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A Behavioral Model of Rational Choice

Introduction, 99. — I. Some general features of rational choice, 100.— II. The essential simplifications, 103. — III. Existence and uniqueness of solutions, 111. — IV. Further comments on dynamics, 113. — V. Conclusion, 114. — Appendix, 115.


In the past few years several methods have been developed for the analysis of serum lipoproteins. Lindgren, Elliott, and Gofman (1) have utilized the relatively low density of the lipoproteins to separate them from the other serum proteins by ultracentrifugal...

Rank correlation methods

Rank correlation methods

Construct validity in psychological tests

Lee J. Cronbach, Paul E. Meehl

Electronic Population Analysis on LCAO–MO Molecular Wave Functions. I

With increasing availability of good all‐electron LCAO MO (LCAO molecular orbital) wave functions for molecules, a systematic procedure for obtaining maximum insight from such data has become desirable. An analysis in quantitative form is given here...

Economic growth and income inequality

The process of industrialization engenders increasing income inequality as the labor force shifts from low-income agriculture to the high income sectors. On more advanced levels of development inequality starts decreasing and industrialized countries...

Ferromagnetic materials

In this chapter, we will restrict our attention to the ferrites and a few other closely related materials. The great interest in ferrites stems from their unique combination of a spontaneous magnetization and a high electrical resistivity. The observed...

Obstetrics and gynecology

Von Mikulicz-Radecki F, Bruntsch Kh

A generalized inverse for matrices

A generalized inverse for matrices


A new type of ion gun is described which greatly improves the resolution of a nonmagnetic time‐of‐flight mass spectrometer. The focusing action of this gun is discussed and analyzed mathematically. The validity of the analysis and the practicability...

Electronic Population Analysis on LCAO[Single Bond]MO Molecular Wave Functions. I

Electronic Population Analysis on LCAO[Single Bond]MO Molecular Wave Functions. I

Transduction of Linked Genetic Characters of the Host by Bacteriophage P1.

The temperate bacteriophage P1 acts as transducing agent for a large variety of genetic characteristics of strains of Escherichia coli and of Shigella dysenteriae.In E. coli strain K12, markers that behave as closely linked in sexual crosses can be transduced...

On Certain Integrals of Lipschitz-Hankel Type Involving Products of Bessel Functions

This paper is concerned with the evaluation and tabulation of certain integrals of the type I($\mu $, $\nu $; $\lambda $) = $\int\_{0}^{\infty}$ J$\_{\mu}$(at) J$_{\nu}$(bt) e$^{-ct}$ t$^{\lambda}$dt. In part I of this paper, a formula...

The determination of amino-acids with ninhydrin

A systematic review of the mechanism and application of the ninhydrin colour test for amino-acids, with a note on its use in the identification of protein hydrolysates. -- AATA

An Analysis of Perceptual Confusions Among Some English Consonants

Sixteen English consonants were spoken over voice communication systems with frequency distortion and with random masking noise. The listeners were forced to guess at every sound and a count was made of all the different errors that resulted when one...

The Luminosity Function and Stellar Evolution.

The Luminosity Function and Stellar Evolution.

The Assay of Catalases and Peroxidases

This chapter discusses the assay of catalases and peroxidases are: (1) catalase assay by disappearance of peroxide; (2) method for crude cell extracts; (3) direct spectrophotometric assay of catalase and peroxidase in cells and tissues; and (4) peroxidase...


Placebos have doubtless been used for centuries by wise physicians as well as by quacks, but it is only recently that recognition of an enquiring kind has been given the clinical circumstance where the use of this tool is essential "... to distinguish...

Theory of Elasticity and Consolidation for a Porous Anisotropic Solid

The author's previous theory of elasticity and consolidation for isotropic materials [J. Appl. Phys. 12, 155–164 (1941)] is extended to the general case of anisotropy. The method of derivation is also different and more direct. The particular cases...

Electronic Population Analysis on LCAO[Single Bond]MO Molecular Wave Functions. II. Overlap Populations, Bond Orders, and Covalent Bond Energies

LCAO molecular orbital overlap populations give in general much more flexible and widely useful measures of the non‐Coulombic parts of covalent bond energies than do LCAO bond orders. They are immediately applicable to both π and σ bonds, including...

Design and analysis of industrial experiments

SummaryDesign and analysis of industrial experimentsThis paper is based on a lecture on the “Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments” given by Dr O. L. Davies on the 8th of May 1954 to the Industrial Section of the “Vereniging voor Statistiek”....

Solar energy

Solar energy can now compete with animal power and manpower, but there will be no era of solar prosperity in the near future. With the coming shortages in fuel supply, however, extensive programs of research and development on the utilization of solar...

Slow electrons in a polar crystal

A variational principle is developed for the lowest energy of a system described by a path integral. It is applied to the problem of the interaction of an electron with a polarizable lattice, as idealized by Frohlich. The motion of the electron, after...

Available Potential Energy and the Maintenance of the General Circulation

The available potential energy of the atmosphere may be defined as the difference between the total potential energy and the minimum total potential energy which could result from any adiabatic redistribution of mass. It vanishes if the density stratification...

Chromosome atlas of flowering plants.

C. D. Darlington, Ann P Wylie

Heat and mass transfer in packed beds

Donald A. Plautz, H. F. Johnstone

The Influence of Solid Boundaries upon Aerodynamic Sound

An extension is made to Lighthill's general theory of aerodynamic sound, so as to incorporate the influence of solid boundaries upon the sound field. This influence is twofold, namely (i) reflexion and diffraction of the sound waves at the solid boundaries,...

