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Dynamic source routing in ad hoc wireless networks

An ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile hosts forming a temporary network without the aid of any established infrastructure or centralized administration. In such an environment, it may be necessary for one mobile host to enlist the aid of...

Statistical procedures for agricultural research

K. A. Gomez, A. A. Gomez, A.J. López Montes

Mostly harmless econometrics : an empiricist's companion

The core methods in today's econometric toolkit are linear regression for statistical control, instrumental variables methods for the analysis of natural experiments, and differences-in-differences methods that exploit policy changes. In the modern experimentalist...

Nutritional ecology of the ruminant

P.J. Van Soest, P.J. Medina Garzón, J.W. Czerkawski

The analysis of household surveys: a microeconometric approach to development policy.

This book is about the analysis of household survey data from developing countries and about how such data can be used to cast light on a range of policy issues. Much of the analysis works with household budget data, collected from income and expenditure...

The nature and properties of soils

N. C. Brady, Ray R. Weil

Plant physiological ecology.

J. R. Etherington, Martin J. Kropff, H. H. van Laar, S. Abdoellah, A.A. Prawoto, Priyono, M.A. Capó Arteaga, M.B. Newton

A Description of the Advanced Research WRF Version 2

William C. Skamarock, Joseph B. Klemp, Jimy Dudhia, David Gill, Dale M. Barker, Wei Wang, Jordan G. Powers

An introduction to the rock-forming minerals

In this edition of Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals, most of the commonly occurring minerals of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks are discussed in terms of structure, chemistry, optical and other physical properties, distinguishing features...

CDC growth charts: United States.

Objectives—This report presents the revised growth charts for the United States. It summarizes the history of the 1977 National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) growth charts, reasons for the revision, data sources and statistical procedures used,...

Principles of Isotope Geology

Isotope geology has evolved into a highly diversified discipline in the Earth Sciences capable of contributing significantly to the solution of a wide variety of problems. The time has come, therefore, to introduce this subject into the curriculum in...

The population bomb

Finally with characteristic myopia those breathing a sigh of relief at the prospect of "only" 280 million Americans by 2000 A.D. neglect to consider what will happen in the early years of the next century as their children struggle to survive. For even...

Learning patterns of activity using real-time tracking

Our goal is to develop a visual monitoring system that passively observes moving objects in a site and learns patterns of activity from those observations. For extended sites, the system will require multiple cameras. Thus, key elements of the system...

The Global City

Saskia Sassen

Introduction to Conservation Genetics

Introduction to Conservation Genetics written by R. Frankham, J.D. Ballou, and D.A. Briscoe, is a comprehensive introductory text that provides an enlightening synthesis of data and theory from ecology, population genetics, evolution, and conservation...

Forest stand dynamics

Chadwick D. Oliver, Bruce C. Larson

Economics of the public sector

Joseph E. Stiglitz, L.F. Vieira, F. Hatwich, Vidaurre Arévalo, M. Andino, J. Grijalva, Danny Campbell, Berdegué, J.A. Piñeiro, M. (ed.)., R. Echeverri Perico, Echeverri Pinilla, A.M. Piñeiro, M. (ed.)., Trigo, E.J.Piñeiro, M. (ed.), A. Aguilar, J. Cruz, J.C. Flores, A. Nieuwenhuyse, D. Pezo, M. Piniero, Richard A. Urbina, R. Téllez, Virchow, D.Virchow, D. (ed.), C. Pomareda, Pomareda, C. Sepúlveda L, C. (ed.), M. (ed.). Ibrahim, David Bigman, R.V. Gerpacio, C. (org.) Miranda, B. Tiburcio, Jordi Delclòs, A. Vila, Ingo Gentes, J. Garza, S. Garza, Frank Hartwich, Duarte Vilela, Patricia Araujo, Judy Garza, M.R. Paniagua, Jorge Villacorta, Ondrea Quiros, V. González, A. Jiménez, Cecilia Tortajada, A.K. (coord.). Biswas, R. Zeledón, J. Levitsky, L. Hojmark Mikkelsen, O. Argenti, R.M. Hassan, Mulugetta Mekuria, W. Mwangi

A guide to modern econometrics.

