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Finding the right media and the right audience is as important as having the right message. When there is something to say, it needs to be said in the best way, and then delivered to those who will benefit from hearing it, using the appropriate publication platform. This paper considers the wide range of publishing options now available for delivering information, news and views. The authors explore the full range of print and online media, from academic journals and newsletters through to blogs, list-servs, websites and social networking media. Each type of media is outlined, with details of what it looks like, what type of writing it is likely to contain, who its audience is, how it reaches its audience, and how it is used by writers in the library world. The type of writing most suited to each type of media is also outlined, and examples are given. Altogether, the range of publishing options now available not only widens the choice of media, but also means the message being delivered can now be presented in a number of different ways, and may reach different audiences with different effects. This exploration of different publishing media can be used to help select which one or ones may be the most suitable choices for delivering specific types of information.

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