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Thermodynamics of High Polymer Solutions

Ifor binary mixtures of molecules differing considerably in size was empha­ sized in the work of Hiicke! (1), Fowler & Rushbrooke (2), and Guggen­ heim (3) some 15 years ago. Here nl and n2 are the numbers of the two kinds of molecules in the mixture,...

A modification of the colorimetric phosphorus determination for use with the photoelectric colorimeter.

A modification of the colorimetric phosphorus determination for use with the photoelectric colorimeter.


Selig Hecht, Simon Shlaer, Maurice Henri Pirenne

Energy Levels and Thermodynamic Functions for Molecules with Internal Rotation I. Rigid Frame with Attached Tops

A general treatment of internal rotation is given for molecules whose moments of inertia for over‐all rotation are independent of internal rotational coordinates. Tables are presented for the various thermodynamic functions which are accurate for molecules...

Earthquake magnitude, intensity, energy, and acceleration

The magnitude of an earthquake was originally defined by the junior author(Richter, 1935), for shocks in southern California, as the logarithm of themaximum trace amplitude expressed in thousandths of a millimeter with whichthe standard short-period torsion...

Powder metallurgy

Modern powder metallurgy has two principal uses: the cheap and efficient mass production of machine parts that do not require high strength, and the creation of alloys with special properties. Both uses are described and the development of the process...

Formulas for the Skin Effect

At radio frequencies, the penetration of currents and magnetic fields into the surface of conductors is governed by the skin effect. Many formulas are simplified if expressed in terms of the "depth of penetration," which has merely the dimension of length...

An X‐Ray Study of Carbon Black

X‐ray studies have been made of a number of carbon blacks, prepared under different conditions, and subject to various heat treatments. The patterns were made in evacuated cameras, using CuKα radiation monochromated by reflection from rocksalt. The...

X-Ray Interference in Partially Ordered Layer Lattices

The x‐ray interference is calculated for layer lattices in which the phase shifts between consecutive layers and the scattering powers of individual layers do not follow a strictly periodic arrangement. In the second section the scattering power of...


C. D. Haagensen, Arthur Purdy Stout

Dispersion and Absorption in Dielectrics II. Direct Current Characteristics

In the first paper of this series [J. Chem. Phys. 9, 341 (1941)], it was shown that the complex dielectric constant, e*, of many liquid and solid dielectrics is given by a single very general formula e * =e ∞ +(e 0 −e ∞ )/[1+(iωτ...

Statistical Thermodynamics of Rubber. III

The statistical theory of rubberelasticity is extended by postulating that the total volume of a piece of rubber remains constant during a stretching process. The modified theory is found to be in better agreement with observation than any previous molecular...

Bending of Rectangular Plates With Large Deflections

The solution of von Karman's fundamental equations for large deflections of plates is presented for the case of a simply supported rectangular plate under combined edge compression and lateral loading. Numerical solutions are given for square plates and...

Microelectrodes for Measuring Local Oxygen Tension in Animal Tissues

A description is given of two types of stationary platinum microelectrodes which electrolyze dissolved oxygen when suitable potentials are applied. With these electrodes it is possible to measure the oxygen tension in an open solution, and especially,...

Rotating Bubble Method for the Determination of Surface and Interfacial Tensions

A new method for the measurement of surface and interfacial tensions is suggested. The two phases to be investigated are placed in a closed container which is rotated at a known speed about a horizontal axis. Under the influence of the forces of rotation...

Polarization of Light Scattered by Isotropic Opalescent Media

A general study is given of the polarization of light scattered by isotropic media whose elements of heterogeneity are not very small in comparison with the wavelength, (suspensions,colloidal solutions, solutions of large molecules, ...). This includes...

The Radial Distribution Function in Liquids

In accordance with the general methods of an earlier paper (reference 1) an integral equation is evolved for the radial distribution function for pairs in a liquid, and an approximate solution is effected for a system of ``hard spheres.'' The form of...

Megaloblastic Anaemia of Pregnancy and Puerperium.

L. S. P. Davidson, L. J. Davis, James Innes

The Vibrational Spectra of Pyrrole and Some of Its Deuterium Derivatives

The Raman spectra of pyrrole, pyrrole‐N‐d, symmetrical pyrrole‐d 4, and pyrrole‐d 5 have been studied with a high speed grating spectrograph. The infra‐red absorption spectra of the same compounds have been investigated in the liquid state in...

Methods of plant breeding.

H. K. Hayes, F. R. Immer

Le mythe de Sisyphe

Albert Camus (1913-1960)

The electrocardiogram after standard exercise as a functional test of the heart

An objective test of cardiac function is of importance in distinguishing functional from organic heart disease. It is useful in diagnosis and is helpful in studying the progress of disease and the degree of physical disability. It is of particular value...

