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Light Scattering by Small Particles

Light Scattering by Small Particles

The Determination of the Elastic Field of an Ellipsoidal Inclusion, and Related Problems

It is supposed that a region within an isotropic elastic solid undergoes a spontaneous change of form which, if the surrounding material were absent, would be some prescribed homogeneous deformation. Because of the presence of the surrounding material...

Radiological Assessment of Osteo-Arthrosis

J. H. Kellgren, J. S. Lawrence

Loss of recent memory after bilateral hippocampal lesions.

Full textFull text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (3.2M), or click on a page image below to browse page by page. 1112131415161718192021Images in this articleImage on...

Physical properties of crystals : their representation by tensors and matrices

Physical properties of crystals : their representation by tensors and matrices

Theory of superconductivity

James M. Bardeen, Leon N. Cooper, J. R. Schrieffer

Elementary theory of angular momentum

Elementary theory of angular momentum


Seventy-four mass spectrometric analyses have been made on eight isotopic standards for carbon and oxygen. The standards reported on are the National Bureau of Standards limestone, water, and graphite reference samples, the Solenhofen standard used by...

Brazos River Bar: A Study in the Significance of Grain Size Parameters

A bar on the Brazos River near Calvert, Texas, has been analyzed in order to determine the geologic meaning of certain grain size parameters and to study the behavior of the size fractions with transport. The bar consists of a strongly bimodal mixture...

The concept of power

What is “power”? Most people have an intuitive notion of what it means. But scientists have not yet formulated a statement of the concept of power that is rigorous enough to be of use in the systematic study of this important social phenomenon. Power...

Virus Interference. I. The Interferon

During a study of the interference produced by heat-inactivated influenza virus with the growth of live virus in fragments of chick chorio-allantoic membrane it was found that following incubation of heated virus with membrane a new factor was released....

Band structure of indium antimonide

The band structure of InSb is calculated using the k ·. p perturbation approach and assuming that the conduction and valence band extrema are at k = 0. The small band gap requires an accurate treatment of conduction and valence band...

Theory of Thermal Grooving

A theory is presented which describes the development of surface grooves at the grain boundaries of a heated polycrystal. The mechanisms of evaporation‐condensation and surface diffusion are discussed with the use of the Gibbs‐Thompson formula and...

Motivational determinants of risk-taking behavior

Motivational determinants of risk-taking behavior

A Modified Ninhydrin Colorimetric Analysis for Amino Acids

In 1948, Stein and Moore published the first practical procedure for the chromatographic separation of amino acids on starch columns, and a photometric method for the quantitative analysis of the effluent fractions (1, 2). Their procedure was based on...

Starch Gel Electrophoresis in a Discontinuous System of Buffers

Starch Gel Electrophoresis in a Discontinuous System of Buffers

[73] Spectrophotometric and turbidimetric methods for measuring proteins

The turbidity produced when protein is mixed with low concentrations of any of the common protein precipitants can be used as an index of protein concentration. The resulting turbidity is maximum after about 10 minutes and may be measured spectrophotometrically...

Management Models and Industrial Applications of Linear Programming

An accelerating increase in linear programming applications to industrial problems has made it virtually impossible to keep abreast of them, not only because of their number (and diversity) but also because of the conditions under which many are carried...

Spatial variation of currents and fields due to localized scatterers in metallic conduction

Localized scatterers can be expected to give rise to spatial variations in the electric field and in the current distribution. The transport equation allowing for spatial variations is solved by first considering the homogeneous transport equation which...

Congenital deaf-mutism, functional heart disease with prolongation of the Q-T interval, and sudden death

Four cases of deaf-mutism combined with a peculiar heart disease have been observed in one family. The parents and 2 other children were healthy and had normal hearing. The deaf-mute children all suffered attacks of fainting, probably Adams-Stokes seizures...

Phase Transition for a Hard Sphere System

Berni J. Alder, T. E. Wainwright


Allen Newell, J. C. Shaw, Herbert A. Simon



A fluorometric method for the estimation of tyrosine in plasma and tissues.

The reaction between 1-nitroso-2-naphthol and tyrosine, under suitable conditions, yields a yellow product which has been utilized for the colorimetric estimation of tyrosine in biologic material. It has now been found that the nitrosonaphthol derivative...

Networks of Waiting Lines

One of the least understood classes of operations problems is that concerned with the design, loading, and, especially, the scheduling of discrete, statistically varying flows through complex networks. The present paper abstracts what is perhaps the simplest...

The discrimination of speech sounds within and across phoneme boundaries

Alvin M. Liberman, Katherine S. Harris, Howard S. Hoffman, Belver C. Griffith

Scattering by an Inhomogeneous Solid. II. The Correlation Function and Its Application

Experiments on the angular intensity distribution of x‐rays scattered by porous materials (hole structures) in the range of small angles are described. It is shown that the scattering can be characterized by an exponential correlation function in the...


