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The Laplace Transform

The Laplace Transform

Observations on the Pulmonary Arterial Blood Pressure in the Cat

Summary. The pulmonary arterial blood pressure was recorded in anaesthetized cats by means of a special cannula, according to MELLIN's technique. In most experiments the thorax was closed and the animal was breathing spontaneously.The pulmonary arterial...

An Invariant Form for the Prior Probability in Estimation Problems

It is shown that a certain differential form depending on the values of the parameters in a law of chance is invariant for all transformations of the parameters when the law is differentiable with regard to all parameters. For laws containing a location...

A Note on a Simple Transmission Formula

A simple transmission formula for a radio circuit is derived. The utility of the formula is emphasized and its limitations are discussed.

Time‐Dependence of Boundary Tensions of Solutions I. The Role of Diffusion in Time‐Effects

The variation of surface tension of solutions with time has in some cases, where the change is over within a few seconds or less, been explained on the basis of diffusion. This paper attempts a rigorous mathematical analysis of the role that diffusion...

Inductance calculations : working formulas and tables

Inductance calculations : working formulas and tables

The Statistical Mechanical Theory of Transport Processes I. General Theory

Outlines are sketched for a general statistical mechanical theory of transport processes; e.g., diffusion,heat transfer,fluid flow, and response to time‐dependent external force fields. In the case of gases the theory leads to the Maxwell‐Boltzmann...

Radiological Use of Fast Protons

Except for electrons, the particles which have been accelerated to high energies by machines such as cyclotrons or Van de Graaff generators have not been directly used therapeutically. Rather, the neutrons, gamma rays, or artificial radioactivities produced...

A New Approach to the Theory of Relaxing Polymeric Media

A molecular theory of relaxing media is presented which gives an expression for the stress in terms of the strain history. At any given time the strain history produces a distribution in internal strains which for mechanical properties can be characterized...

The Measurement of Thermal Radiation at Microwave Frequencies

The connection between Johnson noise and blackbody radiation is discussed, using a simple thermodynamic model. A microwaveradiometer is described together with its theory of operation. The experimentally measured root mean square fluctuation of the output...

A Current Distribution for Broadside Arrays Which Optimizes the Relationship between Beam Width and Side-Lobe Level

A one-parameter family of current distributions is derived for symmetric broadside arrays of equally spaced point sources energized in phase. For each value of the parameter, the corresponding current distribution gives rise to a pattern in which (1)...

Theory of the structure of ferromagnetic domains in films and small particles

"Reprinted from the Physical review, vol. 70, nos. 11 and 12, 965-971, Dec. 1 and 15, 1946."

Flora of Guatemala.

Paul C. Standley, Julian A. Steyermark

Motions of Molecules in Condensed Systems: I. Selection Rules, Relative Intensities, and Orientation Effects for Raman and Infra‐Red Spectra

A method is described that permits deduction of selection rules for Raman and infra‐red spectra of crystals from a knowledge of just the space group designation and the population of the unit cell. When implemented by an appendix to this article showing,...

Particle Size Determination from X‐Ray Line Broadening

The x‐ray line broadening method of determining particle size was compared with direct measurement on electron micrographs. By controlled heating of the carbonate, magnesium oxide particles were prepared from 50 to 1000A in diameter. Particle size calculated...

A Specific Sympathomimetic Ergone in Adrenergic Nerve Fibres (Sympathin) and its Relations to Adrenaline and Nor‐Adrenaline

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A Relation between Bond Force Constants, Bond Orders, Bond Lengths, and the Electronegativities of the Bonded Atoms

A relation of the form k=aN(x A x B /d 2 ) 3 4 +b has been found to hold accurately for a large number of diatomic and simple polyatomic molecules in their ground states. (The average deviation of k calculated from k observed for seventy‐one cases is...

The discovery of India

Jawaharlal Nehru

A Note on a Simple Transmission Formula

A simple transmission formula for a radio circuit is derived. The utility of the formula is emphasized and its limitations are discussed.

The Statistical Sign Test

This paper presents and illustrates a simple statistical test for judging whether one of two materials or treatments is better than the other. The data to which the test is applied consist of paired observations on the two materials or treatments. The...

The Experimental Determination of the Intensities of Infra‐Red Absorption Bands I. Theory of the Method

With spectrographs of available resolving power, the apparent integrated absorption coefficients of infra‐red bands usually differ greatly from the true coefficients because the spectrograph yields at each setting a weighted average of the fractional...

Energy Levels and Thermodynamic Functions for Molecules with Internal Rotation: II. Unsymmetrical Tops Attached to a Rigid Frame

Formulas are derived which make the tables and equations of the first paper of this series applicable to this more general class molecules. Additional approximations are involved and these are examined carefully.

Application of the Methods of Molecular Distribution to Solutions of Large Molecules

The equations for the thermodynamic potentials of the solvent in solutions of ordinary organic molecules are extended to solutions of large molecules by methods using continuous molecular distribution functions. Particular attention is given to the coefficient,...

