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The theory of social and economic organization

Max Weber, A. M. Henderson, Talcott Parsons

Principles of criminology

Edwin H. Sutherland

Readings in social psychology

Theodore M. Newcomb, Eugene L. Hartley

Statistics in psychology and education

Henry E. Garrett, R. S. Woodworth

Dialektik der Aufklärung

Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno (1903-1969)

Calculation of Equilibrium Constants for Isotopic Exchange Reactions

It is pointed out that the possibility of chemical separation of isotopes is a quantum effect. This permits a direct calculation of the difference in the free energies of two isotopic molecules. Tables and approximation methods are given which permit...

The anatomy of the domestic animals

Septimus Sisson, James Daniels Grossman

Fundamental Limitations of Small Antennas

A capacitor or inductor operating as a small antenna is theoretically capable of intercepting a certain amount of power, independent of its size, on the assumption of tuning without circuit loss. The practical efficiency relative to this ideal is limited...

Solar radiation

This brief history of studies in solar radiation well may serve to re-emphasize the significance of both ancient and recent discoveries. The romance of these studies, however, should not overshadow the long hours of labor contributed to each investigation.

Factors Governing the Intelligibility of Speech Sounds

This paper discusses the factors which govern the intelligibility of speech sounds and presents relationships which have been developed for expressing quantitatively, in terms of the fundamental characteristics of speech and hearing, the capability of...

Traveling-Wave Tubes

Very-broad-band amplification can be achieved by use of a traveling-wave type of circuit rather than the resonant circuit commonly employed in amplifiers. An amplifier has been built in which an electron beam traveling with about 1/13 the speed of light...


Previous studies of the long-wave perturbations of the free atmosphere have been based on mathematical models which either fail to take properly into account the continuous vertical shear in the zonal current or else neglect the variations of the vertical...

Physical Properties and Cation Arrangement of Oxides with Spinel Structures I. Cation Arrangement in Spinels

By means of a detailed x‐ray study of a large number of oxides having a spinel structure, it has been established whether they crystallize in the ``normal'' spinel‐type structure, XY2O4, or in the ``inversed'' type of structure, Y(XY)O4, discovered...

How we know universals; the perception of auditory and visual forms.

Two neural mechanisms are described which exhibit recognition of forms. Both are independent of small perturbations at synapses of excitation, threshold, and synchrony, and are referred to partiular appropriate regions of the nervous system, thus suggesting...

Capitalism and Slavery.

J. F. Rees, Eric Williams

Psychopathology and education of the brain-injured child

Alfred A. Strauss, Laura E. Lehtinen, Newell C. Kephart, Samuel D. Clements, Mary Giffin

Physical Properties and Cation Arrangement of Oxides with Spinel Structures II. Electronic Conductivity

The relations between the electronic conductivity of certain spinels and the arrangement of the cations in the crystal structure (see preceding paper) are studied. Several arguments favor the assumption that Fe3O4 contains both divalent and trivalent...


Arthur K. Parpart, Philip B. Lorenz, Ethel R. Parpart, John R. Gregg, Aurin M. Chase

Dislocations in a simple cubic lattice

The properties of dislocations are calculated by an approximate method due to Peierls. The width of a dislocation is small, displacements comparable with the interatomic distance being confined to a few atoms. The shear stress required to move a dislocation...

The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation.

David Ricardo, Edward Carter Kersey Gonner

Ventricular fibrillation of long duration abolished by electric shock.

Ventricular fibrillation occurs as the terminal arrhythmia in approximately 50 per cent of patients.1 If ventricular fibrillation develops in hearts that are relatively normal, especially during operations, defibrillation may be life saving. During the...


This review article (87 references) deals with the biological significance of hyaluronic acid, a mucopolysaccharide acid, and the enzyme hyaluronidase. The author suggests that the relationship between bacterial infection and the hyaluronidase system...

On the theory of superfluidity

This paper presents an attempt of explaining the phenomenon of superfluidity on the basis of the theory of degeneracy of a nonperfect Bose-Einstein gas.

Notes on nursing

Florence Nightingale

Traumatic rupture of the aorta

Seventy-two cases of traumatic rupture of the aorta and twenty-four cases of spontaneous rupture have been reviewed and compared. The main difference regarding occurrence, origin, and pathologic picture of both lesions have been discussed.

Thermodynamics of Crystallization in High Polymers. I. Crystallization Induced by Stretching

A theory of oriented crystallization in elongated polymers having network structures (e.g., in vulcanized rubber) is developed through the application of statistical mechanical procedures similar to those employed in rubberelasticity theory. Expressions...

A Sound Velocity Method for Determining the Compressibility of Finely Divided Substances

A method is presented whereby the adiabatic compressibility of a finely divided material can be found from sound velocity and density measurements of a suspension of the particles in a liquid. The method is based on the assumption that the velocity of...

