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Principles and procedures of statistics.

R. G. D. Steel, J. H. Torrie

A medium for the cultivation of lactobacilli.

J. C. H. de Man, M. Elisabeth Sharpe

Word and object

W. V. (Willard Van Orman) Quine


Paul S. Moorhead, D.M. Battips, David A. Hungerford

Plans and the structure of behavior

George A. Miller, Eugene Galanter

Heat and mass transfer

E. R. G. Eckert, Robert M. Drake, H. H. Sogin


Full textFull text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (3.1M), or click on a page image below to browse page by page. 1157115811591160116111621163116411651166116711681169117011711172117311741175Images...

Dynamic programming and Markov processes

Richard Bellman, Ronald A. Howard

Compact heat exchangers

W.M. Kays, A. L. London

Iron oxide removal from soils and clays by a dithionite-citrate system buffered with sodium bicarbonate

The oxidation potential of dithionite (Na 2 S 2 O 4 ) increases from 0.37 V to 0.73 V with increase in pH from 6 to 9, because hydroxyl is consumed during oxidation of dithionite. At the same time the amount of iron oxide...

The constitution of liberty

From the $700 billion bailout of the banking industry to president Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package to the highly controversial passage of federal health-care reform, conservatives and concerned citizens alike have grown increasingly fearful...

A Computing Procedure for Quantification Theory

The hope that mathematical methods employed in the investigation of formal logic would lead to purely computational methods for obtaining mathematical theorems goes back to Leibniz and has been revived by Peano around the turn of the century and by Hilbert's...

The Theory of Public Finance

David G. Davies, Richard A. Musgrave


When cardiac arrest occurs, either as standstill or as ventricular fibrillation, the circulation must be restored promptly; otherwise anoxia will result in irreversible damage. There are two techniques that may be used to meet the emergency: one is to...

Quantizing for minimum distortion

This paper discusses the problem of the minimization of the distortion of a signal by a quantizer when the number of output levels of the quantizer is fixed. The distortion is defined as the expected value of some function of the error between the input...

Blood flow in arteries

Donald M. McDonald

Internal Atmospheric Gravity Waves at Ionospheric Heights

Irregularities and irregular motions in the upper atmosphere have been detected and studied by a variety of techniques during recent years, but their proper interpretation has yet to be established. It is shown here that many or most of the observational...

Decomposition Principle for Linear Programs

A technique is presented for the decomposition of a linear program that permits the problem to be solved by alternate solutions of linear sub-programs representing its several parts and a coordinating program that is obtained from the parts by linear...


Peter D. Lax, Burton Wendroff

A Dielectric Resonator Method of Measuring Inductive Capacities in the Millimeter Range

A novel technique for the measurement of dielectric and magnetic properties of a homogeneous isotropic medium in the range of approximately 3 to 100 kmc is described. An accuracy of /l.chemc/ 1 per cent is possible in the determination of permittivity...

A distillation method for the quantitative determination of malonaldehyde in rancid foods

Basil G. Tarladgis, Betty M. Watts, Margaret Tims Younathan, L. R. Dugan

The m-distribution-A general formula of intensity distribution of rapid fading

This paper summarizes the principal results of a series of statistical studies in the last seven years on the intensity distributions due to rapid fading.

The interrelationship and characteristic distribution of direct, diffuse and total solar radiation ☆

Based upon the data now available, this paper presents relationships permitting the determination on a horizontal surface of the instantaneous intensity of diffuse radiation on clear days, the long term average hourly and daily sums of diffuse radiation,...

The numerical treatment of differential equations

Richard C. Roberts, Lothar Von Collatz, Pearl Williams


Mesothelioma of the pleura is regarded as an uncommon tumour. In the last four years we have seen 33 histologically proven cases; 28 of these had some association with the Cape asbestos field and four cases had been exposed to asbestos in industry. The...


N 1948, during the course of studies on seizure mechanisms, one of us (J.W.) carried out intracarotid injection of Sodium Amytal and Metrazol to investigate the mechanism of the spread of epileptic discharge between the cerebral hemispheres in man. 9-11...

Phytohemagglutinin: An Initiator of Mitosis in Cultures of Normal Human Leukocytes

Phytohemagglutinin: An Initiator of Mitosis in Cultures of Normal Human Leukocytes

Ensemble Method in the Theory of Irreversibility

We describe a new formulation of methods introduced in the theory of irreversibility by Van Hove and Prigogine, with the purpose of making their ideas easier to understand and to apply. The main tool in this reformulation is the use of projection operators...

