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The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money.

Benjamin Haggott Beckhart, John Maynard Keynes

Principles of topological psychology

Kurt Lewin, Fritz Heider, Grace M. Heider

Viscosity, Plasticity, and Diffusion as Examples of Absolute Reaction Rates

Since to form a hole the size of a molecule in a liquid requires almost the same increase in free energy as to vaporize a molecule, the concentration of vapor above the liquid is a measure of such ``molecular'' holes in the liquid. This provides an explanation...

The comparative anatomy of the nervous system of vertebrates, including man

Kappers Cu, G. Carl Huber, Elezabeth Caroline Crosby

The approximation of one matrix by another of lower rank

The mathematical problem of approximating one matrix by another of lower rank is closely related to the fundamental postulate of factor-theory. When formulated as a least-squares problem, the normal equations cannot be immediately written down, since...

Language, truth and logic

Classic introduction to objectives and methods of schools of empiricism and linguistic analysis, especially of the logical positivism derived from the Vienna Circle, [i]Language, Truth, and Logic[/i] is a work of philosophy by Alfred Jules Ayer, published...


Robert Redfield, Ralph Linton, Melville J. Herskovits

A New High Efficiency Power Amplifier for Modulated Waves

This paper introduces a new form of linear power amplifier for modulated radio-frequency waves. Plate circuit efficiencies of sixty to sixty-five per cent independent of modulation are obtained by means of the combined action of varying load distribution...

The Diamagnetic Anisotropy of Aromatic Molecules

Values of the diamagneticanisotropy of benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbon molecules are calculated on the basis of the assumption that the pz electrons (one per aromatic carbon atom) are free to move from carbon atom to adjacent carbon atom under...

Studies on Hybrid Sterility. II. Localization of Sterility Factors in Drosophila Pseudoobscura Hybrids.

Studies on Hybrid Sterility. II. Localization of Sterility Factors in Drosophila Pseudoobscura Hybrids.

A New High‐Efficiency Power Amplifier for Modulated Waves*

HE use of increasingly higher power levels in broadcasting in the last few years has attached new importance to the matter of more efficient operation of the high-power stages in radio transmitters. The resulting reductions in cost of power, size of high-voltage...

The Vibration-Rotation Energy Levels of Polyatomic Molecules I. Mathematical Theory of Semirigid Asymmetrical Top Molecules

The exact classical kinetic energy for a system of point masses is obtained. From this the correct form for the quantum‐mechanical Hamiltonian operator is derived. If the assumption of small vibrations is applied to this operator, the familiar approximation...

On the Theory of Dielectric Polarization

The polarization of a nonpolar dielectric in a homogeneous field is investigated from a molecular point of view. A statistical calculation of the average local field in a molecule shows that fluctuations in the induced molecular moment give rise to a...

Raízes do Brasil

Essai sur l'identite bresilienne a partir d'une reflexion sur l'histoire et la sociologie du Bresil

Physics and reality

Physics constitutes a logical system of thought which is in a state of evolution, and whose basis cannot be obtained through distillation by any inductive method from the experiences lived through, but which can only be attained by free invention. The...

The Propagation of Radio Waves over the Surface of the Earth and in the Upper Atmosphere

Simple formulas and graphs are given which represent the ground-wave field intensity at the surface of the earth as radiated from a short vertical antenna at the surface of the earth. The theory is compared to some experimental results reported by other...

Thymus and Adrenals in the Response of the Organism to Injuries and Intoxications.

Thymus and Adrenals in the Response of the Organism to Injuries and Intoxications.

Wave equations in conformal space

Wave equations in conformal space


In women, especially those under the age of 50, coronary artery disease is unusual in the absence of diabetes or hypertension. Yet precordial pain simulating angina pectoris is a very common symptom. Although experienced clinicians have been aware of...

Ixodidas brasileiros e de alguns paizes limitrophes

The knowledge of the Ixodidae becomes every day, more and more important owing to the fact of the increasing number of diseases of man and animals they can transmit. In Brasil besides transmitting treponemosis, piroplasmosis and anaplasmosis to several...

The Sociology of Invention.

Abbott Payson Usher, S. C. Gilfillan

The quantum theory of the non-ideal gas i. deviations from the classical theory

SummaryIn § 1 the connection is shown between the virial coefficients of K a-merlingh Onnes and the probabilities to find pairs, triples and so on of molecules near each other (Eqs. (4)and (6)). A discussion is given of the question for which temperature...

On the Isotope Corrections in Molecular Spectra

According to the simple theory of the rigid rotator and harmonic oscillator, the coefficients of J(J+1) and (v+½) in the energy should be inversely proportional to respectively the reduced mass and the square root thereof. Actually various small corrections,...



