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In The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, the original developers of the UML--Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh, and Ivar Jacobson--provide a tutorial to the core aspects of the language in a two-color format designed to facilitate learning. Starting with a conceptual model of the UML, the book progressively applies the UML to a series of increasingly complex modeling problems across a variety of application domains. This example-driven approach helps readers quickly understand and apply the UML. For more advanced developers, the book includes a learning track focused on applying the UML to advanced modeling problems.With The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, readers will:Understand what the UML is, what it is not, and why it is relevant to the development of software-intensive systemsMaster the vocabulary, rules, and idioms of the UML in order to "speak" the language effectivelyLearn how to apply the UML to a number of common modeling problemsSee illustrations of the UML's use interspersed with use cases for specific UML features, andGain insight into the UML from the original creators of the UML.

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