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Kinetics of Phase Change. II Transformation‐Time Relations for Random Distribution of Nuclei

Following upon the general theory in Part I, a considerable simplification is here introduced in the treatment of the case where the grain centers of the new phase are randomly distributed. Also, the kinetics of the main types of crystalline growth, such...

A Theory of Large Elastic Deformation

It is postulated that (A) the material is isotropic, (B) the volume change and hysteresis are negligible, and (C) the shear is proportional to the traction in simple shear in a plane previously deformed, if at all, only by uniform dilatation or contraction....

A Neurotropic Virus Isolated from the Blood of a Native of Uganda

K. C. Smithburn, T. P. Hughes, A. W. Burke, J. H. Paul

Magnetic Resonance for Nonrotating Fields

Felix Bloch, Arnold J. F. Siegert

A Theory of the Structure and Process of Formation of Antibodies

The citation for the published article is: Pauling, Linus. "A Theory of the Structure and Process of Formation of Antibodies." Journal of the American Chemical Society 62 (1940): 2643-2657.

Statistical procedures and their mathematical bases

Charles C. Peters, Walter Roe Van Voorhis

Symbolic Dynamics II. Sturmian Trajectories

Marston Morse, Gustav A. Hedlund

African political systems

Meyer Fortes, E. E. Evans-Pritchard

An Empirical Equation for Thermodynamic Properties of Light Hydrocarbons and Their Mixtures I. Methane, Ethane, Propane and n‐Butane

An empirical equation is given for the isothermal variation with density of the work content of pure hydrocarbons in the gaseous or liquid state. From this fundamental equation are derived (a) an equation of state, (b) an equation for the fugacity, and...

An essay on metaphysics

R. G. Collingwood

Language in thought and action

Language in thought and action

The species concept in Fusarium.

W. C. Snyder, H. N. Hansen

Proposed standard solar radiation curves for engineering use

A wealth of data on sunlight has been obtained by astrophysicists, meteorologists, and others; but this information has been scattered through the literature and has not been generally available to engineers.The present paper correlates some of the data...

News as a Form of Knowledge: A Chapter in the Sociology of Knowledge

Following James's categories, "knowledge about" is formal knowledge; "acquaintance with" is unsystematic, intuitive knowledger or "common sense." When the above are regarded as being points on a continuum, news also has a point characteristic of its transient...

The mechanism and nature of ventricular fibrillation

Ventricular fibrillation, which is a common cause of sudden death following anesthesia, coronary occlusion, electric shock, etc., cannot be adequately described as an asynchronous, incoordinate contraction of ultimate cardiac fractions. The process is...

Man and Society in an Age of Reconstruction.

Charles W. Mills, Karl Mannheim, Edward Shils

The Vibration Frequencies and Thermodynamic Functions of Long Chain Hydrocarbons

A method is developed for calculating thermodynamic functions for long chain molecules with particular attention to normal paraffins. In this connection the infinite chain approximation method for calculating vibration frequencies is considered. Starting...

Penicillin as a Chemotherapeutic Agent.

E. B. Chain, H. W. Florey, A. D. Gardner, N. G. Heatley, M. A. Jennings, Jean Orr-Ewing, A. G. Sanders

On Maintained Convective Motion in a Fluid Heated from below

This paper examines the stability in viscous liquid of a steady regime in which the temperature decreases with uniform gradient between a lower horizontal surface which is heated and an upper horizontal surface which is cooled. The problem has been treated...

Intensities in Molecular Electronic Spectra X. Calculations on Mixed‐Halogen, Hydrogen Halide, Alkyl Halide, and Hydroxyl Spectra

The dipole strengths for certain perpendicular‐type transitions N→Q in the mixed halogens, the hydrogen and monovalent metal halides, and the alkyl halides, are calculated theoretically by the LCAO and by the AO approximations. The scanty experimental...

A systematic application of the concepts of generalization and differentiation to verbal learning

A systematic application of the concepts of generalization and differentiation to verbal learning

The Photogalvanic Effect I. The Photochemical Properties of the Thionine‐Iron System

Solutions containing thionine and ferrous salts are bleached by illumination and recover their color in the dark. The kinetics of this reaction are investigated, by measuring photometrically the concentration of the dye in the photostationary state. Equations...

