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The Economics of Exhaustible Resources

1. The Peculiar Problems of Mineral Wealth. Contemplation of the world's disappearing supplies of minerals, forests, and other exhaustible assets has led to demands for regulation of their exploitation. The feeling that these products are now too cheap...


The flow of liquids in unsaturated porous mediums follows the ordinary laws of hydrodynamics, the motion being produced by gravity and the pressure gradient force acting in the liquid. By making use of Darcey's law, that flow is proportional to the forces...

Experimental social psychology

Coleman R. Griffith, Gardner Murphy, Lois Barclay Murphy

The law of retail gravitation

William J. (William John) Reilly

The visual perception of velocity

The visual perception of velocity

Traveling Waves on Transmission Systems

The purpose of this paper is two-fold: First; to present the theory of traveling waves on multi-conductor systems, and second, to compile a brief compendium on the general subject of traveling waves on transmission systems. While the application of the...

The five laws of library science

Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan

Coherent Expanded-Aerogels

There are few topics in colloid chemistry that have experienced such extensive investigation as that of the structure of gels. Numerous hypotheses have been presented and supported by experimental data of one character or another. Certain aspects of gels...

Synthesis of a finite two-terminal network whose driving-point impedance is a prescribed function of frequency

Thesis (Sc. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, 1931

The absorption and dissociative or ionizing effect of monochromatic radiation in an atmosphere on a rotating earth

The absorption of monochromatic radiation from the sun in an atmosphere of which the density varies exponentially with height is considered; the energy of the radiation, or a definite fraction of it, is supposed to dissociate or ionize the air, and the...

A Theorem on Graphs

Hassler Whitney


Differential pitch sensitivity is defined as the minimum percentage change in frequency which can be detected by the ear. The value of this ratio was measured over a frequency range from 32 cycles to 11,600 cycles and from the thershold of audibility...

A Correlation of Cytological and Genetical Crossing-Over in Zea Mays

In this paper, McClintock and Creighton conclusively demonstrated the occurrence of genetic and cytological crossingover, a process assumed but not proven since 1910. In it they took two genetic markers and two cytological markers and demonstrated...

Mammals of New Mexico.

Summary of the species of mammals native to New Mexico, including a map of the life zones, descriptions of the physiographic features, and lists of characteristic zone-marking plants, birds, mammals.

A handbook of child psychology

Carl Murchison, John E. Anderson

On Semi-Metric Spaces

On Semi-Metric Spaces


A new procedure for the examination of the larger joints has been described. Certain effects of dyes on cartilage have also been noted. We believe arthroscopy to be a key procedure in the study of joint physiology and pathology. The method as yet is still...

Theorems on Fourier Series and Power Series

J. E. Littlewood, R. E. A. C. Paley

The Phases of Haemophilus pertussis.

P.H. Leslie, A. D. Gardner

The absorption and dissociative or ionizing effect of monochromatic radiation in an atmosphere on a rotating earth part II. Grazing incidence

The absorption of radiation from the sun in an atmosphere varying exponentially with the height is considered, as in a former paper; but here the earth's curvature, and that of the level layers in the atmosphere, is taken into account. The values of this...

The natural history of a delinquent career.

Clifford R. Shaw, Maurice E. Moore

The Science of Psychology

Lyle H. Lanier, R. H. Wheeler

A photoelectric spectrophotometer for measuring the amount of atmospheric ozone

A special instrument is described in detail which has been designed in order to allow measurements of the amount of ozone in the atmosphere to be made easily and rapidly under nearly all conditions. The instrument follows the usual practice of measuring...

Vegetables of the Dutch East Indies

J. J. Ochse, R. C. Bakhuizen van den Brink

A manual of Greek mathematics

Heath, Thomas Little, Sir

Geology of the Bahamas

History of the Investigations The region designated as the Bahamas is shown on figure 1. That portion of the region which will be discussed in this paper may be termed the “Bahama Block,” comprising Andros Island and the Great Bahama Bank. The particularly...

The Birds of Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Alexander Wetmore, Bradshaw H. Swales

The psychology of advertising

Walter Dill Scott, Delton Thomas Howard


The principal object of the analysis is to find the change in type of periodic plane waves of sound of finite amplitude propagated in free air. A solution of the exact equation of motion is obtained as a Fourier series. Due to the nonlinear relation between...

Der Ursprung der Familie, des Privateigentums und des Staats

Der Ursprung der Familie, des Privateigentums und des Staats

The works of John Milton

John G. Milton, F.A. (Frank Allen) Patterson

The Law of Elasticity for Isotropic and Quasi‐Isotropic Substances by Finite Deformations

Hooke's law, which is the foundation of the mathematical theory of elasticity, is unfit to describe satisfactorily the phenomena in elastic bodies even if we limit the scope of our research to ideal elastic deformations. We call a deformation ideally...

On time perception in visual movement fields

On time perception in visual movement fields

Die Bedeutung der Röntgenfern- und Abstandsaufnahme für die Diagnostik der Kieferanomalien

Synopsis1. The great advantage of teleroentgenograms over the usual close-up skiagrams resides in the objective, true to life condition of the picture. In close-up x-ray pictures one is accustomed to reckon with the blurred parts of the picture which...

Imperial gazetteer of India

Hunter, William Wilson, Sir, 1840-1900, Cotton, James Sutherland, 1847-1918, Burn, Richard, Sir, 1871-1947, Meyer, William Stevenson, Sir, 1860-1922., Great Britain. India Office

The Order of the Genes C, Sh, and Wx in Zea Mays with Reference to a Cytologically Known Point in the Chromosome

In this seldom-cited paper, published in the same issue of the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" as Creighton and McClintock's paper on genetic and cytological crossingover, McClintock established the crossover frequencies and order...

The vascular complications of cervical RIB

Patient AccessPatients and/or caregivers may access this content for use in relation to their own personal healthcare or that of a family member only. Terms and conditions will apply.

The legacy of Islam

T. W. Arnold, Alfred Guillaume

Some Physical Factors Affecting the Illusion in Talking Motion Pictures

The advent of talking pictures has brought the physicist and engineer face to face with problems which lie not only in the field of material things but also in the field of art. This implies that many of the criteria for the judgment of excellence may...

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