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Two treatises on civil government

John Locke, Filmer, Robert, Sir, Henry Morley

Investigations in currency and finance

William Stanley Jevons, H. S. (Herbert Somerton) Foxwell

An Address on Hysterical or Nervous Breathing

An Address on Hysterical or Nervous Breathing

Six Centuries Of Work And Wages

Rogers James E. Thorold

On a collection of birds from Nicaragua

Charles C. Nutting, Robert Ridgway

Pagoda shadows : studies from life in China

Adele M. (Adele Marion) Fielde, Joseph Cook

Manual of the Mosses of North America

Leo Lesquereux, Thomas P. James

Political economy for beginners

Fawcett, Millicent Garrett, Dame

Against The Grain

J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans, Jacob Howard Lewis, Havelock Ellis

Les poètes maudits

Recueil d'etudes critiques sur la poesie melant des portraits de poetes contemporains et des extraits de leurs poemes. - Ed. princeps en 1884 contenant seulement 3 etudes. - Ed. revue et augmentee en 1888

Porro's Operation.

Clement Godson

The non-dramatic works of Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker, Alexander Balloch Grosart

Lectures on the Industrial Revolution in England

Lectures on the Industrial Revolution in England

Grazing and agrestic customs of the Outer Hebrides

Alexander Carmichael, Great Britain

A manual of the medical botany of North America

Laurence Johnson, Trow's Printing



Vorlesungen über Schöne Litteratur und Kunst

August Wilhelm von Schlegel, Jacob Minor

The life of Frederick Denison Maurice : chiefly told in his own letters

Frederick Denison Maurice, John Frederick Maurice

La de Bringas

Pérez Galdós, Benito

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