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DOI: 10.1038/nbt1296-1675

This invention provides methods of monitoring the expression levels of a multiplicity of genes. The methods involve hybridizing a nucleic acid sample to a high density array of oligonucleotide probes where the high density array contains oligonucleotide probes complementary to subsequences of target nucleic acids in the nucleic acid sample. In one embodiment, the method involves providing a pool of target nucleic acids comprising RNA transcripts of one or more target genes, or nucleic acids derived from the RNA transcripts, hybridizing said pool of nucleic acids to an array of oligonucleotide probes immobilized on surface, where the array comprising more than 100 different oligonucleotides and each different oligonucleotide is localized in a predetermined region of the surface, the density of the different oligonucleotides is greater than about 60 different oligonucleotides per 1 cm2, and the oligonucleotide probes are complementary to the RNA transcripts or nucleic acids derived from the RNA transcripts; and quantifying the hybridized nucleic acids in the array.