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Logik der Forschung

Karl Raimund Popper (1902-1994)

The Method of Path Coefficients

The Method of path coefficients was suggested a number of years ago (Wright 1918, more fully 1920, 1921), as a flexible means of relating the correlation coefficients between variables in a multiple system to the functional relations among them. The method...

Theory of Solutions of Molecules Containing Widely Separated Charges with Special Application to Zwitterions

The electrical contribution to the chemical potential of an ion having an arbitrary charge distribution is calculated with the aid of the Debye‐Huckel theory. The calculation is based upon a general solution in polar coordinates of the approximate Debye‐Huckel...

The Nicomachean ethics

Aristotle, Ross, W. D. (William David), b. 1877, J. L. Ackrill, J. O. (James Opie) Urmson

A New Electroaffinity Scale; Together with Data on Valence States and on Valence Ionization Potentials and Electron Affinities

A new approximate ``absolute'' scale of electronegativity, or electroaffinity, is set up. The absolute electroaffinity on this scale is equal to the average of ionization potential and electron affinity. These quantities must, however, in general, be...

Who shall survive

J. L. Moreno, Helen Hall Jennings

Deviations from Ohm's Law in Weak Electrolytes

The effect of an external electric field on the electrolyticdissociation is computed kinetically from the equations for Brownian motion in the combined Coulomb and external fields. The result is an increase of the dissociation constant, by the factor...

A Relation Between Internuclear Distances and Bond Force Constants

It has been found that for diatomic molecules the relation between the bond force constant, k0, and the internuclear distance, re, is quite accurately given by the expression k0(re—dij)^3 = 1.86×10^5, where dij is a constant depending only on the rows...

Operational Calculus

Operational claculus is useful in both the formulation and solution of the differential equations involved in engineering problems, and because of its power and directness it is finding increasing favor in engineering analysis. It is especially helpful...

Emotional behavior in the rat. I. Defecation and urination as measures of individual differences in emotionality

Emotional behavior in the rat. I. Defecation and urination as measures of individual differences in emotionality

The concept of monopoly and the measurement of monopoly power.

В классической статье проблема монополии рассматривается с точки зрения экономики благосостояния. Анализируются причины недостижения...

The Surface Tension of Debye-Hückel Electrolytes

As has been shown by Wagner, the increase of the surface tension caused by the addition of a strong electrolyte to water is mainly due to the repulsion of ions from the surface by the electrostatic image force. Due to the shielding action of the ``ionic...

The psychology of humor.

Herbert Wolff, C. E. Smith, Henry A. Murray

The method of sociology

Florian Znaniecki

Religion within the limits of reason alone

Immanuel Kant, Theodore M. Greene, Hoyt H. Hudson

Melancholia: A Clinical Survey of Depressive States

Melancholia: A Clinical Survey of Depressive States

The elements of experimental embryology

Julian Huxley, Gavin Rylands De Beer

On the Theory of Strong Electrolyte Solutions

The nature of the approximations involved in the derivation of the Poisson‐Boltzmann equation of the Debye‐Huckel theory is investigated in detail from the standpoint of classical statistical mechanics. The validity of the initial Debye approximation,...

The History Of The Russian Revolution

Lev Davidovich Trot︠s︡kiĭ, Max Eastman

X‐Ray Diffraction by Gaseous Benzene Derivatives

The Debye method for the determination of interatomic distances in single molecules is applied to ortho and paradichlorbenzene. Results with monochlorbenzene are used to correct the scattering curves so as to isolate the Cl–Cl scattering. The resulting...

The Rotation-Vibration Coupling in Diatomic Molecules

The Rotation-Vibration Coupling in Diatomic Molecules

Features in the Architecture of Physiological Function

Features in the Architecture of Physiological Function

Judging Personality from Voice

Resume On a fait dix experiences dans le Harvard Psychological Laboratory ou l'on a installe un appareil complet d'emission et de reception radiotelephonique, et dans la salle d'emission du poste WEEI a Boston. Dix-huit parleurs mǎles et plus de six...

The Theory of the Structure of Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrazine

The method of electron pairs has been applied to determine the most stable configuration for the atoms in the molecules HO–OH and H2N–NH2. The calculations show that free rotation cannot occur in either of these molecules at ordinary temperatures...

General Potential Theory of Arbitrary Wing Section

This report gives the exact treatment of the problem of determining the 2-dimensional potential flow around wing sections of any type. The treatment is based directly on the solution of this problem as advanced by Theodorsen in NACA-TR-411. The problem...

X-Ray Diffraction Study of Carbon Black

X‐ray diffraction patterns of carbon black have been made with strictly monochromatic radiation. Without making any assumptions as to the crystallinity of the material, the distribution of atoms about any one atom has been determined directly from the...

On the Theory of Flame Propagation

A new theory of flame propagation in slow inflammation is proposed which considers that the highly energized atoms or radicals formed in the flame front play a more important role than heat conductivity in bringing the unburned gas to the reacting state....

Discussion of the infinite distribution of electrons in the theory of the positron

Discussion of the infinite distribution of electrons in the theory of the positron

A Physical Definition of “Good Voice‐Quality” in the Male Voice

The problem of the timbre of the speakingvoice has been studied by various investigators. However, little extended work has been done with the singingvoice, which it appears is considerably different from the normal speakingvoice. The key to a much‐needed...

X‐Ray Studies of the Molecular Arrangement in Liquids

An improved technique has been developed for taking x‐ray diffraction photographs of weakly absorbing liquids. Photographs of water, heptane, decane, benzene and cyclohexane have been taken and several hitherto unobserved details have been discovered....

The Mutual Repulsive Potential of Closed Shells

A method is developed for representing, in terms of a small number of integrals, the mutual potential of two ions or atoms having a rare gas electron configuration. The accuracy is the usual first approximation of the Heitler‐London method. The integrals...



On supraconductivity I

In this paper we give a phenomenological treatment of supracon-ductivity based on the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and on the assumption that the magnetic induction inside a supraconductive body is zero. After a brief survey of new experiments on...

Extraneous Frequencies Generated in Air Carrying Intense Sound Waves

In high quality reproduction of sound the trend toward large power output necessitates a consideration of the more exact equations of wave propagation in air. If the displacement amplitude of a plane sound wave is not small the equation representing the...

Photochemical Studies. XIX The Ultraviolet Absorption Spectrum of Acetone Vapor

The ultraviolet absorptionspectrum of acetone vapor has been photographed. The well‐known absorption region in the neighborhood of 3000A, common to all ketones, is found to have on its long wave end a series of discrete absorption bands. The wave‐lengths...

Determination of the Speed of Flames and the Temperature Distribution in a Spherical Bomb from Time‐Pressure Explosion Records

A method has been developed for determining the velocity of flame relative to the mass movement of the gases, in a closed spherical bomb from an analysis of the time‐pressure record of the explosion. The speed of the flame can be evaluated at any moment...




Vivian Iob, William W. Swanson

Soy bean as a possible important source of allergy

Soy bean has a wide or almost universal distribution. Both the oil and the flour are used in many sorts of foods mentioned in the text and as a fertilizer and for fodder.Five patients working in a soy bean mill who were subject to cough and asthma gave...

Huge T-waves in precordial leads in cardiac infarction

1. 1. Seven cases are reported which show huge T-waves in the precordial leads of the electrocardiogram.2. 2. In all cases the large waves disappeared at a later date.3. 3. These huge T-waves are sometimes clicited from a small area of the precordium...

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