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Certain Topics in Telegraph Transmission Theory

The most obvious method for determining the distortion of telegraph signals is to calculate the transients of the telegraph system. This method has been treated by various writers, and solutions are available for telegraph lines with simple terminal conditions....

Judgment and Reasoning in the Child

Jean Piaget, Mlles E. Cartalis, Marjorie Gabain

Attitudes Can Be Measured

The object of this study is to devise a method whereby the distribution of attitude of a group on a specified issue may be represented in the form of a frequency distribution. The base line represents ideally the whole range of opinions from those at...

A study of the failure of concrete under combined compressive stresses

The investigation has been carried out in two parts: (1) a study of concrete specimens loaded in compression in one, in two, or in three directions at right angles to each other by means of fluid pressures, and (2) a study of plain and spirally reinforced...

The Journal of General Psychology

E. B. Titchener, Carl Murchison

The opium problem

Charles E. Terry, Mildred Pellens




Willard Owen Thompson, Phebe K. Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Dailey

Die Grundlagen der Mathematik

Die Grundlagen der Mathematik

Visual Acuity within the Area Centralis and its Relation to Eye Movements and Fixation

Frank W. Weymouth, Don Carlos Hines, Lawrence H. Acres, Maynard C. Wheeler

The Christian faith

Friedrich Schleiermacher, H. R. (Hugh Ross) Mackintosh, James Stuart Stewart, B. A. (Brian Albert) Gerrish


K. Landsteiner, Philip Levine

Modern problems in neurology

Full textFull text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (294K), or click on a page image below to browse page by page. 914

Vorlesungen Über Die Geschichte der Philosophie

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Karl Ludwig Michelet

Medieval Rhetoric and Poetic

Roy J. Deferrari, Ralph M. McInerny

Einleitung in die Mengenlehre

Abraham Adolf Fraenkel


Food allergy as a frequent cause of symptoms in adults as in children should receive greater recognition. It has been emphasized by Schloss1 as a frequent cause of disturbances in childhood. In adults, however, outside of the articles of Duke,2 food allergy...

A Classification of the Higher Groups and Genera of the Coccid Family Margarodidae

A Classification of the Higher Groups and Genera of the Coccid Family Margarodidae

Handbook of Texas Cretaceous fossils

W. S. (Walter Scott) Adkins

Cyclical and other variations in the tubal epithelium

While the tubal mucosa does not participate in the bleeding of the menstrual process, its epithelium exhibits a definite cyclical change comparable with that of the endometrium. It is, however, not nearly so conspicuous as the latter, being concerned...

Extinction of an A-C. Arc

The transition from high conductivity to high resistivity which an a-c. arc undergoes on extinction is studied. Theory and approximate calculations are given for the rate of recovery of dielectric strength of the arc space for short arcs, and results...

The new pioneers

An address delivered at the thirteenth commencement convocation fo the Rice Institute, by John Huston Finley, L.H.D., LL.D., Editor of the New York Times.

Anatomical studies on the coronary arteries and their branches ☆: I. Arteria anastomotica auricularis magna

A large anastomotic blood vessel which runs in the auricular walls and links up the left and right coronary arteries has been described. This vessel is constant in its occurrence, though subject to variations in course. It supplies branches to the aortic...

Field Book of North American Mammals

Hartley H. T. Jackson, H. E. Anthony

Manipulating Public Opinion: The Why and The How

Public opinion, narrowly defined, is the thought of a society at a given time toward a given object; broadly conceived, it is the power of the group to sway the larger public in its attitude. Public opinion can be manipulated, but in teaching the public...

The Monilioid species of Sclerotinia.

The Monilioid species of Sclerotinia.

The Division of Work according to Sex in African Hoe Culture

Eduard Hahn to whom the ethnological study of economics owes a considerable number of important discoveries which have been published repeatedly and in varying forms seems to have paid scarcely enough attention to the good work of the scholars who preceded...

Dithyramb, Tragedy and Comedy

K. J. Dover, A. W. Pickard-Cambridge

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