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DOI: 10.1016/j.tele.2015.09.002

This study broadens our understanding of the gender digital divide in India.Cultural factors create economic barriers for Indian women to own a mobile phone.Financially independent women cannot own some of the most inexpensive mobile phones. Economic barriers play the most significant role in precluding women from owning ICTs in developing nations. This qualitative study explores the factors responsible for creating economic barriers for 245 women in India, which prevent them from owning a mobile phone. Study findings reveal the specific ways in which cultural factors like (i) the long power distance between men and women, (ii) the gender role defined by Indian society for women, (iii) women's attitudes of avoiding uncertainty, and (iv) collectivistic practices, create economic barriers for the financially independent study participants. Due to the unfair economic disadvantages generated by the above cultural factors, it becomes challenging for the participants earning a little less than $2 a day to own some of the least expensive mobile phone handsets worth $15 or so on installments of $1 a month.

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