Sea level and climatic changes related to late Paleozoic cycles

INTRODUCTION Numerous investigators in recent years have called attention to regularly recurrent sequences in the strata of the Pennsylvanian system in the eastern and central parts of the United States. Wanless, in association with J. M. Weller, has...

The Theoretical Treatment of Chemical Reactions Produced by Ionization Processes Part I. The Ortho‐Para Hydrogen Conversion by Alpha‐Particles

The possible individual processes that may occur in a gaseous system under irradiation from alpha‐particles have been examined from the theoretical standpoint. The ionization,clustering and the fate of the ions have been studied. The ortho‐para hydrogen...

The Mammals and Life Zones of Oregon

From introduction: "Summary of the life zones and mammals of Oregon with emphasis on providing reliable information on the management of wildlife. Importance for identifying those species which are state and national assets, and those species of less...

Phase Equilibria in Hydrocarbon Systems

B. H. Sage, D. C. Webster, W. N. Lacey

The allegory of love : a study in medieval tradition

Lewis traces the development of the courtly love tradition from France in the eleventh century to England in the sixteenth. The place of Gower in this history is assessed in chapter 5, where he is grouped with Thomas Usk. Lewis praises Gower for the...

On Certain Sets of Elements in a Free Group

On Certain Sets of Elements in a Free Group

The Flow of Heterogeneous Fluids Through Porous Media

The empirical results established by R. D. Wyckoff and H. G. Botset on the flow of gas‐liquid mixtures through unconsolidated sands have been formulated into basic differential equations governing the motion of general heterogeneous fluids through porous...

A Study of the Franck-Condon Principle

The validity of the Franck‐Condon principle has been investigated in connection with its application to the calculation of spectral intensities in the continuous radiation due to the transitions between the 1sσ2sσ 3 Σ g and the 1sσ2pσ 3 Σ u states...

Potentiometric study of the flavins.

L. Michaelis, Maxwell P. Schubert, C. V. Smythe

The Far Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra and Ionization Potentials of the Alkyl Halides. Part II

The absorption spectra of the ethyl and higher halides have been examined in the region 2000–1000A. It has been found that they are essentially similar to those of the methyl halides. The ionization potentials of ethyl iodide are given as 9.30 and 9.88...

The Temperature and Humidity Relations of the cockroach

1. The carpet type of Barcroft respiration apparatus previously used by Gunn for cockroaches gives results comparable with those now obtained with a new basket type.2. Desiccated cockroaches use oxygen at the same rate per animal as undesiccated specimens....

Reactions Involving Hydrogen Molecules and Atoms

The criticisms of Coolidge and James of activation energy calculations are discussed. It is pointed out that their criticisms of the original London proposal do not apply to the semi‐empirical method which in its present form has little more than a...

The Application of the Three‐Dimensional Patterson Method and the Crystal Structures of Proustite, Ag3AsS3, and Pyrargyrite, Ag3SbS3

It is shown that the three‐dimensional Patterson method can be so simplified by the use of the symmetry properties of the crystal under consideration that its use in determining the positions of atoms in crystals is practicable. This method is then...

The Deformation of the Earth’s Crust

John K. Lipman, William F. Lynch, Joseph E. O’Neill, Elmer J. Henderson


Paul H. Lavietes, Jaques Bourdillon, Kalmena A. Klinghoffer

Calculation of Resistances to Ground

Formulas for practical use in the calculation of the resistances from grounding conductors of variou forms to the earth are given in this paper and their use illustrated by examples. The accuracy of the formulas varies considerably, as discussed in the...

Pulse wave velocity and arterial elasticity in arterial hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and related conditions ☆ ☆☆

1. 1. The arterial elasticity in normal subjects and in patients with arteriosclerosis, arterial hypertension, and other conditions with alterations in the arterial pressure was estimated from measurements of the subclavian-femoral (aortic), femoral-dorsalis...

The principles of bacteriology and immunity

Wilson, Graham S. (Graham Selby), Sir

The Chinese written character as a medium for poetry

Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, Ezra Pound


When this group of pain symptoms and deafness were proposed1 in 1933 as comprising a symptom complex regularly associated with destruction of the mandibular joint, it was considered as not rare but of infrequent occurrence. Deductions were made from cases...

The heart in emphysema

From these observations it appears (1) that the heart is affected in the majority of patients with emphysema; (2) that the lesion, cardiac hypertrophy, with dilatation of the right ventricle when advanced, may produce symptoms, but probably has no clinical...

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