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DOI: 10.1109/TAC.1962.1105495

From the Publisher:Automatic Control Systems Seventh Edition Benjamin C. Kuo Updated to reflect the increasing use of computer-aided learning and design, the seventh edition of Automatic Control Systems features a new, accessible approach for students taking introductory courses on control systems while retaining the depth and rigor of Benjamin Kuo’s classic, best-selling text. This new edition integrates several real world applications throughout the text, covering both analysis and design. Other new features include:*demonstration of the solution of complex problems with the aid of computer software*thorough discussion of steady-state error analysis, including nonunity-feedback systems*discussion of circuit realization of controller transfer functions*simplified treatment of Nyquist criterion on systems with nonminimum-phase transfer functions*discussion of time-domain and frequency-domain designs side by side in one chapter*added chapter on design of discrete-data control systemsThe text also includes an abundance of illustrative examples, problems, and marginal notes to highlight important points and comments. Contents include full chapters on: • mathematical foundation • transfer functions, block diagrams, and signal-flow graphs • mathematical modeling of physical systems • state-variable analysis • stability of linear control systems • time-domain analysis of control systems • root-locus techniques • frequency-domain analysis • design of control systems • design of discrete-data control systems

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