Marno Verbeek, N. Loaiza Velázquez, M.I. González Lutz, J. Monge Nájera, T. Vilsack, C.Z.F. Clark, G. S. Maddala, J. LeSage, R.K. Pace, A. (ed.). Peltola, A. Barrantes Rodríguez, G. Salazar Cháves, A.L. Tineo Bermúdez, R. Arce, E. Chacón, G. Chaves, A. Tristán, G. Bull, W. Mabee, R. Scharpenberg, K. Lange, D. Sorensen, D. Gianola, Beja Santos, J.P. Gilreath, Rodolfo J Ricart Arbona, A.R. Pimentel, D.C. Montgomery, G.C. Runger, Fox. K.A., Andrew R. Baggaley, C. Mack, G.E. Noether, S.M. Ross, M. Hollander, D.A. Wolfe, D.R. Cox, P.J. Solomon, Kimberley Brownlee, A.D. Rickmers, H.N. Todd, A. Allen Ray, W.G. Cochran, S.R. Searle, C.C. Li, R.P. Gupta, C.A.B. Smith, R.G.D. Steel, J.H. Torrie, David A. Dickey

Adaptive environmental assessment and management

This book is on the various methods of environmental impact assessment as a guide to design of new environmental development and management projects. This approach surveys the features of the environment likely to be affected by the developments under...

Standards for Data Collection from Human Skeletal Remains

Standards for Data Collection from Human Skeletal Remains

Splintering urbanism : networked infrastructures, technological mobilities and the urban condition.

The following text is taken from the publisher's website:"Splintering Urbanism offers a path-breaking analysis of the nature of the urban condition at the start of the new millennium. Adopting a global and interdisciplinary perspective, it reveals how...

Natural vegetation of Oregon and Washington

Revised edition of the author's "Vegetation of Oregon and Washington", originally published by the U.S. Forest Service in 1973. Reprinted with new bibliographic supplement by the OSU Press in 1988.

Yield response to water

Doorenbos, J.,Plusje, J.M.G.A., A. H. Kassam, V. Branscheid, C.L.M. Bentvelsen

Okapi at TREC-5.

Stephen Robertson, Steve Walker, Susan Jones, Micheline Hancock-Beaulieu, Mike Gatford

Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis: An Introduction

Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis provides the non-specialist with an introduction to quantitative evaluation of satellite and aircraft derived remotely retrieved data. Since the first edition of the book there have been significant developments in...

An Introduction to Spatial Econometrics

An introduction to spatial econometric models and methods is provided that discusses spatial autoregressive processes that can be used to extend conventional regression models. Estimation and interpretation of these models are illustrated with an applied...

Ecoregions of the Conterminous United States

A map of ecoregions of the conterminous United States has been compiled to assist managers of aquatic and terrestrial resources in understanding the regional patterns of the realistically attainable quality of these resources. The ecoregions are based...

A two-dimensional interpolation function for irregularly-spaced data

In many fields using empirical areal data there arises a need for interpolating from irregularly-spaced data to produce a continuous surface. These irregularly-spaced locations, hence referred to as “data points,” may have diverse meanings: in meterology,...

Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was set up jointly by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme to provide an authoritative international statement of scientific understanding of climate change....

Image inpainting

Inpainting, the technique of modifying an image in an undetectable form, is as ancient as art itself. The goals and applications of inpainting are numerous, from the restoration of damaged paintings and photographs to the removal/replacement of selected...

Monitoring vegetation systems in the Great Plains with ERTS

J. W. Rouse, R. H. Haas, J. A. Schell, Donald W. Deering


John G. Parsons, Jarnagin, J.L.Colgrove, G.S., Prodolliet, J.Bugner, E.Feinberg, M., Apostolopoulos, D.Gilbert, S.G., Silwar, R.Lullmann, C., Kung, J.T.Ryder, W.S.Feldmann, J.R., John Roboz, Nurok, D.Anderson, J.W.Zlatkis, A., Heftmann, E.Schwimmer, S., Harpaz, N.Flowers, H.M.Sharon, N., Rees, D.I.Theaker, P.D., Adomako, D.Owusu, G.K., Hurst, W.J.Martin Junior, R.A., D. Adomako, Basualdo, S.S.Dellepiane, G.E.

El malestar en la globalización

Joseph Stiglitz, Premio Nobel de Economia del ano2001, fue asesor economico del Presidente Clintony vicepresidente del Banco Mundial. En el libroresenado el autor hace un serio cuestionamientoal papel del Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI),criticando...

Kyoto protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Full text of the Kyoto Protocol adopted in Kyoto, Japan, on 11 December 1997 and entered into force on 16 February 2005. The Protocol sets binding targets for 37 industrialized countries and the European community for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

A Review of Routing and Wavelength Assignment Approaches for Wavelength- Routed Optical WDM Networks

This study focuses on the routing and WavelengthAssignment (RWA) problem in wavelength-routed optical WDM networks. Most of the attention is devoted to such networks operating under the wavelength-continuity constraint, in which lightpaths are set up...

Geographic Information Systems and Science

The Third Edition of this bestselling textbook has been fully revised and updated to include the latest developments in the field and still retains its accessible format to appeal to a broad range of students.Now divided into five clear sections the book...

