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A Theory of Social Comparison Processes

Hypothesis I: There exists, in the human organism, a drive to evaluate his opinions and his abilities. While opinions and abilities may, at first glance, seem to be quite different things, there is a close functional tie between them. They act together...

The nature of prejudice

Gordon W. Allport

Handbook of social psychology

Susan T. Fiske, Gardner Lindzey

The information capacity of the human motor system in controlling the amplitude of movement

Information theory has recently been employed to specify more precisely than has hitherto been possible man's capacity in certain sensory, perceptual, and perceptual-motor functions (5, 10, 13, 15, 17, 18). The experiments reported in the present paper...

Two simple media for the demonstration of pyocyanin and fluorescin

Elizabeth O. King, Martha K. Ward, Donald E. Raney


Plaques have been produced with the three types of poliomyelitis viruses on monolayer tissue cultures of monkey kidney and monkey testis. The number of plaques was proportional to the concentration of the virus. Each plaque originates, therefore, from...

Economic Development with Unlimited Supplies of Labour

Written in the classical tradition this essay attempts to determine what can be made of the classical framework in solving problems of distribution accumulation and growth first in a closed and then in an open economy. The purpose is to bring the framework...

The Pure Theory of Public Expenditure

The Pure Theory of Public Expenditure

History of economic analysis

Joseph A. Schumpeter, Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter

Theory of capacities

Gustave Choquet

A model for collision processes in gases. I. Small amplitude processes in charged and neutral one-component systems

A kinetic theory approach to collision processes in ionized and neutral gases is presented. This approach is adequate for the unified treatment of the dynamic properties of gases over a continuous range of pressures from the Knudsen limit to the high-pressure...

The distribution and abundance of animals.

H. G. Andrewartha, L. C. Birch

Some informational aspects of visual perception.

xThe ideas of information theory are at present stimulating many different areas of psychological inquiry. In providing techniques for quantifying situations which have hitherto been difficult or impossible to quantify, they suggest new and more precise...

Limit distributions for sums of independent random variables

Boris Gnedenko, A. N. Kolmogorov, Kai Lai Chung

Visual Contribution to Speech Intelligibility in Noise

Oral speech intelligibility tests were conducted with, and without, supplementary visual observation of the speaker's facial and lip movements. The difference between these two conditions was examined as a function of the speech‐to‐noise ratio and...

High‐Temperature Equation of State by a Perturbation Method. II. Polar Gases

The perturbation theory described in a previous article is applied to the calculation of the equation of state at high temperature of a polar gas. The electrostatic dipolar potential is considered to be a perturbation on the nonpolar Lennard‐Jones potential....

Practical physiological chemistry

Hawk, Philip B. (Philip Bovier), b. 1874, William H. Summerson

Experiments on a Gravity-Free Dispersion of Large Solid Spheres in a Newtonian Fluid under Shear

Dispersions of solid spherical grains of diameter D = 0$\cdot $13 cm were sheared in Newtonian fluids of varying viscosity (water and a glycerine-water-alcohol mixture) in the annular space between two concentric drums. The density $\sigma...

Statistical methods for agricultural workers.

V. G. Panse, Pandurang Vasudeo Sukhatme

Measurement of the Roughness of the Sea Surface from Photographs of the Sun’s Glitter

A method is developed for interpreting the statistics of the sun’s glitter on the sea surface in terms of the statistics of the slope distribution. The method consists of two principal phases: (1) of identifying, from geometric considerations, any point...


Late results in 243 arthroplasties with an acrylic prosthesis for traumatic or osteoarthritic conditions are reported.Early results (after one year) show the importance of the restoration of the normal mechanics of the hip joint by the preservation or...

Coherence in Spontaneous Radiation Processes

Coherence in Spontaneous Radiation Processes

The Dispersion of Matter in Turbulent Flow through a Pipe

The dispersion of soluble matter introduced into a slow stream of solvent in a capillary tube can be described by means of a virtual coefficient of diffusion (Taylor 1953a) which represents the combined action of variation of velocity over the cross-section...

The pore-pressure coefficients A and B

~~nstante des sols (en particulier, pour le c&u1 des under changes in total streaws must be known. barrages en terre), il est nkessaire de connattre les changements dans la pression interstitielle Au qui se The equation Au = B[Adoi + A(Aoa - A031 is produisent...

Nomenclature Based on Sand-silt-clay Ratios

Following a canvassing of sedimentationists an attempt is made to standardize nomenclature of sediment types relative to sand, silt, and clay content. A triangle diagram with boundaries between types, which met with general approval, is submitted and...

Conservation of Isotopic Spin and Isotopic Gauge Invariance

Conservation of Isotopic Spin and Isotopic Gauge Invariance

The voter decides

Angus Campbell, Gerald Gurin, Warren B. Miller

Theory of Concentration Quenching in Inorganic Phosphors

A theory is presented for concentration quenching in solid systems, based on the migration of excitation energy from one activator center to another and eventually to an imperfection which may act as an energy sink. Calculations are made on the dependence...

Solution of a Large-Scale Traveling-Salesman Problem

It is shown that a certain tour of 49 cities, one in each of the 48 states and Washington, D.C., has the shortest road distance. Operations Research, ISSN 0030-364X, was published as Journal of the Operations Research Society of America from 1952 to 1955...

