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A new and rapid colorimetric determination of acetylcholinesterase activity.

A photometric method for determining acetylcholinesterase activity of tissue extracts, homogenates, cell suspensions, etc., has been described. The enzyme activity is measured by following the increase of yellow color produced from thiocholine when it...

Theory of elastic stability

Stephen P. Timoshenko

The achieving society

David C. McClelland

A procedure for the isolation of deoxyribonucleic acid from micro-organisms †

A procedure for the isolation of deoxyribonucleic acid from micro-organisms †

Isotopic Variations in Meteoric Waters

The relationship between deuterium and oxygen-18 concentrations in natural meteoric waters from many parts of the world has been determined with a mass spectrometer. The isotopic enrichments, relative to ocean water, display a linear correlation over...

Risk, Ambiguity, and the Savage Axioms

I. Are there uncertainties that are not risks? 643. — II. Uncertainties that are not risks, 647. — III. Why are some uncertainties not risks? — 656.

The serial cultivation of human diploid cell strains

The isolation and characterization of 25 strains of human diploid fibroblasts derived from fetuses are described. Routine tissue culture techniques were employed. Other than maintenance of the diploid karyotype, ten other criteria serve to distinguish...


Harold Beebout, Theodore W. Schultz

Detailed Balance Limit of Efficiency of p‐n Junction Solar Cells

In order to find an upper theoretical limit for the efficiency of p‐n junction solar energy converters, a limiting efficiency, called the detailed balance limit of efficiency, has been calculated for an ideal case in which the only recombination mechanism...

Rational Expectations and the Theory of Price Movements

In order to explain fairly simply how expectations are formed, we advance the hypothesis that they are essentially the same as the predictions of the relevant economic theory. In particular, the hypothesis asserts that the economy generally does not waste...

Gene Action in the X-chromosome of the Mouse (Mus musculus L.)

Gene Action in the X-chromosome of the Mouse (Mus musculus L.)

Dividend Policy, Growth, and the Valuation of Shares

In the hope that it may help to overcome these obstacles to effective empirical testing, this paper will attempt to fill the existing gap in the theoretical literature on valuation. We shall begin, in Section I , by examining the effects the effects of...

The determination of hydroxyproline in tissue and protein samples containing small proportions of this imino acid

A method is presented for the quantitative determination of hydroxyproline in biological materials containing as little as one part hydroxyproline in 4000 parts of amino acids. This method has been applied to a study of hydroxyproline distribution in...

Distribution of the Elements in Some Major Units of the Earth's Crust

This paper presents a table of abundances of the elements in the various major units of the Earth's lithic crust with a documentation of the sources and a discussion of the choice of units and data.

The preparation and properties of two new chromogenic substrates of trypsin

The synthesis and properties of l-lysine p-nitroanilide dihydrobromide and benzoyl dl-arginine p-nitroanilide hydrochloride are described. Both compounds are hydrolyzed by trypsin, the latter being a substrate at least as sensitive as benzoyl l-argininamide....

Interplanetary Magnetic Field and the Auroral Zones

Interplanetary Magnetic Field and the Auroral Zones

Flash Method of Determining Thermal Diffusivity, Heat Capacity, and Thermal Conductivity

A flash method of measuring the thermal diffusivity,heat capacity, and thermal conductivity is described for the first time. A high‐intensity short‐duration light pulse is absorbed in the front surface of a thermally insulated specimen a few millimeters...

Irreversibility and heat generation in the computing process

It is argued that computing machines inevitably involve devices which perform logical functions that do not have a single-valued inverse. This logical irreversibility is associated with physical irreversibility and requires a minimal heat generation,...

Applied Statistical Decision Theory

Howard Raiffa, Robert Schlaifer

The measurement of life satisfaction

Bernice L. Neugarten, Robert J. Havighurst, Sheldon S. Tobin

Estimation with Quadratic Loss

W. James, Charles Stein


1. Chondromalacia of the patella starts most frequently on the medial facet.2. The anatomy of the medial femoral condyle is described, including the rim at its superior border, and the different arrangement at the upper border of the lateral femoral condyle.3....

Combustion, flames and explosions of gases

For some time copies of the second edition of this book have been in short supply. In order to meet, the demand for additional copies the authors have decided in favor of a reprint of the book rather than an extensive revision at this time. The justification...

Rate of release of medicaments from ointment bases containing drugs in suspension.

An equation relating the rate of release of solid drugs suspended in ointment bases into perfect sinks is derived. The final expression is found to be surprisingly simple and convenient.

