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ated. The thermoelastic effects are exhibited as an nonuniform tem­ perature distribution which appears and grows on the blade edge. The loading concentrates at a region on the blade surface and this contact region moves due to the effects of wear and lateral heat transfer. The speed at which the nonuniform temperature first appears is known as the critical speed of the system, much as the first critical speed of a spring-mass vibration system. The stability analysis has shown that the critical speed of the sys­ tem is influenced by the blade and drum material properties. In­ creasing the conductivity of the drum increases the critical speed (compare the results of steel on alumina versus steel on steel). Also, decreasing the iiaE term, increases the speed at which the nonuniform temperature first appears. The stability analysis is a perturbation analysis; that is, the behavior of a small disturbance on the uniform temperature solution is evalu­ ated. If that perturbation is damped, the system will be stable.