Cytoarchitecture of the human brain stem

Jerzy Olszewski, Donald Baxter

The rabbit diencephalon in stereotaxic coordinates

Charles H. Sawyer, John W. Everett, John D. Green

Project for a scientific psychology.

Sigmund Freud, Marie Bonaparte, Anna Freud, Ernst Kris, Eric Mosbacher, James Strachey


Robert B. Hurlbert, Hanns Schmitz, Anne F. Brumm, Van R. Potter


William H. Stein, Stanford Moore

On Sound Generated Aerodynamically. II. Turbulence as a Source of Sound

The theory of sound generated aerodynamically is extended by taking into account the statistical properties of turbulent airflows, from which the sound radiated (without the help of solid boundaries) is called aerodynamic noise. The theory is developed...

Oxygen poisoning and x-irradiation: a mechanism in common

This chapter reviews oxygen poisoning and X-irradiation. Exposure to unphysiologically high tensions of oxygen causes irreversible damage to living matter. The problem of oxygen toxicity is important in clinical medicine and in deep-sea diving. A consideration...

On the development of turbulent wakes from vortex streets

Wave development behind circular cylinders at Reynolds numbers from 40 to 10,000 was investigated in a low speed wind tunnel. Standard hot-wire techniques were used to study the velocity fluctuations.The Reynolds number range of periodic vortex "shedding"...

The theory of signal detectability

The problem of signal detectability treated in this paper is the following: Suppose an observer is given a voltage varying with time during a prescribed observation interval and is asked to decide whether its source is noise or is signal plus noise. What...

Politics, Economics, and Welfare

Howard R. Smith, Robert A. Dahl, Charles E. Lindblom

They saw a game; a case study.

Albert H. Hastorf, Hadley Cantril

A Mathematical Model for the Narrowing of Spectral Lines by Exchange or Motion

In this paper a simplified mathematical model of exchange and motional narrowing, which we call the “random frequency-modulation model,” is developed, and, to a certain extent, justified. A number of cases are treated. The one general conclusion which...

The Growth of Vapor Bubbles in Superheated Liquids

The growth of a vapor bubble in a superheated liquid is controlled by three factors: the inertia of the liquid, the surface tension, and the vapor pressure. As the bubble grows, evaporation takes place at the bubble boundary, and the temperature and vapor...

Markoff Random Processes and the Statistical Mechanics of Time‐Dependent Phenomena. II. Irreversible Processes in Fluids

The procedures developed in a previous paper of the same main title are applied to the specific case of irreversible processes in fluids. The gross variables are chosen to be a finite number of the plane‐wave expansion coefficients of the local particle,...

Monopoly and resource allocation

В статье количественно оценивается влияние монополии как рыночной структуры на распределение ресурсов в экономической системе и уровень...

Large-Signal Behavior of Junction Transistors

In the consideration of the junction transistor as a switch there are three characteristics of primary interest, the open impedance, the closed impedance, and the switching-time. A generalized two-terminal-pair theory of junction transistors is presented...

Sedimentary facies of iron-formation

The sedimentary iron-formations of Precambrian age in the Lake Superior region can be divided on the basis of the dominant original iron mineral into four principal facies: sulfide, carbonate, oxide, and silicate. As chemical sediments, these rocks reflect...

Vegetable fats and oils.

E. W. Eckey, Lawrence P. Miller

The Axicon: A New Type of Optical Element

A search for a universal-focus lens has led to a new class of optical elements. These are called axicons. There are many different kinds of axicons but probably the most important one is a glass cone. It may be either transmitting or reflecting. Axicons...

The Interpretation of the Properties of Indium Antimonide

The data given on the optical properties of InSb are analysed and precise values for the position and temperature dependence of the absorption edge are given. The variation of the position of the absorption edge with impurity concentration is explained...

A study in language and cognition.

Roger Brown, Eric H. Lenneberg

Theory of Stress‐Strain Relations in Anisotropic Viscoelasticity and Relaxation Phenomena

A thermodynamic derivation is given for the representation of a system having viscoelastic or relaxationproperties by means of a potential and dissipation function familiar in Lagrangian mechanics. This leads to modes of relaxation which are used as normal...


Stanley Cohen, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Viktor Hamburger

Energy Transformations and Meridional Circulations associated with simple Baroclinic Waves in a two-level, Quasi-geostrophic Model

The changes in geostrophic kinetic energy predicted by the “2 — ½ dimensional” quasi-geostrophic vorticity equations without friction are shown to be compatible with the mechanical energy equation. The second-order effects on a zonal current due...


1. A clinical condition is described in which there are symptoms of compression of the caudal nerve roots on standing or walking, but not at rest. Seven cases are reported.2. Myelography showed a block in the lumbar region in every case.3. At operation...

The response of laminar skin friction and heat transfer to fluctuations in the stream velocity

The laminar boundary layer in two-dimensional flow about a cylindrical body, when the velocity of the oncoming flow relative to the body oscillates in magnitude but not in direction, is analyzed mathematically. It is found that the maxima of skin friction...

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