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The estimation of the bactericidal power of the blood

Arnold Miles, S. S. Misra, J. O. Irwin

A symbolic analysis of relay and switching circuits

In the control and protective circuits of complex electrical systems it is frequently necessary to make intricate interconnections of relay contacts and switches. Examples of these circuits occur in automatic telephone exchanges, industrial motor-control...

On the Economic Theory of Socialism

Oskar Lange, Benjamin E. Lippincott, Fred M. Taylor

A general introduction to psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud, Rivière J, Ernest Jones, G. Stanley Hall

The oxidation states of the elements and their potentials in aqueous solutions

The oxidation states of the elements and their potentials in aqueous solutions

Metric spaces and completely monotone functions

Metric spaces and completely monotone functions

The conductivity of thin metallic films according to the electron theory of metals

The conductivity of thin metallic films according to the electron theory of metals

Calculations of the Lower Excited Levels of Benzene

The energy of the first excited levels of benzene is calculated by the method of antisymmetrized molecular orbitals. The results predict two weak bands, due to forbidden electronic transitions, at λ = 2500 and λ = 2100 and a strong band at λ = 1500....

The Principles of art

R. G. Collingwood

The Role of Attractive and Repulsive Forces in the Formation of Tactoids, Thixotropic Gels, Protein Crystals and Coacervates

The formation of tactoids from thixotropic sols, of Schiller layers from iron‐oxide sols, the separation of tobacco virus solutions and bentonite sols into two liquid layers and the crystallization of proteins are regarded as examples of unipolar coacervation...

The Cobweb Theorem

History of the cobweb theorem, 255.— Restatement of the theory of market price, 257.— Restatement of the theory of normal price, 261. — Summary of cobweb theorem: (1) continuous fluctuation, 263; (2) divergent fluctuation, 263; (3) Convergent fluctuation,...

The Electrostatic Influence of Substituents on the Dissociation Constants of Organic Acids. II

The theory of the influence of substituents on dissociation constants presented in an earlier article of the same title is extended to acids ellipsoidal in shape. Bjerrum's formula is obtained in the limiting case of unit eccentricity of the elliptical...

The Band Envelopes of Unsymmetrical Rotator Molecules. I. Calculation of the Theoretical Envelopes

Since the majority of molecules of chemical interest are too heavy to permit resolution of the rotational structure of the infra‐red bands, it is of interest to find what information can be derived from a study of the band envelopes. Considerations...


Margherita Cotonio Bourne, Katharine Tansley

Department of Commerce. Washington.

Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.

The Effect of Pressure Upon the Elastic Parameters of Isotropic Solids, According to Murnaghan's Theory of Finite Strain

Murnaghan's theory of finite deformations is applied to a discussion of the effect of hydrostaticpressure upon the elastic coefficients of an isotropic body, for small strains superposed on the hydrostatic strain. Stress‐strain equations for the small...

Hearing : its psychology and physiology

S. S. Stevens, Hallowell Davis

X‐Ray Analysis of the Structure of Water

X‐ray diffraction patterns of water were obtained at five temperatures: 1.5°, 13°, 30°, 62°, and 83°C. The radiation was CuKα and MoKα, monochromated by reflection from a rocksalt crystal. Radial distribution curves for water at the five temperatures...

Psychopathology of everyday life

Sigmund Freud, A. A. Brill

Free Volumes and Free Angle Ratios of Molecules in Liquids

The free volume is defined as the total integral over that part of the potential energy of the molecule in the liquid which is due to thermal displacements of the center of gravity of the molecule from its equilibrium position. The free angle is the corresponding...

The Dynamics Of Quadrupedal Walking

The cat was used as a representative quadruped for a study of the action of the locomotor apparatus in walking. In the analysis the body was considered as being made up of eleven parts behaving in such a fashion that they could be considered as rigid...


R. K. Gilchrist, Vernon C. David

Migration and Photochemical Action of Excitation Energy in Crystals

A crystal which has absorbed a light quantum can be treated either as an assembly of molecules or else as a giant molecule. If the exchange of excitation energy between crystal cells is slow as compared to the periods of vibration, the first description...