Standard for Reporting Concentrations of Deuterium and Oxygen-18 in Natural Waters

A standard, based on the set of ocean water samples used by Epstein and Mayeda to obtain a reference standard for oxygen-18 data, but defined relative to the National Bureau of Standards isotopic reference water sample, is proposed for reporting both...



ESR Studies on the Bonding in Copper Complexes

ESRspectra of copper complexes have been interpreted by means of molecular orbital theory, and the ``covalent'' character of both σ and π bonds have been discussed for a variety of compounds. Overlap integrals have been considered in a consistent manner...

On the Encoding of Arbitrary Geometric Configurations

A method is described which permits the encoding of arbitrary geometric configurations so as to facilitate their analysis and manipulation by means of a digital computer. It is shown that one can determine through the use of relatively simple numerical...

Cerebral dominance and the perception of verbal stimuli.

Cerebral dominance and the perception of verbal stimuli.

Decision processes in perception

John A. Swets, Wilson P. Tanner, Theodore G. Birdsall

Complementary series

A set of complementary series is defined as a pair of equally long, finite sequences of two kinds of elements which have the property that the number of pairs of like elements with any one given separation in one series is equal to the number of pairs...

Spectra of porphyrins

The review opens by presenting the absorption spectra for three series of porphyrins derived from the basic skeleton: (a) compounds obtained by simple substitution; (b) compounds obtained by reduction of one or more pyrrole rings; and (c) compounds obtained...

Methods of celestial mechanics

Dirk Brouwer, Gerald M. Clemence

On the stability of heterogeneous shear flows

Small perturbations of a parallel shear flow U(y) in an inviscid, incompressible fluid of variable density po(y) are considered. It is deduced that dynamic instability of statically stable flows (pi@) $ throughout the flow, where J(y) = - gp;(y)/p,(y)...

Signed-Digit Numbe Representations for Fast Parallel Arithmetic

This paper describes a class of number representations which are called signed-digit representations. Signed-digit representations limit carry-propagation to one position to the left during the operations of addition and subtraction in digital computers....

Distribution of n-paraffins as a clue to recognition of source beds

A preference for n-parffins with odd numbers of carbon atoms is widespread in Recent sediments. Analyses of numerous Recent sediment samples indicate that molecules with odd numbers of carbon atoms predominate in the heavy n-paraffins for at least the...

Convex Functions and Orlicz Spaces

M. A. Krasnosel, Ya. B. Ruticki I

Thermohaline convection with two stable regimes of flow

Free convection between two interconnected reservoirs, due to density differences maintained by heat and salt transfer to the reservoirs, is shown to occur sometimes in two different stable regimes, and may possibly be analogous to certain features of...

An autoradiographic analysis of histogenesis in the mouse cerebellum.

Embryonic and young postnatal mice were exposed once to thymidine-H 3 , to label cells preparing for division. Histogenesis of cerebellum was studied in autoradiograms. Purkinje cells and neurons of roof nuclei form simultaneously in the primitive ependyma...

Gamma-Globulin and Acquired Immunity to Human Malaria

S. Cohen, Ian A. McGregor, S. P. Carrington

Economic forecasts and policy

J. S. Cramer, H. Moerman, A. Russchen

Factors of Risk in the Development of Coronary Heart Disease—Six-Year Follow-up Experience: The Framingham Study

William B. Kannel, Thomas R. Dawber, A. M. Kagan, Nicholas Revotskie, J. L. Stokes

Localized Magnetic States in Metals

Localized Magnetic States in Metals

The act of discovery

The active participation in the learning process by the child might result in the following hypothesized benefits: an increase in intellectual potency so as to make the acquired information more readily viable in problem solving, the enaction of the learning...

An Algorithm for Path Connections and Its Applications

The algorithm described in this paper is the outcome of an endeavor to answer the following question: Is it possible to find procedures which would enable a computer to solve efficiently path-connection problems inherent in logical drawing, wiring diagramming,...

A theory of economic development.

An attempt is made to make a contribution toward the theory of growth by analyzing the transition process through which an underdeveloped economy hopes to move from a condition of stagnation to one of self sustaining growth. Already accepted ideas are...

The misbehavior of organisms

Keller Breland, Marian Breland

Proton Relaxation Times in Paramagnetic Solutions. Effects of Electron Spin Relaxation

The protonrelaxation time in solutions of paramagneticions depends, among other factors, on the relaxation time of the electron spins, τ s . It is shown that the latter, for ions of the iron group, is determined mostly by the distortion of the hydrated...

