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DOI: 10.1007/11863854_1

From the Publisher:Shift register sequences are used in a broad range of applications, particularly in random number generation, multiple access and polling techniques, secure and privacy communication systems, error detecting and correcting codes, and synchronization pattern generation, as well as in modern cryptographic systems. The first edition of Shift Register Sequences, published in 1967, has been for many years the definitive work on this subject. In the revised edition, Dr. Golomb has added valuable supplemental material. The Revised Edition contains a comprehensive bibliography of some 400 entries which cover the literature concerning the theory and applications of shift register sequences. Written in a clear and lucid style, Dr. Golomb's approach is completely mathematical with rigorous proofs of all assertions. The proofs, however, may be omitted without loss of continuity by the reader who is interested only in results. Dr. Golomb is considered one of the foremost experts in the world with respect to combinatorial and geometrical aspects of coded communications.

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