Principles of Geographical Information Systems

Peter A. Burrough, Rachael McDonnell

A Geologic Time Scale 2004

Felix M. Gradstein, James G. Ogg, Alan G. Smith

The m-distribution-A general formula of intensity distribution of rapid fading

This paper summarizes the principal results of a series of statistical studies in the last seven years on the intensity distributions due to rapid fading.

The pesticide manual: a world compendium

Worthing, B. C.R.Barrie Walker, S. (eds.), Flores, G.Hilje, L.Mora, G.A.Carballo, M., Silva Cravo, M. da (ed.)Viégas, I.J.M. (ed.)Brasil, E.C. (ed.), J. Espinosa, Chinchilla A, Freed, V.H.Jowler, H.W., N. Marbán Mendoza, D. Monterroso, Riveros S, H.Baquero, M.Troya, X., G. Calderon, Lisanky, S.G.Quinlan, R.J.Tassoni, G., S.E. Contreras Gálvez, S. G. Lisansky, Fonseca, J.Matarrita, L., Boland, J.Koomen, I.Lidth de Jeude, J. vanOudejans, J., Rodríguez, D.A.Sánchez, S., Alfaro Portuguez, R.Villalobos Méndez, C.Bolaños Porras, J., Ambrose, E.Chi, W. de, Martín Crespo R, M. Pauletti, M. Carballo, V. Taborsky, Hebbar, P.Bateman, R.Krauss, U., Contreras, T.Carballo, M.Hidalgo, E.Bustamante, E., Alvarez Valenzuela, G.A.Gómez, M.J., J.E. García, T. Contreras Ramón, Lastres, L.Gutiérrez, A.Contreras, M., Ramírez, D.Suazo, O.E.Contreras, M. Lastres, L., Ramírez, D.Gottret, V.Contreras, M. Lastres, L., A.E. Smith, Noe Pinto, C.A.Athie Lambarri, M., N. Luengo Olivares

Event History Modeling: A Guide for Social Scientists

Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, Bradford S. Jones, R. Michael Alvarez, Nathaniel Beck, Lawrence L. Wu

A Guide to Modern Econometrics

Models of Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity (ARCH) and their generalizations are widely used in ap-plied econometric research, especially for analysis of financial markets. We bring to our reader’s attention a consul-tation on this topic...

The world economy : historical statistics

Angus Maddison, Organisation for Economic Co-operation

San Diego, California

For Dennis and Priscilla, sitting in the warm night air, listening to chirping crickets, and gazing at the stars is the perfect way to spend an evening. The couple became mobile providers for the thrill of it; and, for them, there is nothing more satisfying...

Remote Sensing of the Environment an Earth Resource Perspective

Remote sensing is defined as the art and science of obtaining information about an object without being in direct physical contact with the object. It is a scientific technology that can be used to measure and monitor important biophysical characteristics...

Research methods for leisure and tourism : a practical guide

Research methods for leisure and tourism : a practical guide

Neotropical rainforest mammals: a field guide

Louise H. Emmons, François Feer

Soil genesis and classification.

S. W. Buol, R. J. Southard, R. C. Graham, P. A. McDaniel

Multi-Agent Systems for the Simulation of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change: A Review

This paper presents an overview of multi-agent system models of land-use/cover change (MAS/LUCC models). This special class of LUCC models combines a cellular landscape model with agent-based representations of decisionmaking, integrating the two components...

Evolution of sedimentary rocks

Robert M. Garrels, Fred T. Mackenzie

Space-time adaptive processing for airborne radar

Advanced airborne radar systems are required to detect targets in the presence of both clutter and jamming. Ground clutter is extended in both angle and range, and is spread in Doppler frequency because of the platform motion. Space-time adaptive processing...

Methods of dendrochronology applications in the environmental sciences.

Edward R. Cook, L.A. (ed.). Kairiukstis, M. Morán Montaño, J.J. Campos Arce, B. (ed.). Louman, R. Bongiovanni, E. Chartuni Mantovani, S. Best, A. Roel, E.R. Carmo, P.C.L. Marrocos, J.M. Maes, Lisa Segnestam, M. Winograd, A. Farrow, Carl S. Barfield, Deheuvels, O. Penot, E. (ed.), Olivier Deheuvels, L. Legardo Burbano, T.C. Lagos Burbano, L.E. Vicuña Dorado, H. Pedroza, I. Gutiérrez Montes, C. Alcázar Caicedo, H. Chavarría, P. (comp.) Rojas, S. (comp.). Sepúlveda, S.E. Sesnie, B. Maire, Francis Delpeuch, E.E. Gutiérrez Espeleta, G.H. Hargreaves, George W. Snedecor, D. Greenhood, F. Alemán, V. Chaves Arias, Robert Haining, G. López, J. Pérez, C. Kleinn, Stanley, S. Orozco, L. (ed.), C. Brumér, A. Lema Tapias, H. Arkin, R.R. Colton, N.T. Bailey, K.A. Brownlee, A.D. Rickmers, H.N. Todd, William Cochran

