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MPL™(Corixa) adjuvant is a chemically modified derivative of lipopolysaccharide that displays greatly reduced toxicity while maintaining most of the immunostimulatory activity of lipopolysaccharide. MPL adjuvant has been used extensively in clinical trials as a component in prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines targeting infectious disease, cancer and allergies. With over 33,000 doses administered to date, MPL adjuvant has emerged as a safe and effective vaccine adjuvant. Recently, scientists at Corixa Corporation have developed a library of synthetic lipid A mimetics (aminoalkyl glucosaminide 4-phosphates) with demonstrated immunostimulatory properties. Similar to MPL adjuvant, these synthetic compounds signal through Toll-like receptor 4 to stimulate the innate immune system. One of these compounds, Ribi.529 (RC529), has emerged as a leading adjuvant with a similar efficacy and safety profile to MPL adjuvant in both preclinical and clinical studies.

The publication "Enhancement of antigen-specific immunity via the TLR4 ligands MPL adjuvant and Ribi.529." is placed in the Top 1000 in 2014.
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