Order and Disorder in Binary Solid Solutions

A theory of order and disorder in solid solutions, based upon a direct evaluation of the crystalline partition function, is described. As in the theory of Bethe, the fluctuation in energy within states of a fixed degree of order, is taken into account....

Das Passagen-Werk

Essai d'esthetique sur les passages couverts de Paris au temps de Baudelaire.Parue de facon posthume en 1982

Electromagnetic Waves in Elliptic Hollow Pipes of Metal

A theoretical study of the transmission of electromagnetic waves in hollow conducting pipes of elliptic cross section, including field configurations, critical frequencies, velocities of propagation, and attenuations for the six lowest order waves. The...

Fractionation of the Lithium and Potassium Isotopes by Chemical Exchange with Zeolites

A study has been made of the fractionation of the lithiumisotopes by electrolysis and of the lithium,potassium, and nitrogen isotopes by chemical exchange with zeolites. The fractionation factor obtained by a ``batch'' electrolysis of lithium chloride...

The Entropies of Nitrogen Tetroxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. The Heat Capacity from 15°K to the Boiling Point. The Heat of Vaporization and Vapor Pressure. The Equilibria N2O4=2NO2=2NO+O2

The heat capacity of nitrogen tetroxide has been measured from 15°K to the boiling point, 294.25°K. The melting point is 261.90°K. The heats of fusion and vaporization were found to be 3502 and 9110 cal./mole, respectively. The vapor pressures of solid...

Theory of Order for the Copper Gold Alloy System

The theory of order and disorder, in the form used by Bragg and Williams, is extended to arbitrary composition of the constituent elements. The work is based upon the nearest neighbor interaction assumption of Bethe and the connection between the Bethe...

Cranio-carpo-tarsal dystrophy

E. A. Freeman, J. H. Sheldon

Modern Theories of Development.

L. Von Bertalanffy, J. H. Woodger

Occlusion of the coronary arteries by hemorrhage into their walls

Six cases are described of complete occlusion of sclerotic coronary arteries by intramural arterial hemorrhage without thrombosis. An additional case is presented in which there was a combination of intramural hemorrhage and thrombosis of the left coronary...

A Reformulation of Certain Aspects of Welfare Economics

Assumptions, 310.— I. General conditions for maximum welfare, 311.— II. The Lemer conditions, 316; the Pareto-Barone-Cambridge conditions, 318; the Cambridge conditions, 320. III. Review and comparison of the relevant points of the various expositions,...


Kenneth S. Cole, Howard J. Curtis

The Vibration Spectra and Electric Moments of Azomethane, N–N′ Dimethylhydrazine and Acetaldazine

The investigations reported here on azomethane, CH3·N=N·CH3, N–N′ dimethylhydrazine, (CH3)HN·NH(CH3), and acetaldazine (CH3)HC=N–N=CH(CH3) were carried out primarily to obtain information on the general form and some of the structural properties...

Arrangement of Molecules in a Single Layer and in Multiple Layers

Electron diffraction studies have been made upon layers of molecules of barium stearate and of stearic acid built upon surfaces by the Langmuir‐Blodgett method. Upon clean metal surfaces odd numbers of layers have been built, and investigated by the...

The Energy of the Triatomic Hydrogen Molecule and Ion, V

In previous papers, the energy of H3 and of H3 + has been obtained by the variational method for linear configurations. In this treatment we are able to evaluate the difficult three center integrals for nonlinear configurations with the aid of the differential...


The Arnold-Chiari malformation is a downward elongation of the cerebellum and brain stem into the cervical portion of the spinal canal associated with spina bifida. Russell and Donald 1 pointed out that it is a more frequent accompaniment of spina bifida...

The number and size of mammalian glomeruli as related to kidney and to body weight, with methods for their enumeration and measurement

The number and size of mammalian glomeruli as related to kidney and to body weight, with methods for their enumeration and measurement

An Analysis of the Induction Machine

THERE has long been a need for a means of evaluating the performance of induction motors under transient conditions, as when driving pulsating compressor loads. The familiar equivalent-circuit analysis is inadequate to determine the effects of pulsating...

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