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DOI: 10.3182/20120919-3-IT-2046.00043

This article is devoted to using of model predictive control (MPC) approach for ship motion control problems. Currently, MPC method is one of the modern approaches in control theory. MPC algorithms have prominent features in comparison with other control schemes. The main advantage is the explicit way for using nonlinear models and taking into account constraints involved on the controlled and manipulated variables. In this paper two different cases of the MPC-strategy application for ship dynamics control are considered. First case is dedicated to ship motion control in the turning circle process where additional constraint on the dynamic roll angle is imposed. The second case is concerned with the control of the velocity for high-speed craft fitted with the interceptors. Both these processes are essentially nonlinear and imply input and output constraints. It is shown that the MPC scheme is superior to other control algorithms in the considered situations.

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