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Granulation, Phase Change, and Microstructure Kinetics of Phase Change. III

The theory of the preceding papers is generalized and the notation simplified. A cluster of molecules in a stable phase surrounded by an unstable phase is itself unstable until a critical size is reached, though for statistical reasons a distribution...

Theory of the Superfluidity of Helium II

Theory of the Superfluidity of Helium II

A survey of modern algebra

Garrett Birkhoff, Saunders MacLane

Erratum: Spectroscopic Evidence for Hydrogen Bonds: Comparison of Proton‐Attracting Properties of Liquids. IV

This is the third paper of a series in which the proton‐attracting powers of different liquids are compared by a measurement of the perturbation they produce on the OD vibrational band of CH3OD. Data showing the absorption of the OD group of CH3OD in...

The human equation.

Trigant Burrow

Some Mathematical Methods for the Study of Molecular Vibrations

Developments which reduce the labor of calculating the vibration frequencies of complex molecules are described. In particular a vectorial scheme is given for obtaining the reciprocal of the matrix of the kinetic energy in terms of valence‐type coordinates....

Synthesis of Variance

The distribution of a linear combination of two statistics distributedas is Chi-square is studied. The degree of approximationinvolved in assuming a Chi-square distribution is illustrated forseveral representative cases. It is concluded that the approximationis...

Measurement and Geological Significance of Shape and Roundness of Sedimentary Particles

Methods are described for the rapid measurement of shape and roundness of large sedimentary particles. Shape is determined from the long, intermediate, and short diameters of the particles, and roundness is measured by a rapid visual method. The importance...

Theory of the Transition in KH2PO4

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate contains phosphate groups connected by hydrogen bonds. Different possible arrangements of the hydrogens result effectively in different orientations of the (H2PO4)— dipoles. Since these have the lowest energy when pointing...

The sickness unto death

Søren Kierkegaard, Walter Lowrie


Our object in this paper is to point out the existence of postmenopausal osteoporosis and to describe its clinical features. Some metabolic data showing the effects of therapy with estrogens and other agents are incorporated in other papers.1It will probably...

Potential Energy Functions for Diatomic Molecules

The usual Morse functions are determined from the energy of dissociation, the equilibrium separation of the nuclei, and the fundamental vibration frequency. Two additional spectroscopic constants, ω e x e and α e , are available for most of the common...

The Theory of Anomalous Diffraction Gratings and of Quasi-Stationary Waves on Metallic Surfaces (Sommerfeld’s Waves)

The theory of Wood’s anomalous diffraction gratings, which was developed some years ago, has been reexamined in order to visualize its physical meaning. Each wave diffracted by a grating is identified through the component of its “wave vector” tangential...

The lightning discharge

A survey of the data available indicates that lightning flashes in all thunderstorms have similar characteristics as regards the times involved and the number of strokes in a flash, and it is shown that Norinder's divergent values are due to misinter-pretation...

A New Calculus for the Treatment of Optical SystemsI. Description and Discussion of the Calculus

The effect of a plate of anisotropic material, such as a crystal, on a collimated beam of polarized light may always be represented mathematically as a linear transformation of the components of the electric vector of the light. The effect of a retardation...

Towards a New Biochemistry

In this lecture, Szent-Gyorgyi suggested for the first time that quantum theory might be productively applied to explain certain biological processes. From the late 1950s on, he devoted most of his research efforts to the pursuit of the ideas outlined...

An apparatus for comparison of foaming properties of soaps and detergents

Summary1. The measurement of the foaming properties of soaps and detergents is shown to be possible by comparing the relative stability of a foam by measuring the effect of an arbitrary standard destructive mechanism acting upon a volume of foam during...

The Garrison State

The garrison state is a "developmental construct" about the future course of world-politics, whose function is to stimulate the individual specialist to clarify for himself his expectations about the future as a guide to the timing of scientific work....


The demonstration that specific patterns of electrical discharge from the brain, recorded through the unopened skull, are related to epileptiform disorders of cerebral function has given a new approach to the diagnosis, treatment and general understanding...

Solution of the inverse problem of the calculus of variations

Solution of the inverse problem of the calculus of variations

Velocity of Sound in Liquids and Chemical Constitution

A study of the recently obtained data on the velocity of sound and density in liquids reveals a simple relation between these quantities namely the law, v⅓M/ρ = R where v is the velocity of sound in the liquid, M the molecular weight, ρ the density...

Statistical Mechanics of Fusion

A statistical mechanical theory of fusion based upon the use of local free energies is presented. An integral equation is formulated for the distribution function of average density in a region occupied by a system of molecules. Periodic solutionscharacteristic...

Second Virial Coefficients of Polar Gases

An equation is given for the classical second virial coefficient of a polar gas in terms of the parameters appearing in an intermolecular potential energy which includes London and dipole attraction and inverse‐power repulsion. The equation is successfully...

Shielding of Transmission Lines

MODERN theories of direct-stroke protection premise that the ground wires are so located as to intercept the stroke and provide perfect shielding. In spite of the fundamental importance of this question there still exists considerable doubt as to the...