Wilson's disease.

A disturbance of copper metabolism causes hepatolenticular degeneration (Wilson’s disease), an autosomal recessive disorder whose genetic locus lies on the long arm of chromosome 13. The concentration of the copper transport protein ceruloplasmin is...

Industrial and labor relations review

Labor Relations, LexisNexis (Firm)

Sensitivity to Changes in the Intensity of White Noise and Its Relation to Masking and Loudness

Sensitivity to changes in the intensity of a random noise was determined over a wide range of intensities. The just detectable increment in the intensity of the noise is of the same order of magnitude as the just detectable increment in the intensity...

Pulmonary (venous) air embolism.

Pulmonary (venous) air embolism is a catastrophe which may occur under a variety of circumstances in medical practice. It must be distinguished from arterial air embolism. Our studies in the experimental animal have shown that important factors in determining...

Aneurysm of the pulmonary artery: Review of the literature and report of a case

An analysis has been presented of a series of thirty-six cases of aneurysm of the pulmonary artery, proved by necropsy and collected from the literature. The addition of this group to the 111 cases proved at necropsy and reported by Boyd and McGavack7...

The Chemical Production of Mutations

Since the discovery of the first potent mutagens over 20 years ago, progress in mutation research has been rapid. Many new mutagens, belonging to a variety of chemical classes, have been discovered, and for some of them the reaction with DNA in vitro...

The Nucleation of Ice Formation by Silver Iodide

Silver iodide particles have been found to serve as nuclei for the formation of ice crystals in super‐cooled water and in water vapor super‐saturated with respect to ice. It is believed that silver iodide serves as a very effective nucleus because...

The Use of the Expansion of Gases in a Centrifugal Field as Cooling Process

The design of a vortex tube of good efficiency in which the expansion of a gas in a centrifugal field produces cold is described. The important variables in construction and operation are discussed and data for several tubes under various operating conditions...

Properties of Ridge Wave Guide

Equations and curves giving cutoff frequency and impedance are presented for rectangular wave guide having a rectangular ridge projecting inward from one or both sides. It is shown that ridge wave guide has a lower cutoff frequency and impedance and greater...

The change in refractive power of the human eye in dim and bright light.

It has been reported that the human eye behaves as though relatively short-sighted in dim light. Observers tend to compensate for this change by setting optical instruments more negatively in dim than in bright light. New measurements of telescope settings...

On the Boundary-Value Problems of the Theory of Elasticity and Korn's Inequality

On the Boundary-Value Problems of the Theory of Elasticity and Korn's Inequality

Mean value and correlation problems connected with the motion of small particles suspended in a turbulent fluid

A theoretical treatment of diffusion as function of turbulence, by working out the dispersion of small particles in turbulent fluid. The method of Kolmogoroff is used to decribe the movement in a statistical ways

Electrocardiograms with large, upright T waves and long Q-T intervals.

It is suggested, on the basis of the experimental results of cooling or warming the endocardial surface of the dog's left ventricle, that large, upright T waves in the human electrocardiogram, together with prolongation of the Q-T interval, may oftent...

A working classification of asthma

1. 1. A working classification of some sort is essential for the study and treatment of asthma.2. 2. When asthma begins before age thirty, it should be considered to depend upon allergy until proved otherwise.3. 3. When asthma begins after age forty,...

Fibrinolysis in the Animal Organism

Tage Astrup, Per M. Permin

Directional Couplers

The directional coupler is a device which samples separately the direct and the reflected waves in a transmission line. A simple theory of its operation is derived. Design data and operating characteristics for a typical unit are presented. Several applications...

Introduction to Aristotle

Introduction to Aristotle

Low Moments for Small Samples: A Comparative Study of Order Statistics

Cecil Hastings, Frederick Mosteller, John W. Tukey, Charles P. Winsor

The masking of speech.

George A. Miller

Precursors of corpus carcinoma estrogens and adenomatous hyperplasia.

34 histological sections and 9 case histories comprise the case for a causal relationship between estrogen administration (e.g. diethylstilbestrol) and endometrial hyperplastic changes. A pattern of adenomatous hyperplasia of the endometrium emerges...

The Adsorption of Hydrogen on Tungsten Powders

An analysis of the extensive experimental data of Frankenburg on the adsorption of hydrogen by metallic tungstenpowder between −194 and 750°C has been made, using the Fowler‐Guggenheim treatment of adsorption phenomena as the mode of approach. It...


A theory of convective clouds is presented, the fundamental hypothesis being that the ascending current in a cloud entrains air from its surroundings. A method is developed for computing the amount of entrainment from a knowledge of the temperature and...

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