Ecosystems and human well-being: a framework for assessment

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Program), Joseph Alcamo, Elena M. Bennett

Climate change 1992: the supplementary report to the IPCC scientific assessment

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, John Theodore Houghton, S. K. Varney

Science under scarcity: principles and practice for agricultural research evaluation and priority setting

Alaston, J.M.Norton, G.W.Pardey, P.G., Norton, G.W.Bellows, B., Norton, G.W.Pardey, P.G., George W. Norton

Observed coherent changes in climatic extremes during the second half of the twentieth century

A new global dataset of derived indicators has been compiled to clarify whether fre- quency and/or severity of climatic extremes changed during the second half of the 20th century. This period provides the best spatial coverage of homogenous daily series,...

Estimating Potential Evapotranspiration

Increasing population and needs for an augmented food supply give greater importance to improved procedures for estimating agricultural water requirements both for irrigation and for rain-fed agriculture. Four methods for estimating potential evapotranspiration...

Image-Based Atmospheric Corrections - Revisited and Improved

A major benefit of multitemporal, remotely sensed images is their applicability to change detection over time. Because of concerns about global and environmental change, these data are becoming increasingly more important. However, to maximize the usefulness...

Development of a 2001 National Land Cover Database for the United States

Collin G. Homer, Chengquan Huang, Limin Yang, Bruce K. Wylie, Michael Coan

History of economic analysis.

Joseph A. Schumpeter, B. Miranda Abaunza, Claire Selltiz, Marie Jahoda, Martin Deutsch, Stuart W. Cook, M.A. Granadino Urbina, G. Mansilla Lazarte, M. Casares Torres, J. Cevallos Murillo, Fano Rodríguez, H. Ramakrishna, B., B.H. Contreras Marín, O.E. Romero, C. Dunkerley, B. Glaeser, P.O. Girot, A. Tibaijuka, Shyamacharan Mukherji, M.A.S. da Fonseca, M. Matsunaga, F. de A. Ferreira, Abril Barros, M.A.S. Fonseca, Milton Santos, Hanumantha Rao, J.R. Navarro

The vegetation of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

The plant genus Strelitzia occurs naturally in the eastern parts of southern Africa. It comprises three arborescent species, known as wild bananas, and two acaulescent species, known as crane flowers or bird-of-paradise flowers. The logo of the South...

A human identification technique using images of the iris and wavelet transform

A new approach for recognizing the iris of the human eye is presented. Zero-crossings of the wavelet transform at various resolution levels are calculated over concentric circles on the iris, and the resulting one-dimensional (1-D) signals are compared...

Pattern and process in macroecology

© 2000 by Blackwell Science Ltd. All rights reserved. Issues of scale have become increasingly important to ecologists. This book addresses the structure of regional (large-scale) ecological assemblages or communities, and the influence this has at a...

MIMO radar: an idea whose time has come

It has recently been shown that multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna systems have the potential to improve dramatically the performance of communication systems over single antenna systems. Unlike beamforming, which presumes a high correlation...

Soil moisture retrieval from space: the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission

Microwave radiometry at low frequencies (L-band: 1.4 GHz, 21 cm) is an established technique for estimating surface soil moisture and sea surface salinity with a suitable sensitivity. However, from space, large antennas (several meters) are required to...


We study climate sensitivity and feedback processes in three independent ways : (1) by using a three dimensional (3-D) global cli- mate model for experiments in which solar irra- diance So is increased 2 percent or C02 is doubled, (2) by using the CLIMAP...

Land-use and land-cover change. Science/research plan

B. L. Turner, David L. Skole, S. Sanderson, Günther Fischer, L. Fresco, Rik Leemans

The Dragon's Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa

Is China a rogue donor, as some media pundits suggest? Or is China helping the developing world pave a pathway out of poverty, as the Chinese claim? In the last few years, China's aid program has leapt out of the shadows. Media reports about huge aid...

The Dragon's Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa

The Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, held in November of 2006 helped to focus more world attention on the state of the African economy, which has seen far too many worries and failures and far too few successes.  As the author...

Changes in Sea Level

This chapter assesses the current state of knowledge of the rate of change of global-averaged and regional sea-level in relation to climate change. We focus on the 20th and 21st centuries.However, because of the slow response to past conditions of the...

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