The use of biplane angiocardiography for the measurement of left ventricular volume in man

1. 1. A method for correcting distortion due to nonparallel x-rays, as applied to biplane angiocardiography, is described.2. 2. Five methods for calculating left ventricular chamber volumes from biplane x-rays are described and evaluated by clay models...

Qualitative theory of differential equations

V. V. (Viktor Vladimirovich) Nemyt︠s︡kiĭ, V. V. (Vi︠a︡cheslav Viktorovich) Styepanov, Katsumasa Matsumoto

A fractionating column for analysis of nucleic acids

A readily prepared fractionating column is described that separates several ribonucleic and deoxyribonucleic acids from each other, including the closely similar nucleic acids of T2 and T4 bacteriophages. The column also distinguishes DNA that has been...

Statistical metric spaces

B. Schweizer, Abe Sklar

The theory and analysis of diallel crosses. III.

HE investigation of the properties of groups of homozygous lines by means T of diallel crosses as proposed by HULL (1945) has subsequently been discussed in growing detail in a series of papers by JINKS and HAYMAN (1953 and later). With certain assumptions,...

An N-Way Hybrid Power Divider

A circularly symmetric power divider is described which splits a signal into n equiphase equiamplitude parts where n can be odd or even. The power divider provides isolation between output terminals and approximately matched terminal impedances over about...

Forecasting Sales by Exponentially Weighted Moving Averages

The growing use of computers for mechanized inventory control and production planning has brought with it the need for explicit forecasts of sales and usage for individual products and materials. These forecasts must be made on a routine basis for thousands...

The soil under shifting cultivation

P. H. Nye, D. J. Greenland

Group dynamics : research and theory

Dorwin Cartwright, Alvin Zander

Optimum Preventive Maintenance Policies

Two types of preventive maintenance policies are considered. A policy is defined to be optimum if it maximizes “limiting efficiency,” i.e., fractional amount of up-time over long intervals. Elementary renewal theory is used to obtain optimum policies....

The Composition of Foods.

R. A. McCance, E. M. Widdowson

On the efficiency of certain quasi-random sequences of points in evaluating multi-dimensional integrals

On the efficiency of certain quasi-random sequences of points in evaluating multi-dimensional integrals

Correlation of Rates of Intramolecular Tunneling Processes, with Application to Some Group V Compounds

A method is presented whereby the WKB expression for tunneling frequencies permits correlation of these frequencies for members of homologous series of molecules. The necessary data required are the tunneling rate for one member of the series, and structural...

Verteilung Von Noradrenalin Und Dopamin (3-Hydroxytyramin) Im Gehirn Des Menschen Und Ihr Verhalten Bei Erkrankungen Des Extrapyramidalen Systems

SummaryThe distribution of noradrenaline und dopamine (3-hydroxytyramine) in human adult and newborn brains has been investigated. The greatest amounts of noradrenaline were found in the hypothalamus, the central gray matter of the mesencephalon, the...

Bivariate Exponential Distributions

A bivariate distribution is not determined by the knowledge of the margins. Two bivariate distributions with exponential margins are analyzed and another is briefly mentioned. In the first distribution (2.1) the conditional expectation of one variable...

Husbands & wives : the dynamics of married living

This monograph reports on findings about husband and wife relationships in Detroit and rural areas between 1950-1959. Interviews with a random sample of 731 wives from metropolitan Detroit and 178 wives from rural areas in southeastern Michigan provide...

Theory of ESR Linewidths of Free Radicals

A theory of ESRlinewidths for substances in which the magnetic anisotropy is small and for which the orbital magnetism has been essentially quenched is developed. Nuclear quadrupole moments, zero field splittings, anisotropicZeeman terms, and intramolecular...

Irreducible tensorial sets

U. Fano, Giulio Racah

Productivity and technical change

W. E. G. Salter, W. B. Reddaway

Physiology of trees

Paul J. Kramer, T. T. Kozlowski

Heart failure from the point of view of quantitative anatomy.

1. 1. All normal human hearts have essentially the same number of myocardial fibers and myocardial nuclei. During physiologic growth the number of myocardial fibers remains constant; the fibers enlarge, but their length-to-width ratio remains constant...