The Behavior of Macromolecules in Inhomogeneous Flow

Following up the ideas of W. Kuhn's skein theory, J. J. Hermans has recently elaborated a theory of the properties of dilute solutions of highly polymerized molecules. Hermans describes the behavior of linear molecules by the diffusion of their end points....

Language and myth

Ernst Cassirer, Susanne K. Langer

Battle Injuries of the Arteries in World War II

An extensive review of the literature on combat injuries to arteries and their battlefield medical management, illustrating the difficulty of maintaining circulation and avoiding infection and amputation in these cases.

On Some Useful "Inefficient" Statistics

Summary. Several statistical techniques are proposed for economically analyzing large masses of data by means of punched-card equipment; most of these techniques require only a counting sorter. The methods proposed are designed especially for situations...

The mass psychology of fascism

Wilhelm Reich, Vincent R Carfagno

The Sound Spectrograph

The sound spectrograph is a waveanalyzer which produces a permanent visual record showing the distribution of energy in both frequency and time. This paper describes the operation of this device, and shows the mechanical arrangements and the electrical...

Quantitative histology of Wallerian degeneration: I. Nuclear population in rabbit sciatic nerve.

Full textFull text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (2.2M), or click on a page image below to browse page by page. 3738394041424344454647484950

Motion of Waves in Shallow Water. Interaction between Waves and Sand Bottoms

The loss of energy of a travelling water wave, due to the mechanism of the formation of sand ripples and water vortices on a sandy bed, becomes of practical importance when models are used to predict full-scale foreshore movements. On the assumption that...

Theory of communication. Part 1: The analysis of information

Hitherto communication theory was based on two alternative methods of signal analysis. One is the description of the signal as a function of time; the other is Fourier analysis. Both are idealizations, as the first method operates with sharply defined...

Sample Criteria for Testing Equality of Means, Equality of Variances, and Equality of Covariances in a Normal Multivariate Distribution

Sample Criteria for Testing Equality of Means, Equality of Variances, and Equality of Covariances in a Normal Multivariate Distribution

Body sway and vision

Body sway and vision

The Transuranium Elements

The Transuranium Elements


Otto A. Bessey, Oliver H. Lowry, Mary Jane Brock, J. A. Lopez

The mechanism of locomotion in snakes.

1. Of the four main types of locomotion observed in snakes, three (serpentine, concertina and crotaline) can be elicited from the common grass snake ( Tropidonotus natrix ) by appropriate modification of the animal's environment.2. Serpentine motion depends...

On Closed Elements in Closure Algebras

J. C. C. McKinsey, Alfred Tarski

Vector fields and Ricci curvature

Vector fields and Ricci curvature

Statistical Mechanics of Multimolecular Adsorption II. Localized and Mobile Adsorption and Absorption

It is shown that the transition from localized to mobile adsorption (in the first adsorbed layer) takes place at rather low temperatures for potential barriers of around 1000 cal./mole or less, so that localized physical adsorption should be a very rare...

Theory and Application of the Parallel Plate Plastometer

A method has been established for the measurement of the viscosity of high polymers at low rates of shear in the range 104 to 109 poises using a parallel plate plastometer. This is based on a mathematical criterion for separating the viscous portion of...

The Pavlovian theory of generalization.

K. S. Lashley, Marjorie Wade

Thermodynamic Properties of Gaseous 1,3‐Butadiene and the Normal Butenes above 25°C Equilibria in the System 1,3‐Butadiene, n‐Butenes, and n‐Butane

Tables of the thermodynamic functionsCp 0, H 0, S 0, and F 0 are given for 1,3‐butadiene and the normal butenes for temperatures from 298.16°K to 1500°K for the substances in the...

The Theory of Unbiased Estimation

The Theory of Unbiased Estimation

Metal-Lens Antennas

A new type of antenna is described which utilizes the optical properties of radio waves. It consists of a number of conducting plates of proper shape and spacing and is, in effect, a lens, the focusing action of which is due to the high phase velocity...



Kinetic studies in the chemistry of rubber and related materials. II. The kinetics of oxidation of unconjugated olefins

A brief review is given of kinetic work on the oxidation of representative mono, 1,4 and 1,5 olefins. The essential process in each case is identified as a chain reaction in which hydrocarbon radicals are formed, absorb oxygen, and then react with another...

The freezing preservation of foods

D. K. Tressler, C. F. Evers

Modern clinical psychology

H. Robert Otness, T. W. Richards


John G. Gibson, Arnold M. Seligman, Wendell C. Peacock, Joseph C. Aub, Jacob Fine, Robley D. Evans

Statistical Mechanics of Multimolecular Adsorption. I

Cassie's statistical treatment of multimolecular adsorption on a free surface, leading to the BET equation, is criticized and corrected. The method is generalized to include adsorption when the maximum number of layers of adsorbate is restricted. The...

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