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The death and life of great American cities

The death and life of great American cities

Williams textbook of endocrinology

Robert Hardin Williams, Jean D. Wilson, Daniel W. Foster

Chronostratigraphic Techniques in Recent Sediments

Chronostratigraphic Techniques in Recent Sediments

The Blue and Brown Books

Ludwig Wittgenstein

A Cost-Of-Illness Study of Back Pain in the Netherlands

M.W. van Tulder, B.W. Koes, L.M. Bouter, Vu1010095, Vu medisch centrum

British historical statistics

Originally published in 1988, this reference book provides the major economic and social statistical series for the British Isles from the twelfth century up until 1980–81. It is the successor of Abstract of British Historical Statistics and the Second...

The Cambridge encyclopedia of human paleopathology

Arthur C. Aufderheide, Conrado Rodríguez-Martín, Odin Langsjoen

The collected writings of John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes, Elizabeth Johnson, Donald Moggridge

Social capital : critical perspectives

The idea of social capital is increasingly prominent in international, national, and local policy-making and in the social sciences. However, its rapid rise to prominence has not been matched by proper scrutiny of the idea and its consequences. This book...

The collected writings of John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes, E. A. G. (Edward Austin Gossage) Robinson, D. E. Moggridge, Judith Van Allen, Barbara Lowe, Beth E. Scott

American project : the rise and fall of a modern ghetto

Alexander von Hoffman, Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh

European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages

Ernst Robert Curtius, Colin Burrow

A genomewide screen for autism: Strong evidence for linkage to chromosomes 2q, 7q, and 16p

Sarah Palferman, Nicola Matthews, Malcolm W. Turner, Janette Moore, Amaia Hervás, Anne Aubin, Sheila A. Wallace, Janine Michelotti, Catherine Wainhouse, A Paul, E Thompson, R Gupta, C Garner, M Murin, Christine M. Freitag, N Ryder, E Cottington, Jeremy Parr, Andrew Pickles, Matthew D. Rutter, Anthony J. Bailey, Gabrielle Barnby, Janine A. Lamb, Angela J. Marlow, Pat Scudder, A. Monaco, Gillian Baird, Angela Cox, Zoe Docherty, Pamela Warburton, Ep Green, Sj Abbs, A. Le Couteur, Helen McConachie, Tom Berney, Thomas P. Kelly, Pj De Vries, Patrick Bolton, J. A. Green, Anne Gilchrist, J Whittacker, Bryan J. Bolton, Ros Packer, Elena Maestrini, Francesca Blasi, H. van Engeland, M. V. de Jonge, Chantal Kemner, Sabine M. Klauck, Kim S. Beyer

The Cambridge handbook of thinking and reasoning

Keith J. Holyoak, Robert G. Morrison

Oxford handbook of positive psychology

C. R. Snyder, Shane J. Lopez

Cummings otolaryngology : head & neck surgery

This 5th Edition - edited by Paul W. Flint, Bruce H. Haughey, Valerie J. Lund, John K.Niparko, Mark A. Richardson, K. Thomas Robbins, and J. Regan Thomas - ...

Global political economy

The fourth edition of this popular text is a sophisticated and authoritative introduction to the field of global political economy that combines history and theoretical approaches with contemporary issues and debates. International experts have updated...

The English constitution

'An ancient and ever-altering constitution is like an old man who still wears with attached fondness clothes in the fashion of his youth: what you see of him is the same; what you do not see is wholly altered.'Walter Bagehot's The English Constitution...

Global City-Regions: Trends, Theory, Policy

There are now more than three hundred city-regions around the world with populations greater than one million. These city-regions are expanding vigorously, and they present many new and deep challenges to researchers and policy-makers in both the more...

Evolutionary phenomena in simple dynamics

Chalmers Publication Library (CPL). Forskningspublikationer fran Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola.

Eichmann in Jerusalem

Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

New Oxford textbook of psychiatry

Michael Gelder, Juan J. López-Ibor

Advances in Economic Theory

This book comprises the second volume of papers presented at the Sixth World congress of the Econometric Society in Barcelona in August 1990. With papers from the world's leading specialists, it gives the reader a unique survey of the most recent advances...

Essays on Life Itself

Essays on Life Itself

Statistical Concepts: A second course, 4

Richard G. Lomax, Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn

Oxford textbook of psychiatry

Michael Gelder, Dennis Gath, Richard Mayou

Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice

Covers an enormous range of societies, from the Andes and North America to Greece, Rome, China, New Guinea, and Anglo-Saxon England... -- CCI

The Western Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey: The Health of Aboriginal Children and Young People

Stephen R. Zubrick, David Lawrence, Sven Silburn, Eve Blair, Helen Milroy, Edward Dean Wilkes, Sandra Eades, Heather D'Antoine, Anne W. Read, Paul Ishiguchi, S. Doyle

A dying colonialism

Frantz Fanon, Haakon Chevalier, Adolfo Gilly

Internet economics

From the Publisher:"The Internet raises new questions about the economics of networks and forces us to re-examine old questions in a new light. As such, the papers assembled here constitute some of the seminal contributions to a new economic sub-field,...

Should We Be Using Learning Styles? What Research Has to Say to Practice

Frank Coffield, David Moseley, Elaine Hall, Kathryn Ecclestone

Society and culture in early modern France

Natalie Zemon Davis, J. Michael Hayden

Languages in Contact

The appearance of Uriel Weinreich's Languages in Contact: Findings and Problems (1953) marked a milestone in the study of multilingualism and language contact. Yet until now, few linguists have been aware that its main themes were first laid out in...

Thinking for Speaking

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley LinguisticsSociety (1987), pp. 435-445

The Unbound Prometheus

For over thirty years David S. Landes's The Unbound Prometheus has offered an unrivalled history of industrial revolution and economic development in Europe. Now, in this updated edition, the author reframes and reasserts his original arguments in the...

The Oxford handbook of public policy

Public policy is the business end of political science. It is where theory meets practice in the pursuit of the public good. Political scientists approach public policy in myriad ways. Some approach the policy process descriptively, asking how the need...

Stochastic Volatility: Selected Readings

Stochastic volatility is the main concept used in the fields of financial economics and mathematical finance to deal with time-varying volatility in financial markets. This book brings together some of the main papers that have influenced the field of...

Great books of the Western World

Robert Maynard Hutchins

Sex is not a natural act and other essays

Sex is not a natural act and other essays

Oxford dictionary of sociology

ed.=John Scott + Gordon Marshall

The handbook of language variation and change

J. K. Chambers, Peter Trudgill, Natalie Schilling-Estes

Immigration Policy and the Welfare System: A Report for the Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti

This book offers a balanced and pragmatic view of the problems associated with international migration. It assembles contributions from two teams of leading scholars in the field. Part One presents the contribution of the first team which is focused on...

The Oxford handbook of political economy

Over its long lifetime, "political economy" has had many different meanings: the science of managing the resources of a nation so as to provide wealth to its inhabitants for Adam Smith; the study of how the ownership of the means of production influenced...

United States Life Tables, 2004

This report presents period life tables for the United States based on age-specific death rates in 2004. Data used to prepare these life tables are 2004 final mortality statistics; July 1, 2004, population estimates based on the 2000 decennial census...

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