The production of elastic waves by explosion pressures; I, Theory and empirical field observations

A solution to the problem of the wave motion produced when a pressure of arbitrary form is applied to the interior surface of a spherical cavity in an ideally elastic medium is derived. This solution is shown to be in qualitative agreement with a number...


When a patient presents himself with the common complaint of pain in the shoulder region and arm, with or without limitation of motion and unrelated to severe trauma, the physician usually thinks of the joints, bursae, tendons or nerves rather than of...

Constitutional Government and Democracy

John D. Lewis, Carl J. Friedrich


Edward H. Cushing, Harold Feil, Eugene J. Stanton, William B. Wartman

Appraising and recording student progress

Eugene R Smith, Ralph W. Tyler

The principles of least action in quantum mechanics

The principles of least action in quantum mechanics

Electrophoresis of Proteins and the Chemistry of Cell Surfaces.

Harold A. Abramson, Laurence S. Moyer, Manuel H. Gorin

Hypertension and cardiac rupture: A clinical and pathologic study of seventy-two cases, in thirteen of which rupture of the interventricular septum occurred

1. 1. In a series of 25,000 autopsies at the Los Angeles County Hospital between July 1924, and August 1941, there were 865 hearts which contained unhealed infarcts caused by coronary disease.2. 2. Among these were 72 instances of spontaneous rupture...

The non spherical potential field between two hydrogen molecules

The repulsive interaction energy between two hydrogen molecules is calculated by the quantummechanical perturbation theory, using the H e i t 1 e r-L o n d o n-W a n g wave-function for the unperturbed hydrogen molecule. The theoretical expression obtained,...

The Infra‐Red Absorption Spectra of Ethylene and Tetra‐Deutero‐Ethylene under High Resolution

The fine structure of several infra‐red absorption bands of C2H4 and C2D4 have been resolved. From the rotational constants so found, the C–C and C–H distances in this molecule were calculated to be 1.353 and 1.071A, and the H–C–H angle to be...

Second Virial Coefficients and the Forces Between Complex Molecules

The second virial coefficients of ethane, propane,n‐butane, n‐heptane, ammonia, methyl chloride, and the freons are computed from available experimental data. The causes for sizeable errors in second virial coefficients are considered. At temperatures...

Pima and Papago Indian Agriculture

Pima and Papago Indian Agriculture

Some Haematozoa observed in vertebrates in eastern Canada.

H. B. Fantham, Annie Porter, L. R. Richardson


In the earlier geophysical literature, many schemes were published for the calculation of gravity and magnetic effects. For the most part these were either the curves for the effects of certain definite geometric bodies or various charts and diagrams...

Théorie Phénoménologique De L'effet Soret

SummaryThe boundary problem that arises from phenomenological assumptions about the diffusion and thermal diffusion process between parallel plates in liquids (Soret effect) is rigourously integrated. From the solution an approximate expression is derived,...

Mechanism for Self-Diffusion in Metallic Copper

H. B. Huntington, Frederick Seitz

The Mechanism of the Nervous Regulation of the Crayfish Heart

A preparation is described in which the peripheral inhibitor and accelerator nerves of the crayfish (Cambarus clarkii) heart can be separately or simultaneously stimulated. The effect of different frequencies of stimulation were investigated; complete...

The poetics of Aristotle

Samuel Henry Butcher, Aristotle


J. Russell Elkinton, Max Taffel

Imperfections in the Structure of Cobalt. II. Mathematical Treatment of Proposed Structure

The close-packed structures are made by piling up close-packed planes of atoms in three different relative positions. In proper hexagonal close-packing only two of the positions are used. The intensity of reflexion of X-rays is calculated for a structure...

Bakerian Lecture. The Physical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Modern developments of atomic theory have required alterations in some of the most fundamental physical ideas. This has resulted in its being usually easier to discover the equations that describe some particular phenomenon than just how the equations...

Diurnal Variations in Feeding Activity of Young Salmon and Trout

Young salmon and trout ordinarily take little food from about 10 p.m. to about 5 a.m. This does not seem to be entirely due to changes in temperature or light conditions. It seems probable that the fish are habituated to sleep during the hours of...

Antibacterial Properties of Protamine and Histone.

Benjamin F. Miller, Richard Abrams, Morton Klein

Absorption of Polysubstituted Benzene Derivatives

The intensification, by nonchromophoric substitutions, of the forbidden, 1 A 1g →1 B 2U , transition in benzene is due, on the one hand, to the unsymmetrical distortion of the ring by the normal vibrations and, on the other hand, to the transition moment...

Unusual currents in Glacial Lake Missoula, Montana

The area submerged by Glacial Lake Missoula includes several intermontane basins and constricted interconnecting valleys or “narrows” that drain to a single outlet, the Clark Fork River. A sudden failure of the ice dam that blocked this valley, near...

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