Velocity-range relation for fission fragments

In two recent notes(1,2) a number of features of the penetration of uranium fission fragments through matter as revealed by cloud-chamber photographs were discussed. In particular, it was pointed out that we have here to do with avelocity-range relation...

Linear operations on summable functions

Nelson Dunford, B. J. Pettis

The development of the implantation theory for the origin of peritoneal endometriosis

In studying the pathogenesis of ovarian and other forms of peritoneal endometriosis, one must not lose sight of the important role evidently played by patency of the tubes.

Rectilinear Electron Flow in Beams

Electrodes are devised by means of which rectilinear electron flow according to well‐known space charge equations can be realized in beams surrounded by charge‐free space. It is shown how these electrodes can be used in the design of electron guns...

Theory of Depolymerization of Long Chain Molecules

A theory of depolymerization of long chain molecules is developed on a statistical basis. It is assumed that all bonds connecting monomeric elements in the system have the same probability of being broken regardless of their position in a given polymer...

A textbook of dental anatomy and physiology

Russell C. (Russell Charles) Wheeler

The Growth of Bacteriophage and Lysis of the Host.

1. A new strain of B. coli and of phage active against it is described, and the relation between phage growth and lysis has been studied. It has been found that the phage can lyse these bacteria in two distinct ways, which have been designated lysis from...

Statistical Measurements on Conversational Speech

Using apparatus designed to collect a large number of data in a short time, the following measurements have been made: peak and r.m.s. pressures in one‐eighth‐second intervals, and in various bands of frequencies up to 12,000 cycles per second, from...

Catalogue of Foraminifera

Brooks F. Ellis, Angelina Messina

The New England Mind. The Seventeenth Century.

Herbert W. Schneider, Perry Miller

The Fossil Bovidae of India.

Marcus Ward Lyon, Guy E. Pilgrim

The Mechanism of Reactions Involving Excited Electronic States The Gaseous Reactions of the Alkali Metals and Halogens

In many of the reactions of the alkali metals with the halogens the reacting system changes from a homopolar to a polar state, or vice versa. The possibility of a restriction on this change is considered, and it is concluded that there will be a serious...

Poisonous Plants of India.

R. N. Chopra, R. L. Badhwar

Agriculture and Forestry

Higlesias Hidalgo M

The Structure of Interest Rates

I. Assumptions, 36. — Five propositions concerning the relationship between short and long rates, 37. — II. Influence of the costs of investment, 41. — Shiftability on the lenders' side, 43. — Two complications: many maturities, 44; the function...

Toward a concept of workable competition

The paper of which this is an enlarged and revised version was read at a joint Round Table of the American Economic Association and the Econometric Society, during the meetings at Philadelphia, December, 1939. Where one of the conditions of perfect competition...

The physiologic basis for cardiac resuscitation from ventricular fibrillation—Method for serial defibrillation ☆

A number of procedures which can be credited with a measure of success in defibrillating the ventricles of dogs and in restoring normal, vigorous beats are reviewed. The physiologic conditions which seem to determine success or failure are analyzed and,...

The invasion from Mars : a study in the psychology of panic

Hadley Cantril, Hazel Gaudet, Herta Herzog

The Influence of Initial Stress on Elastic Waves

A rigorous treatment is given of the problem of wave propagation in an elastic continuum when the influence of the initial stress is taken into account. After a short review of the theory various cases of initial stress are considered. It is shown that...

The Water Vapor Molecule

Byron T. Darling, David M. Dennison

Gold Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Philip Ellman, Lawrence Js, Thorold Gp

Bone changes resulting from experimental orthodontic treatment

While various experiments had been performed in the past to determine the nature of tissue changes as the result of applied forces, we still felt that the whole question regarding the extent of tissue involvement and its behavior to the forces used in...

An X-Ray Method of Determining Rates of Diffusion in the Solid State

Gold and copper were simultaneously deposited in vacuum by vaporization on a plate of glass, the copper being deposited at a uniform rate while the gold was deposited in one hundred stratified layers in the copper by alternately raising and lowering the...

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