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The Optical Unconscious

"The Optical Unconscious is a pointed protest against the official story of modernism and against the critical tradition that attempted to define modern art according to certain sacred commandments and self-fulfilling truths. The account of modernism...

The literary animal : evolution and the nature of narrative

Jonathan Gottschall, David Sloan Wilson, E. O. Wilson, Frederick Crews

La culture des individus : dissonances culturelles et distinction de soi

On prete au philosophe Ludwig Wittgenstein un gout quasi enfantin pour les histoires policieres et les baraques foraines et l'on sait que Jean-Paul Sartre aimait regarder des westerns a la television et preferait les romans de la "Serie noire" aux ouvrages...

Myth and tragedy in ancient Greece

Jean Pierre Vernant, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Janet Lloyd


F.C. von Faber, R.V. Tantravahi, M.S.Govindappa D. Arekal Sreenivasan, Orlido, N.M.Capinpin, J.M., Barrion, A.A.Dalmacio, L.C., Gill, L.S.Husaine, S.W.H.

Testing and Comparing Value-at-Risk Measures

Value-at-Risk (VaR) has emerged as the standard tool for measuring and reporting financial market risk. Currently, more than eighty commercial vendors offer enterprise or trading risk management systems which report VaR-like measures. Risk managers are...

Our Underachieving Colleges? 1

In de jaren tachtig en negentig van de vorige eeuw verschenen in de Verenigde Staten verschillende boeken over de tekortkomingen van het hoger onderwijs. Dat het onderwijs aan de kaak werd gesteld was het directe gevolg van een analyse van de problematische...

Renaissance Clothing and the Materials of Memory

Heather Anne Hirschfeld, Ann Rosalind Jones, Peter Stallybrass

The art of happiness : a handbook for living

Dalai Lama Xiv Bstan-ʾdzin-rgya-mtsho, Howard C. Cutler

Gaudium Et Spes

Part II: Some Problems Of Special Urgency Chapter V: The Fostering Of Peace And The Promotion Of A Community Of Nations Section 1: The Avoidance of War Section 2: Setting Up An International Community

On the museum's ruins

Nine of Crimp's essays on the museum from the period 1980-1989 are republished in book form. The subject is addressed from the standpoints of photography in the museum, the end of sculpture, and postmodern history. Photographs were taken by or chosen...

La grande transformation : aux origines politiques et économiques de notre temps

Maurice (Traducteur) Angeno, Catherine (Traducteur) Malamoud, Karl Polanyi, Louis Dumont

The melting pot

Israel Zangwill (1864-1926)

A companion to museum studies

A Companion to Museum Studies captures the multidisciplinary approach to the study of the development, roles, and significance of museums in contemporary society. * Collects first-rate original essays by leading figures from a range of disciplines...

Music performance research at the millennium

Empirical research on music performance has increased much during recent decades. This article updates the review of the research up to 1995 published by the current author in 1999. Covering about ...

Discipline-Based Art Education: Becoming Students of Art

Gilbert Clark, Michael D. Day, W. Dwaine Greer

My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual World

From the Publisher:This novelistic rendering of a true account tells of a celebrated rape case which took place in an electronic "salon", where Internet junkies have created their own interactive fantasy realm.

Diccionario de sociologia.

Henry Pratt Fairchild

On the art of building in ten books

Leon Battista Alberti, Joseph Rykwert, Neil Leach, Robert Tavernor

Requiem for a nun

William Faulkner (1897-1962)

The City of God Against the Pagans

William M. Augustine, William Chase Green, Philip L. Greene, George Levine, David S. McCracken

Alan Turing: The Enigma

From the Publisher:Alan Turing (1912 — 1954) was a British mathematician who made history: His breaking of theGerman U-boat Enigma cipher in World War II ensured Allied-American control of the Atlantic. But Turing’s vision went far beyond the desperate...

Plant tissue culture concepts and laboratory exercises

Trigiano, R.N.Gray, D.J., Saettler, A.W.Schaad, N.W.Roth, D.A., M.S. Clark, N. W. Schaad, J. Tuite

Learning from Las Vegas : the forgotten symbolism of architectural form

Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Steven Izenour

Apple Computer, Inc.

Peringkat kelima perusahaan yang dikagumi dunia pada 2007 versi majalah Fortune tersebut adalah Apple Computer, Inc. Perusahaan ini tercatat secara hukum di negara bagian California pada 3 Januari 1977.  Perusahaan ini merancang, memproduksi dan memasarkan...

The invisible hand of peer review

The refereed journal literature needs to be freed from both paper and its costs, but not from peer review, whose "invisible hand" is what maintains its quality. The residual cost of online-only peer review is low enough to be recovered from author-institution-end...

Cahier d'un retour au pays natal

Poeme d'Aime Cesaire publie chez Bordas en 1947, avec un frontispice de Wifredo Lam et une preface d'Andre Breton, accompagne d'une lettre manuscrite de l'auteur.Six images, une notice descriptive.

Psychologie des émotions : confrontation et évitement

Cet ouvrage examine les consequences a court et a long terme des situations emotionnelles qui traversent notre existence. Face a celles-ci, on distingue deux modes de reaction. Soit nos pensees et nos paroles en rapport avec cette situation temoignent...

Cyborg Citizen: Politics in the Posthuman Age

From the Publisher:The creator of the cult classic Cyborg Handbook, Chris Hables Gray, now offers the first guide to "posthuman" politics, framing the key issues that could threaten or brighten our technological future.

Of Two Minds

From the Publisher:A story is told about two elderly sisters who made a pact that the first to die would, as her death approached, begin talking to the other sister at her bedside. The dying sister was to tell everything she heard and saw, attempting...

Ideología, una aproximación multidisciplinaria

Ideologia es sin duda uno de los conceptos mas debatidos y controvertidos en las humanidades y en las ciencias sociales. A pesar de los numerosos intentos por abordarla, su definicion aun no deja de ser imprecisa. El trabajo de Teun van Dijk atiende la...

The advancement of learning.

150 p. First published as "The tvvoo bookes of Francis Bacon, of the proficience and aduancement of learning, diuine and humane. To the King. At London: Printed for Henrie Tomes [...] 1605"Text based on G.W. Kitchin's 1861 edition. Paragraph sections...

Matière et mémoire

Henri Bergson (1859-1941)

Leren en werken

Het belang van leren en werken wordt steeds nijpender. Als gevolg van de ontwikkeling van een dynamische kenniseconomie is het noodzakelijk om het kennisniveau van de werkenden op peil te houden via leren op het werk. Deze noodzaak wordt versterkt door...

Art in Theory 1815-1900: An Anthology of Changing Ideas

Art in Theory 1815-1900 provides the most wide-ranging and comprehensive collection of documents ever assembled on nineteenth-century theories of art.

The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art

R. M. Organ, H. J. Plenderleith, Anthony Werner


In recent years, the role of institutions for development has received considerable attention from development researchers, policy makers and practitioners. This paper reviews the evidence on the impact of institutions on growth and other development...

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