Molecular Vibrations: The Theory of Infrared and Raman Vibrational Spectra

E. B. Wilson, J. C. Decius, Paul C. Cross, Benson R. Sundheim

Characteristics of Turbulence in a Boundary Layer with Zero Pressure Gradient

The results of an experimental investigation of a turbulent boundary layer with zero pressure gradient are presented. Measurements with the hot-wire anemometer were made of turbulent energy and turbulent shear stress, probability density and flattening...


The purpose of this paper is to discuss field and interpretive techniques which permit, in favorable cases, the quite accurate determination of seismic interval velocities prior to drilling. A simple but accurate formula is developed for the quick calculation...

Employee attitudes and employee performance.

Arthur H. Brayfield, Walter H. Crockett

On Kinematic Waves. I. Flood Movement in Long Rivers

In this paper and in part II, we give the theory of a distinctive type of wave motion, which arises in any one-dimensional flow problem when there is an approximate functional relation at each point between the flow q (quantity passing a given point in...

Possibilities of Insect Control or Eradication through the Use of sexually sterile Males.

The purpose of this paper is to consider the possibility of controlling insects by releasing sexually sterile males among the existing natural population. The principles involved will be described and the potentialities as well as the limitations of the...

Conformity and character.

Richard S. Crutchfield

Optimal Estimation of Executive Compensation by Linear Programming

Linear programming, as an optimizing method for handling a mass of interacting variables, has received considerable attention in applications to such problems as production scheduling, logistics, and mobilization studies. But linear programming may also...


The behavior of chains of very many molecules is investigated by solving a restricted random walk problem on a cubic lattice in three dimensions and a square lattice in two dimensions. In the Monte Carlo calculation a large number of chains are generated...

Electronic Population Analysis on LCAO‐MO Molecular Wave Functions. IV. Bonding and Antibonding in LCAO and Valence‐Bond Theories

It is shown that there is a practically one‐to‐one correspondence between the occurrence, on the one hand, of positive (bonding) and negative (antibonding) overlap populations in LCAO theory and, on the other hand, of bonded attractions and nonbonded...


Miriam C. Ayer, G. M. Ewing, William T. Reid, Edward Silverman

One‐Dimensional Model of the Hydrogen Bond

A one‐dimensional model for hydrogen bonding is proposed based on the potential function V = D[1—exp(—nΔr 2/2r)]. The energy associated with both the weak and strong bonds of the configuration RO – H – – – OR 2 is obtained through application...

Electronic Population Analysis on LCAO‐MO Molecular Wave Functions. III. Effects of Hybridization on Overlap and Gross AO Populations

The effects of AO hybridization on gross AO and overlap populations for LCAO‐MO electron configurations are discussed in terms of some simple examples, using equations and graphs. The validity of ``gross AO populations'' as true measures of the population...

Nuclear and radiochemistry

G. Friedlander, J. W. Kennedy, J. M. Miller, Bruce W. Shore

A New Technique for the Cultivation of the Chick Embryo in vitro

The inaccessibility of the chick embryo in the egg has led to the invention of a large number of in vitro techniques for its cultivation and study. The simplest of these techniques consists of little more than pouring the entire egg contents into a suitable...

Regenerative Stochastic Processes

A wide class of stochastic processes, called regenerative, is defined, and it is shown that under general conditions the instantaneous probability distribution of such a process tends with time to a unique limiting distribution, whatever the initial conditions....

Statistical Analysis in Chemistry and the Chemical Industry

Granville A. Bennett, N.L. Franklin, Milton E. Terry


An immense amount of experimental data related to the problem of antibody formation has accumulated. Theories offering a basic interpretation of these observations have, in contrast, been few. The theory formulated in the present paper, though highly...

A method for synthesizing sequential circuits

The theoretical basis of sequential circuit synthesis is developed, with particular reference to the work of D. A. Huffman and E. F. Moore. A new method of synthesis is developed which emphasizes formal procedures rather than the more familiar intuitive...

Inventory Control and Price Theory

In spite of the high level of interest in inventory control that has sprung up recently among statisticians, economists, and businessmen, very little has been written that indicates the fundamental connection between price theory and inventory control....

The Liberal Tradition in America

Arthur Mann, Louis Hartz

Symmetric measures on Cartesian products

Edwin Hewitt, Leonard J. Savage

Political Systems of Highland Burma

Henri Bartoli, Edmund Leach

Theory of Steady‐State Creep Based on Dislocation Climb

A theory of steady‐state creep is developed using Mott's mechanism of dislocation climb. It is assumed in the analysis that the rate‐controlling process is the diffusion of vacancies between dislocations which are creating vacancies and those which...

The colloid chemistry of silica and silicates

The colloid chemistry of silica and silicates


A periodic structure consisting of alternating plane, parallel, isotropic, and homogeneous elastic layers can be replaced by a homogeneous, transversely isotropic material as far as its gross‐scale elastic behavior is concerned. The five elastic moduli...

The Psychology of Politics.

F. C. Bartlett, H. J. Eysenck

Estimates of Genetic and Environmental Variability in Soybeans

RiCENT studies on a number of characters of soybeanshave been directed toward estimation of heritability,that is, the fraction of variance in phenotypic expressionthat arises from genetic effects. However, the differentmethods employed do not necessarily...

Genetic recombination in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Summary: Genetic recombination has been shown to occur in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Crosses between 18 biochemical mutants of 4 strains were studied and, although non-random segregation was found for non-selective markers, it has not yet been possible to...

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