S. C. Chang, M. L. Jackson

Carrier Generation and Recombination in P-N Junctions and P-N Junction Characteristics

For certain p-n junctions, it has been observed that the measured current-voltage characteristics deviate from the ideal case of the diffusion model. It is the purpose of this paper to show that the current due to generation and recombination of carriers...

Proton Relaxation Times in Paramagnetic Solutions

An exchange interaction is postulated between the electron spin and proton spin in adjacent water‐molecules in paramagnetic solutions. In combination with the long electron spin relaxation times for Mn++ and Gd+++, an explanation is given why T 1/T...

The development of artificial media for marine algae.

Luigi Provasoli, J. J. A. McLaughlin, M. R. Droop

Vacuum Deposition of Thin Films

Lawrence Rozier Holland, J. Greenspan

Frequency factors and isotope effects in solid state rate processes

Frequency factors and isotope effects in solid state rate processes

Statistical analysis of stationary time series

Ulf Grenander, Murray Rosenblatt


Man inhabits a universe composed of a great variety of elements and their isotopes. In Table I,1 a count of the stable and radioactive elements and isotopes is listed. Ninety elements are found terrestrially and one more, technetium, is found in stars;...

On the theory of relaxation processes

A general procedure is given for finding the equation of motion of the density matrix of a system in contact with a thermal bath, as for example a nuclear spin system weakly coupled to a crystal lattice. The thermal bath is treated both classically and...

Studies of Intestinal Digestion and Absorption in the Human1

Bengt Borgström, A. Dahlqvist, J. Sjövall


The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that the learning and retention of unfamiliar but meaningful verbal material can be facilitated by the advance introduction of relevant subsuming concepts (organizers). This hypothesis is based on the...

Sweet's mechanism for merging magnetic fields in conducting fluids

Sweet's mechanism for the merging of two oppositely directed magnetic fields in a highly conducting fluid is investigated in a semi-quantitative manner. It is shown that two oppositely directed sunspot fields with scales of 104 km could be merged by Sweet's...

Experimental designs (2nd ed.).

William G. Cochran, Gertrude M. Cox

The relation of eye movements during sleep to dream activity: An objective method for the study of dreaming

The study of dream activity and its relation to physiological variables during sleep necessitates a reliable method of determining with precision when dreaming occurs. This knowledge, in the final analysis, always depends upon the subjective report of...

Cyclic variations in EEG during sleep and their relation to eye movements, body motility, and dreaming.

In 33 adults, discrete periods of rapid eye movement potentials were recorded without exception during each of 126 nights of undisturbed sleep. These periods were invariably concomitant with a characteristic EEG pattern, stage 1.

End Corrections in the Capillary Flow of Polyethylene

End corrections n for the capillary flow of some polyethylenes have been determined as a function of shear rate Gn . The end correction term increases slowly at first with log Gn , but as the shear rate approaches the critical value at which the extruded...

Empirical explorations of the logic theory machine: a case study in heuristic

This paper is a case study in problem solving, representing part of a program of research on complex information-processing systems. We have specified a system for finding proofs of theorems in elementary symbolic logic, and by programming a computer...

Comparative chlorine requirements of different plant species

C. M. Johnson, P. R. Stout, T. C. Broyer, A. B. Carlton


I know of no one who seriously maintains that interference among tasks is of no consequence in the production of forgetting. Whether forgetting is conceptualized at a strict psychological level or at a neural level (e.g., neural memory trace), some provision...

Semisimple subalgebras of semisimple Lie algebras

Semisimple subalgebras of semisimple Lie algebras

Exact Nonlinear Plasma Oscillations

Ira B. Bernstein, John M. Greene, Martin D. Kruskal

Elastic Deformation and the Laws of Friction

This paper examines whether the hypothesis of elastic deformation of surface protuberances is consistent with Amontons's law, that the friction is proportional to the applied load. For a single elastic contact, the area of contact A is known to be proportional...

Carbon Dioxide Exchange Between Atmosphere and Ocean and the Question of an Increase of Atmospheric CO2 during the Past Decades

From a comparison of C 14 /C 12 and C 13 /C 12 ratios in wood and in marine material and from a slight decrease of the C 14 concentration in terrestrial plants over the past 50 years it can be concluded that the average lifetime of a CO 2 molecule...

Discrete-Variable Extremum Problems

This paper reviews some recent successes in the use of linear programming methods for the solution of discrete-variable extremum problems. One example of the use of the multistage approach of dynamic programming for this purpose is also discussed.

Theory of Nuclear Magnetic Shielding in Molecules. I. Long‐Range Dipolar Shielding of Protons

The general nuclear magnetic shielding theory of Ramsey is developed for the case of ``long‐range'' nuclear shieldings. Such shieldings arise from the magnetization induced in molecular electrons localized to groups one or more bond lengths removed...

Geometrical Representation of the Schrödinger Equation for Solving Maser Problems

A simple, rigorous geometrical representation for the Schrodinger equation is developed to describe the behavior of an ensemble of two quantum‐level, noninteracting systems which are under the influence of a perturbation. In this case the Schrodinger...

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