic propagation in porous media is presented, and some new results and generalizations are derived. The writer's earlier theory of deformation of porous media derived from general principles...

Partitioning procedures for solving mixed-variables programming problems

Partitioning procedures for solving mixed-variables programming problems

The Battered-Child Syndrome

The battered-child syndrome, a clinical condition in young children who have received serious physical abuse, is a frequent cause of permanent injury or death. The syndrome should be considered in any child exhibiting evidence of fracture of any bone,...

A textbook of histology

Alexander A. Maximow, William Bloom

A Variational Approach to the Theory of the Effective Magnetic Permeability of Multiphase Materials

Variational theorems are established and applied to the derivation of bounds for the effective magnetic permeability of macroscopically homogeneous and isotropic multiphase materials. For reasons of mathematical analogy the results are also valid for...

An Active Pulse Transmission Line Simulating Nerve Axon

To electronically simulate an animal nerve axon, the authors made an active pulse transmission line using tunnel diodes. The equation of propagation for this line is the same as that for a simplified model of nerve membrane treated elsewhere. This line...

Molecular Orbital Theory for Organic Chemists

Andrew Streitwieser, H. W. Salzberg


The equations usually given relating fluorescence lifetime to absorption intensity are strictly applicable only to atomic systems, whose transitions are sharp lines. This paper gives the derivation of a modified formula 1/τ 0 =2.880×10...

Kommunikation mit Automaten

Diese Arbeit befasst sich mit den begrifflichen Grundlagen einer Theorie der Kommunikation. Die Aufgabe dieser Theorie soll es sein, moglichst viele Erscheinungen bei der Informationsubertragung und Informationswandlung in einheitlicher und exakter Weise...

Scientific foundations of vacuum technique

Saul Dushman, J. M. Lafferty, R. A. Pasternak

Classical electricity and magnetism

Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky, Melba Phillips

Remarks on the unified model of elementary particles

Ziro Maki, Masami Nakagawa, Shoichi Sakata

Elastic materials with couple-stresses

Elastic materials with couple-stresses

Statistical Theory of the Energy Levels of Complex Systems. I

This paper is divided into three disconnected parts. (i) An identity is proved which establishes an intimate connection between the statistical behavior of eigenvalues of random unitary matrices over the real field and over the quaternion field. It is...

Union democracy : the internal politics of the International Typographical Union

Seymour Martin Lipset, Martin Trow, James S. Coleman, Clark Kerr

A programming language

The paper describes a succinct problem-oriented programming language. The language is broad in scope, having been developed for, and applied effectively in, such diverse areas as microprogramming, switching theory, operations research, information retrieval,...

Chromatographic separation, identification, and analysis of phosphatides

Chromatographic separation, identification, and analysis of phosphatides

Convex functions and Orlicz spaces

M. A. Krasnoselʹskii, I︠a︡. B. (I︠A︡kov Bronislavovich) Rutit︠s︡kiĭ, Leo F. Boron

Long‐wave elastic anisotropy produced by horizontal layering

A horizontally layered inhomogeneous medium, isotropic or transversely isotropic, is considered, whose properties are constant or nearly so when averaged over some vertical height l′. For waves longer than l′ the medium is shown to behave like a homogeneous,...

Geochemistry in mineral exploration

The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive synthesis of the theory and applications of geochemistry in problems of mineral exploration. It is intended to be world-wide in scope, representing an integration of the two authors personal experience...

Structure of Water and Hydrophobic Bonding in Proteins. I. A Model for the Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid Water

The thermodynamic parameters of liquid water are derived by means of a statistical thermodynamic treatment, based on the ``flickering cluster'' model proposed by Frank and Wen. Various models proposed for the structure of liquid water are reviewed, and...

An Approach to Gravitational Radiation by a Method of Spin Coefficients

A new approach to general relativity by means of a tetrad or spinor formalism is presented. The essential feature of this approach is the consistent use of certain complex linear combinations of Ricci rotation coefficients which give, in effect, the spinor...

Semiconductor Devices

The semiconductor art began early in the nineteenth century. Gradual advances in materials, techniques, and understanding followed. The decisive event in creation of the modern semiconductor device field was the invention of the transistor in December,...

An Experimental Study of Competitive Market Behavior

An Experimental Study of Competitive Market Behavior


Some aspects of a field theory, similar to but more realistic than, that examined in the preceding paper are discussed. The way in which a non-linear meson field theory of this type may contain its own sources, and how these may be idealised to point...

Dispersive body waves

Walter I. Futterman

Freedom and resentment

Essai philosophique. - Initialement paru dans les "Proceedings of the British Academy", 48, 1962, puis repris dans un recueil d'articles, "Freedom and resentment - and other essays", en 1974

Advances in ecological research

J. B. Cragg, Begon M, A. Macfadyen, Alastair Fitter, Hal Caswell

Theory of Polyhedral Molecules. I. Physical Factorizations of the Secular Equation

An LCAO—MO systematization of polyhedral molecules such as B N H N is undertaken. Peculiarities of polyhedral systems, such as inapplicability of nearest‐neighbor assumption and increased number of parameters are discussed within the framework of...

Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Ellipsoids Undergoing Rotational Brownian Motion

The nuclear spinrelaxation timesT 1 and T 2 have been calculated for two identical nuclei of spin I = ½ fixed in an ellipsoid undergoing rotational Brownian motion. The ellipsoid is subject to small random changes in orientation in which the rotation...

Polyoma transformation of hamster cell clones—an investigation of genetic factors affecting cell competence

Polyoma virus induced transformation in four fibroblast clones derived from a culture of baby hamster kidney cells. When comparable suspensions of the four cell clones were exposed to virus suspensions containing 2 × 108 PFU per milliliter and were then...

Generalized Theory of Acoustic Propagation in Porous Dissipative Media

The theory of acoustic propagation in porous media is extended to include anisotropy,viscoelasticity, and solid dissipation. A more refined analysis of the relative motion of the fluid in the pores is also developed by introducing the concept of viscodynamic...

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