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This report on the 1988 civilian noninstitutionalized population residing in the US presents estimates of acute conditions episodes of persons injured restriction in activity limitation of activity due to chronic conditions prevalence of chronic conditions respondent-assessed health status and the use of medical services including physician contacts and short-stay hospitalization. Estimates of these health characteristics are presented in detailed tables for various groups in the population including those defined by age sex race and family income and by geographic regions and place of residence. Accompanying text briefly defines each of the health characteristics included in the detailed tables and reports the 1988 estimate for each characteristic. Text tables include the corresponding 1986 and 1987 estimates for each of the major health characteristics. Information in this report comes from the National Health Interview Survey based on data collected in a continuing nationwide survey by household interview. The 1988 survey was conducted with a full sample including 47485 households containing 122310 persons.

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