Ascending Axon Degeneration Following Anterolateral Cordotomy. An Experimental Study in the Monkey

“We know much less of the sensory path. Even in the spinal cord it is uncertain. The older theory (of Brown-Sequard), that sensation is chiefly conducted in the gray matter, is not disproved, but there is reason to believe that some sensation is conducted...

Man-Computer Symbiosis

Man-computer symbiosis is an expected development in cooperative interaction between men and electronic computers. It will involve very close coupling between the human and the electronic members of the partnership. The main aims are 1) to let computers...

Photophosphorylation by swiss-chard chloroplasts.

1. 1. The preparation of chloroplasts and chloroplast fragments from swiss-chard, which were active in photophosphorylation is described. A chloroplast preparation stable for 24–48 h could be obtained.2. 2. A sensitive assay for the ATP formed was adopted....

Anatomy and physiology of vision in the frog (Rana pipiens).

J. Y. Lettvin, W. S. McCulloch, W. H. Pitts

High-Resolution Density Gradient Sedimentation Analysis

The principle of stability for a sample layered in a density-gradient liquid column is discussed, and a method for separating ribonucleoprotein particles by means of sedimentation in the ultracentrifuge is described.

Radiation Damage in Organic Crystals. II. Electron Spin Resonance of (CO2H)CH2CH(CO2H) in β‐Succinic Acid

An analysis of the electron spin resonance of x‐irradiated single crystals of β‐succinic acid shows that: (a) the principal long‐lived paramagnetic species produced by the radiation damage is (CO2H)CH2–ĊH(CO2H); (b) the radical is oriented in...

The Calculation of Atomic Structures

Erwin H. Bareiss, D. R. Hartree

Money in a theory of finance

Peter B. Kenen, John G. Gurley, Edward S. Shaw, Alain C. Enthoven

The Growth of Micro-organisms in Relation to their Energy Supply

SUMMARY: When Streptococcus faecalis was grown anaerobically in a complex medium containing d-glucose, d-ribose or l-arginine as energy source the dry wt. of organism produced was proportional to the concentration of the energy source in the medium. However,...

On Relevance, Probabilistic Indexing and Information Retrieval

This paper reports on a novel technique for literature indexing and searching in a mechanized library system. The notion of relevance is taken as the key concept in the theory of information retrieval and a comparative concept of relevance is explicated...

Appraisal of methods for the study of chemotherapy of cancer in man: Comparative therapeutic trial of nitrogen mustard and triethylene thiophosphoramide

Suggestions are made for the conduct of chemotherapy trials in patients with cancer. Application of the principles involved are illustrated in a comparative study of triethylene thiophosphoramide and nitrogen mustard in cancer of the lung and breast,...

Algorithms for Solving Production-Scheduling Problems

Algorithms are developed for solving problems to minimize the length of production schedules. The algorithms generate anyone, or all, schedule(s) of a particular subset of all possible schedules, called the active schedules. This subset contains, in turn,...

Direct Measurements of the Surface Energies of Crystals

By means of quantitative cleavage experiments, the surface energies of several simple crystals have been measured at −196°C. The crystals and their cleavage planes are: LiF (100), MgO (100), CaF2 (111), BaF2 (111), CaCO3 (1010), Si (111), and Zn (0001)....

Researches into the mathematical principles of the theory of wealth

A. A. Cournot, Nathaniel T. (Nathaniel Terry) Bacon, Irving N. Fisher

The Gradient Projection Method for Nonlinear Programming. Part I. Linear Constraints

more constraints or equations, with either a linear or nonlinear objective function. This distinction is made primarily on the basis of the difficulty of solving these two types of nonlinear problems. The first type is the less difficult of the two, and...

Separation of univalent fragments from the bivalent rabbit antibody molecule by reduction of disulfide bonds.

Nonprecipitating active fragments of rabbit antiovalbumin γ-globulin, having approximately the same sedimentation coefficient (3.5 S) and inhibitory effect on the homologous precipitin reaction as the univalent fragments produced by papain, can be prepared...

An introduction to matched filters

In a tutorial exposition, the following topics are discussed: definition of a matched filter; where matched filters arise; properties of matched filters; matched-filter synthesis and signal specification; some forms of matched filters.

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