Changes in sea level, postglacial uplift, and mobility of the earth's interior

Record of tide gauges indicate that sea level generally is rising at an average rate of about 10 cm per century. The uplift in Fennoscandia and North America is investigated, and maps showing the rate of uplift are given. A discussion of the new material...


Every nation or tribe has a favorite sport in which its people often have more interest than they do in the many more serious vocations of life. The Americans, therefore, being no different from other peoples, have their own particular national sport—the...

The Calculation of Ground-Wave Field Intensity over a Finitely Conducting Spherical Earth

Equations and curves are presented which simplify the calculation of ground-wave field intensity over a finitely conducting spherical earth for transmitting and receiving antennas of arbitrary heights and polarization.


The recognition of the specific nature of an obstructing lesion of the bowel is a vastly important expedient in the proper management of intestinal obstruction. With the introduction of suction therapy for the treatment of acute obstruction by Wangensteen...

Operationism and Theory in Psychology

Gustav Bergmann, Kenneth W. Spence

X‐ray diffraction studies on the structure of the nerve myelin sheath

Francis O. Schmitt, Richard S. Bear, Kenneth J. Palmer


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Experimental studies on the effect of temporary occlusion of coronary arteries ☆ ☆☆: II. The production of myocardial infarction

1. 1. Experiments were performed on thirty-nine dogs to learn whether temporary occlusion of a coronary artery would produce myocardial infarction and persistent electrocardiographic changes characteristic of myocardial ischemia.2. 2. In twelve of eighteen...

A Double Change-Over Design for Dairy Cattle Feeding Experiments*

SummaryThe design and statistical analysis of a short-time switch-over trial comparing three rations are discussed in this paper. The principal objects of the design are to secure accurate comparisons of the effects of the rations and unbiased estimates...

Between the acts

Virginia Woolf's extraordinary last novel, Between the Acts , was published in July 1941. In the weeks before she died in March that year, Woolf wrote that she planned to continue revising the book and that it was not ready for publication. Her husband...

The Influence of Intramolecular Atomic Motion on Electron Diffraction Diagrams

A discussion of the influence of atomic vibrations and of free or hindered rotations of molecular groups in molecules on their scatteringproperties. The radial distribution curve is calculated and the results which may be expected from an analysis of...

Theory of Antennas of Arbitrary Size and Shape

In this paper there are presented (1) a quite general method of antenna analysis; (2) a physical picture of transmission phenomena in antennas, based on this method; and (3) an expression for the input impedance of antennas of any shape, whose transverse...

Anomalous Dispersion and Dielectric Loss in Polar Polymers

A theory of dielectric loss of polar polymers at high dilution in a nonpolar plasticizer is developed. The theory leads to a broad distribution in relaxation times, associated with the internal rotatory Brownian motion of the hydrocarbon chain. An approximate...

The concentration of " folic acid. ".

Herschel K. Mitchell, Esmond E. Snell, R. J. Williams

Conditioned reflexes and psychiatry

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, W. Horsley (William Horsley) Gantt

A slit sampler for collecting and counting air-borne bacteria.

R. B. Bourdillon, O. M. Lidwell, John C. Thomas

The Upper triassic flora of Arizona

Lyman H. Daugherty, Howard R. Stagner


Eugene L. Lozner, F. H. L. Taylor, John P. Peters

Mural thrombi in the heart

Of 771 consecutive, adult, autopsied patients who died of heart disease, 265, or 34.4 per cent, had one or more mural thrombi. Coronary artery disease, with myocardial infarction, was the type of heart disease most often associated with mural thrombi;...

The Long Wave-Length Spectra of Aldehydes and Ketones Part II. Conjugated Aldehydes and Ketones

Intensity calculations are used to help in deciding which of two theoretically predicted transitions should be identified with the weak longest wave‐length absorption characteristic of the unconjugated – –C = O group. In terms of the localized LCAO...

Impulse and 60-Cycle Characteristics of Driven Grounds - II

This investigation presents test data on the impulse and 60-cycle characteristics of common rods driven in natural soil (largely clay composition). It sums up and analyzes the results in the characteristic curve of the ratio of impulse to 60-cycle resistance...

Intoxication by Manganese in Well Water.

Haruichi Ikuta, S. Fukuzumi, R. Yamada, S. Tsubaki, Tutomu Kodama, S. Kurata


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Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists

H. M. Gehman, I. S. Sokolnikoff, E. S. Sokolnikoff

The fractional dimensional theory of continued fractions

The fractional dimensional theory of continued fractions

Statistical Mechanics of Nearest Neighbor Systems

In many solids the intermolecular forces are sufficiently short ranged so that practically the entire potential energy of the system results from interactions between nearest neighbors. The thermodynamic properties of a solid with respect to a given coordinate,...


John Parkinson, Cornelio Papp, W. C. Evans


Dan H. Moore, Ethel Benedict Gutman, Virginia McClellan, Elvin A. Kabat


Headache is undoubtedly among the most frequent ills to which the human flesh is heir. It is a complaint which has been known to mankind since the dawn of antiquity. Few contributions, however, have marked medical progress in this field.It is not my purpose...

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