Transmission of Aggression Through Imitation of Aggressive Models

Aprevious study, designed to account for the phenomenon of identificatio n in terms of incidental learning, demonstrated that children readily imitated behavior exhibited by an adult model in the presence of the model (Bandura & Huston, 1961). A series...

Brownian Motion of a Quantum Oscillator

An action principle technique for the direct computation of expectation values is described and illustrated in detail by a special physical example, the effect on an oscillator of another physical system. This simple problem has the advantage of combining...

Free-volume model of the amorphous phase : Glass transition

Free volume vf is defined as that part of the thermal expansion, or excess volume Δv̄ which can be redistributed without energy change. Assuming a Lennard‐Jones potential function for a molecule within its cage in the condensed phase, it can be shown...

Elements of functional analysis

L. A. (Lazarʹ Aronovich) Li︠u︡sternik, V. I. Sobolev

On the Theory of Raman Intensities

The Herzberg‐Teller development for vibronic transition moments is introduced into the Kramers‐Heisenberg dispersion equation. It is shown how ``forbidden'' character (vibrationally induced intensity) in allowed electronic transitions is responsible...

Progress in medicinal chemistry

G. P. (Gwynn Pennant) Ellis, G. B. (Geoffrey Buckle) West


This paper is concerned with the occurrence at high latitudes of a large number of geophysical phenomena, including geomagnetic agitation and bay disturbances, aurorae, and various irregular distributions of ionospheric electrons. It shows that these...

Nonlinear Follow-the-Leader Models of Traffic Flow

in the light of available observational and experimental data. Emphasis is placed on steady-state flow equations. Some trends regarding the advantages of certain follow-the-leader functionals over others are established. However, it is found from extensive...

Parallel Sequencing and Assembly Line Problems

This paper deals with a new sequencing problem in which n jobs with ordering restrictions have to be done by men of equal ability. Assume every man can do any of the n jobs. The two questions considered in this paper are 1 How to arrange a schedule that...

General Nature of the Genetic Code for Proteins

In this paper Crick, Brenner, and their collaborators described a very elegant series of genetic experiments by which they proved that the genetic code for protein was a triplet code. They used an acridine dye, proflavin, to induce mutations in a...

A rapid and sensitive sub-micro phosphorus determination

C.J.F. Böttcher, C.M. Van Gent, C. Pries


An easy and reliable (spectro-)photometric procedure is described for the determination of hemoglobin as hemiglobincyanide. The time needed for a determination has been shortened from 20 to 4 min by shifting the ph of the diluent from 8.6 to 7.2. This...

An improved eigenvalue corrector formula for solving the Schrödinger equation for central fields

1. Introduction. The wave equation for the nuclear motion of a diatomic molecule, in the Born-Oppenheimer approximation, is one which is encountered frequently in quantum-theoretical calculations. Numerical methods for its solution have been developed...

A basis for a mathematical theory of computation, preliminary report

Programs that learn to modify their own behaviors require a way of representing algorithms so that interesting properties and interesting transformations of algorithms are simply represented. Theories of computability have been based on Turing machines,...


Advertising expenditures are similar in many ways to investments in durable plant and equipment. The latter affect the present and future character of output and, hence, the present and future net revenue of the investing firm. Advertising expenditures...

The life and work of Sigmund Freud

Ernest Jones, Lionel Trilling

Intramolecular Charge Transfer in Aromatic Free Radicals

A theoretical analysis is made of the rate of intramolecular transfer of the odd electron between the two phenyl groups in the mononegative ions of the α,ω‐diphenyalkanes, φ—(CH2) n —φ. The essential features of the calculations are: (a) It...

The Kinetics of Formation of Native Ribonuclease During Oxidation of the Reduced Polypeptide Chain

In this article, Anfinsen, Haber, Sela, and White reported that there existed a considerable lag phase before enzymatic activity appeared after the sample of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease was treated with mercaptoethanol in urea, during which period...

The Organization of Government in Metropolitan Areas: A Theoretical Inquiry

Vincent Ostrom, Charles M. Tiebout, Robert F. Warren

Lorentz Invariance and the Gravitational Field

An argument leading from the Lorentz invariance of the Lagrangian to the introduction of the gravitational field is presented. Utiyama's discussion is extended by considering the 10‐parameter group of inhomogeneous Lorentz transformations, involving...

A Proof for the Queuing Formula: L = λW

In a queuing process, let 1/λ be the mean time between the arrivals of two consecutive units, L be the mean number of units in the system, and W be the mean time spent by a unit in the system. It is shown that, if the three means are finite and the corresponding...

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