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Locally weighted regression, or loess, is a way of estimating a regression surface through a multivariate smoothing procedure, fitting a function of the independent variables locally and in a moving fashion analogous to how a moving average is computed for a time series. With local fitting we can estimate a much wider class of regression surfaces than with the usual classes of parametric functions, such as polynomials. The goal of this article is to show, through applications, how loess can be used for three purposes: data exploration, diagnostic checking of parametric models, and providing a nonparametric regression surface. Along the way, the following methodology is introduced: (a) a multivariate smoothing procedure that is an extension of univariate locally weighted regression; (b) statistical procedures that are analogous to those used in the least-squares fitting of parametric functions; (c) several graphical methods that are useful tools for understanding loess estimates and checking the a...