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The sensitivity of tumour cells to X rays has been shown to be about three times as great when irradiated in a well-oxygenated medium as under anoxic conditions. The manner in which sensitivity depends on oxygen tension closely resembles that found by other workers for plant and insect tissues. The sensitivity of the tumour cells to fast neutron radiation is only slightly affected by oxygen tension. Consideration is given to the supply of oxygen to tissues as a factor in radiotherapy, and it is concluded on the basis of existing knowledge that in certain circumstances the effectiveness of X-ray treatment might be increased if the patient were breathing oxygen at the time of irradiation. The Ehrlich ascites tumour cells used in the in vitro experiments were grown as a solid tumour and exposed to X rays while the mice were inhaling various mixtures of oxygen and nitrogen at 1 atmosphere pressure and above. In all cases, except when the tumour was very large at the time of irradiation, the regression produce...

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