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There have been very significant advances in manyareas of phycology since the last edition nearly 20years ago. In particular, the advances in our understandingof the endosymbiotic origin of algal plastids,and molecular aspects and genetics, stand out. Thewealth of new literature alone in all the areas haswarranted adding two new co-authors, Catriona Hurd,who focuses on water motion and seaweed physiologicalecology, especially in the southern hemisphere,and Kai Bischof, who is well known for his research onphotobiology and stress physiology. Hence, the previousedition’s chapter on "Temperature and salinity"has been expanded to include other environmentalstressors such as UV radiation, ocean acidification,oxidative stress responses and the interactions betweenstressors.Seaweed Ecology and Physiology is a textbook forsenior undergraduates and a reference book forresearchers. The rapid growth of knowledge in thisfield is both exciting and daunting. Our goal was toselect papers that help put together a coherent story ona wide variety of ecological and physiological aspects.This book provides an entry to the literature, not asystematic literature review. With two of our coauthorshaving experience in the tropics and the temperatesouthern hemisphere, we have tried to avoidthe typical temperate northern hemisphere bias.The previous large introductory chapter on morphology,life histories, and morphogenesis has beendivided into two chapters because of the manyadvances in these areas. We have included an encapsulationof algal structure and life histories, but we stillexpect that students using this book will have learnedxiiiComp. by: PUSHPARAJ Stage: Revises1 Chapter No.: FrontMatter Title Name: HURDetalDate:11/4/14 Time:21:21:34 Page Number: 14these subjects in more detail or will be learning aboutthem concurrently in a general phycology course. Thechapter on mariculture has been expanded because ofthe continuing increased interest in aquaculture,multi-trophic aquaculture and biomitigation, and algalbiotechnology.Finally, we have invited six renowned phycologiststo give their personal perspectives on currently activeareas of research. These essays are included as sixboxes in the most appropriate chapters. We hope thatthis book has been greatly enhanced by the personalstories of how these essayists became interested intheir research topics and how their career path sometimestook unexpected/unplanned turns.Many colleagues contributed to this book in a varietyof ways. Various chapters of the book have beencritically read by Ricardo Scrosati, Mike Hawkes,Richard Taylor, Dave Schiel, Christine Maggs, SvenjaHeesch, Christopher Hepburn, Giselle Walker, PatrickMartone, Chuck Amsler, Ivan Gomez, Dieter Hanelt,Christian Wiencke, Alwyn Rees, Morten Pedersen,Matt Bracken, John Berges, Britta Eklund, MurrayBrown, Charles Yarish, Wendy Nelson and ThierryChopin. We thank Mike Guiry for checking the taxonomyusing AlgaeBase.CLH especially thanks Rochelle Dewdney for herinvaluable help in compiling references, checkingspecies names, and acquiring copyrights.

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